1. pete_d

    T6 audio aux input (inside dashboard)?

    Hi, I am wiring in a car play / android auto screen in place of the rear view mirror (the vehicle started off as a van, so never had a mirror) All the wiring is complete and it looks good, except that the screen uses the aux input of the radio to provide sound. At the moment, I have the aux...
  2. G

    Poor FM/AM signal

    Afternoon all I'm in the process of fitting a new Alpine head unit, with the engine running the FM/AM signal is virtually none existing. Turn the ignition off it's fine, I've narrowed it down to the headlights coming on. I've recently fitting the THQ v3 headlights along with the LED bulbs. Has...
  3. The Tango Van

    Atoto F7XE headunit in T6 Transporter

    Dropping a few notes in here as I just finished fitting an Atoto F7 headunit to my T6 Transporter and it was tough getting DIY details. I bought to Atoto F7XE unit from Amazon and I figured it was worth an effort trying to fit it and have wireless carplay and 10in screen for a fraction of the...
  4. C

    DAB/FM/AM Reception poor after mirror repair

    Hi there, I had an after market wing mirror fitted last Sept following a mirror high 5 with a wide caravan - power folding, heated glass, DAB antenna as the original. I'm SURE the DAB worked when I collected it from the garage, but since then the DAB reception first went weird (filtering...
  5. NicolasH

    Radio not working after battery disconnect - solved

    Hey Guys, Following the advice from the forum, I fitted the excellent BM2 Bluetooth battery monitor to the starter battery. Despite being careful whilst installing the device I realised that the battery had become disconnected as the clock needed to be reset. Everything worked okay except the...
  6. R

    Sold Discovery Media Apple car play unlocked. £680

    Genuine Vw Discovery media Apple car play and Android auto unlocked Component protection removed Plug and play £680 Collection from Bournemouth
  7. Body snatcher

    Would I need a code for radio headunit was I to disconnect the battery?

    Would I need a code for radio head unit was I to disconnect the battery ?
  8. Pauly

    T6 Radio System Wiring Diagram 2016

    Radio System Circuit Diagram Covers basic audio system headunit, speakers and microphone, also shows optional emergency call module VIP Membership is required to download this document
  9. 22jeffers

    Head Unit Issues after battery disconnected

    Help please!! Disconnected my battery today to do some maintenance. Reconnected it and now the head unit is doing weird stuff. When I turn it on I get a message saying “The Optical Parking System (OPS) is not available. (Ok)”. The reversing beep still sounds but the picture of the van on the...
  10. B

    T6.1 No AM radio frequency?

    I recently received my 2020 Multivan love the van but there is no AM radio? My media sources are FM, Bluetooth and my media. Being an old bloke I really want AM radio. I have asked the dealership and they have no idea and I got "I will get back to you" 3 weeks ago. Anyone got any ideas?
  11. smilie121

    blown fuse running from radio [Resolved]

    Hoping someone can help Whilst installing a tracker today i blew a fuse! I ran its power from the red radio wire which was live. I identified it to be the top most 15amp blue fuse in the photo below (my fusebox) and replaced. But still have no power to the radio. I checked the lower blue box...
  12. smilie121

    Where to find old radio code

    Upgrading my radio todaybor tomorrow How or where do i find the radio's safe code?
  13. S

    T6.1 station logos

    Hi all, I am having issues installing station logos on my new T6.1 highline as there is no station logo option listed in the settings menu. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. nobbyq

    English radio channels when abroad

    anyone else get bored of french channels when traveling , i know ur in france but is there anything english one can receive everywhere in europe ?
  15. T

    Running Radio off Leisure Battery

    Afternoon, Hoping to pick the collective brain about running the standard radio system off the leisure battery, other than spend £600 on an after market unit? A mate has a T5 and simply run a wire from the fuse box to the leisure battery.... not sure if this is a possibility, as I have read...
  16. T

    Metal Retaining Clips around Heater

    Dear all, Sorry to trouble you. But in removing my head unit to put rear speakers in one of these retaining clips came out with the head unit surround / vents and irretrievably bounced down the back of the dashboard!! Does anyone know where I can obtain these from or a part number for VW ...
  17. czmate1999

    Standard Head Unit - Run Off Leisure And Van Battery...

    Quick one for guys in the know... I have a standard VW 6.33 Composition Media had unit ad i was wondering if there was a way t power it form both the van and leisure batteries? Any ideas welcome :) CZ.
  18. Dellmassive

    T6 T6 Speakers 2020-01-11

    T6 Speakers
  19. Ethan Andrews

    Heater Surround Around Radio

    Hi all, I have managed to loose one of the yellow clips into the dashboard cavern somewhere! I am guessing VW sell them? But I also want to replace the whole grille with the one I have seen on the California which has a silver line around the circumference. And on/off knobs. Does anyone know...
  20. Spookybear

    Shark Fin / Bee Sting Aerial.

    I'm getting a bit bored with my DAB reception now on my std head unit. Was just looking for a roof mount, didnt really want to drill the body but heyho. Lo & behold, looks like Vdub have got fed up too as noticed the new T6.1 has a roof mounted front "block" not really a nice looking thing but...