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  1. M

    T5.1 soft close / power-latch sliding door module availability

    Hi every one. Sorry, but never been on a forum before, plus just joined tonight. If there is some one out there, who can help me with purchasing/finding someone who sell's the soft close latch- side door for t5.1 many thanks
  2. JimVee

    Sold Tailgate Power-Latching Kit

    Bought one of @Paulys tailgate latching kit but never got round to fitting it. All still in the box, looking for £250 posted. cheers Jim
  3. ChrisG

    Power-Latching Tailgate weird issue

    Hi Guys, I have factory fitted power latching on the tailgate but it’s stopped working, causing the tailgate to rattle as it doesn’t seem to close, I’ve hoovered our all round the latch but still no joy and the thought of a trip across Manchester to the main dealer doesn’t fill me with joy -...
  4. williecba

    "Soft Close Woes" update

    I got my kombi back today after only 3 ½ weeks. Soft close was working yesterday but I let them keep it an extra day so that the service guy could do a 100 mile round trip to see if he could break it. He didn’t. So what did they do? As far as I can gather they: Plugged it all back in – and it...
  5. Jayjmac

    Power-Latching sliding-door problems

    Not sure you call it auto latching.. or soft close! Either way my van has decided to soft close when it feels like it! Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Has anyone else had issues like this? The door and van have had 3 stage sound proofing and insulation. Would that cause it due to...
  6. williecba

    Soft Close Woes

    2 Mondays ago I took my 14 month old T32 kombi into my local dealers because the electric tailgate Soft Close mechanism wasn't working. This has been an intermittent problem for half its life and I shall be posting a full write up with 8 by 10 coloured glossy photographs and explanation of...
  7. M

    Retrofitting power latch to T5.1

    Hi all, I’m fitting the power latching to my van but have stumbled upon an issue. Using the small module (same as used for the rear tailgate) I can get the latch to pull closed when Provided a negative feed but I cannot get it to open when the negative feed is lost. The motors are fine as if i...
  8. Salty Spuds

    More tailgate power latching woes.

    After 4 days back at the dealers they've decided that my intermittent fault with the tailgate power latching is due to corrosion from condensation due to us sleeping in the van....don't ask. Anyway, here's my question:- I want to do away with the power latching on the tailgate, it's a complete...
  9. M

    VW 8 Pin Wiring Connector

    Hi All, I'm looking for some help sourcing an 8 pin wiring connector. The part number is 1J0972724. It's used to connect to the power latch module for the rear tailgate. I've seen Aliexpress have them, but when I go to order I'm informed that they're not available. Does anyone know of anywhere...
  10. Barley53

    Power-latching retrofit to a converted camper

    Hi, I'd like to get one of these kits for the side door from Pauly, has anyone installed this onto a fully converted t6 campervan? I'd like to know just how much dismantling is needed - I'm ok with removing trim and feeding wires etc, but if possible, I would prefer to avoid tearing up existing...
  11. Barley53

    Power-Latching Sliding-door kit from Kufatec

    Hi, has anyone installed this on their t6? Any issues? Worth the time and cost? Thanks https://www.kufatec.com/en/volkswagen/vw-multivan-transporter/t6-sg/complete-set-soft-close-comfort-closing-aid-sliding-door-for-vw-t6-40200?number=40200-1
  12. RyanGerry

    Faulty Power-latching

    One of my electric side doors is playing up not closing properly like it’s struggling for power. My problem is I’m not here at the moment and my wife is hounding me about it. What’s the best thing for her to do as the closest dealer is a long trek away. It’s only just over a year old.
  13. Sliding Door Motor

    Sliding Door Motor

  14. Tailgate Motor

    Tailgate Motor

  15. pixelmix

    T6 Sliding Door Jammed - Any Suggestions?!

    One of my side sliding doors won't open on my Caravelle. It is a manual door but with power latching. The exterior handle allows the door to open a few mm and you can hear the power latch motor working, but I can't then slide the door open further. If I let go of the door handle and push the...
  16. Robert

    Front Door (Soft Close/Power Latching) Retrofit

    Does it make sense on a T6 front door? Is it sensible to retrofit it? What do you think lads?
  17. S

    Vw T5.1 - Power Sliding Doors, Upgrade Option??

    Hi there. We have a 2015 kombi with manual doors and they are really noisy (you have to slam them really hard to close them). I was sure I read on here about someone upgrading their normal doors to power-latching but I can't find it anymore. I have tried searching power latching and lots of...
  18. Jonathan83

    T6 Powerlatching Tailgate Threshold

    Hi Can anyone help, I've been looking everywhere for a threshold that will fit the power latching tailgate and have had no luck as of yet!
  19. T

    Carpet Lining Original Boards Vs Ply

    Hello All, Just after some advice and peoples past experience. I am about to carpet the new van. I am lining the metal work separate to the boards. I have no intention of turning it into a full camper, so no need for structure to hang units etc. So will i be fine just to use the original...
  20. P

    Sliding Door Problem - rear won’t latch.

    My T6 van + conversion is less than 12th old and I have an intermittent problem with the sliding door. VW garage not interested because it doesn't fail in the garage. Told to make sure I had breakdown cover in case it fails when i'm camping! They saw a video I took but still say it has to...