1. S

    blown fuse running from radio [Resolved]

    Hoping someone can help Whilst installing a tracker today i blew a fuse! I ran its power from the red radio wire which was live. I identified it to be the top most 15amp blue fuse in the photo below (my fusebox) and replaced. But still have no power to the radio. I checked the lower blue box...
  2. S

    Where to find old radio code

    Upgrading my radio todaybor tomorrow How or where do i find the radio's safe code?
  3. S

    T6.1 station logos

    Hi all, I am having issues installing station logos on my new T6.1 highline as there is no station logo option listed in the settings menu. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. nobbyq

    English radio channels when abroad

    anyone else get bored of french channels when traveling , i know ur in france but is there anything english one can receive everywhere in europe ?
  5. T

    Running Radio off Leisure Battery

    Afternoon, Hoping to pick the collective brain about running the standard radio system off the leisure battery, other than spend £600 on an after market unit? A mate has a T5 and simply run a wire from the fuse box to the leisure battery.... not sure if this is a possibility, as I have read...
  6. D

    Dash metal clips part number around radio?

    Anyone know the part number for the yellow metal panel clips for the top of the radio/vent surround? Thanks
  7. czmate1999

    Standard Head Unit - Run Off Leisure And Van Battery...

    Quick one for guys in the know... I have a standard VW 6.33 Composition Media had unit ad i was wondering if there was a way t power it form both the van and leisure batteries? Any ideas welcome :) CZ.
  8. Dellmassive

    T6 T6 Speakers 2020-01-11

    T6 Speakers
  9. Ethan Andrews

    Heater Surround Around Radio

    Hi all, I have managed to loose one of the yellow clips into the dashboard cavern somewhere! I am guessing VW sell them? But I also want to replace the whole grille with the one I have seen on the California which has a silver line around the circumference. And on/off knobs. Does anyone know...
  10. Spookybear

    Dab Reception - Sharkfin Req'd

    I'm getting a bit bored with my DAB reception now on my std head unit. Was just looking for a roof mount, didnt really want to drill the body but heyho. Lo & behold, looks like Vdub have got fed up too as noticed the new T6.1 has a roof mounted front "block" not really a nice looking thing but...
  11. D

    Why Does The Radio In My T5.1 Add Things To The Station Name?

    Something I've never managed to find out. Why does the radio in my Transporter add "R1" or "R3" to the name? In my car: "LBC" In the van: "LBC R1" In the car: "Heart" In the van: "Heart R3" It does it to all stations. What does it mean and why is it so important for VW to add it?
  12. fezza68

    Radio Station Logos.

    Does anyone know how to get the radio station logos on their stereo?. Mine had them for a while but now some have disappeared.
  13. L

    Radio Not Turning Off.

    Travelling home from work tonight and I noticed the volume on the radio was going up and down. When I looked at the display it was just a black screen. Turning the radio off did nothing, but the volume up and down did work. When I got home, I turned the engine off and removed the key but the...
  14. Buzznitro

    Composition Media aerial upgrade

    Hi guys need some help please, I’m try to add after market aerial to comp media, is it possible to use the drivers door connection and if so which is the DAB connection Thanks in advanced
  15. Base1388

    Iphone Radio App ????

    Hello Peeps Im thinking about a radio app on my phone ! Just asking if any of you do it ? and recommendations Thank you please
  16. Thomas Hopkins

    DAB Not Working

    Hi all, Just picked up a new (to me) 2017 transporter and although FM radio is working fine DAB won't pick up anything at all in several different locations so something isn't right somewhere ? anyone have any ideas ? Many thanks Tom
  17. Mavis628

    DAB Losing Signal A Lot!

    hi guys my DAB radio loses signal a lot like 70% of a journey, its been into Bridgwater VW who are useless to stay the least, they have changed the Ariel in the wing mirror, changed the head until (Discover) and now changed the wiring in the door and still the same, now there saying because i...
  18. Hinsley

    Radio Logos

    Thought I'd try to fill some of the missing radio logos in DAB and FM. Downloaded the latest set from T6Forum and VW and merged the two but still had gaps. Googled it hoping to find something with all of them but nothing seemed to have a full up to date logos. I did find this site that lets...
  19. J

    Radio Interference From Dsg. Should I Worry?

    Hi everyone New on here but I have a question for anyone with a dsg box. I have noticed radio interference when the dsg box re engages after pressing the brake when in coasting mode. It's only very briefly and is a mechanical buzz sound as though there's some sparking. A bit like when lightning...
  20. T

    Sat Nav / Radio Change?

    Hey, Anyone here had any luck Retrofitting VW Sat Nav to their van? It’s something i want, I’m aware I’d need a new arial/antenna. The reason I’m thinking of upgrading the radio unit is because from what I’ve read online it also comes with an AV input for reversing cameras. Which would save me...