pioneer audio

  1. M

    Pioneer + & -

    I'm in the process of fitting some speakers, which is the positive, the little plug or the big? Thanks
  2. Hobbo

    USB access without removing dash?

    Hope someone can help with this- I was having problems with the USB socket connected to my Pioneer head unit. The female USB was loose, when I took the plastic plate off the USB cable came out completely and is stuck somewhere in the dash. I can just about see it, but no end of fishing...
  3. Wayne196

    VW T5.1 2015 Stereo Upgrade Reverse Signal to Head Unit Issue

    Good afternoon all. I have bought a Pioneer SPH-DA360DAB car stereo head unit. I've trial fitted the unit with Incartec VW group quadlock to ISO radio adapter harness, with CANbus ignition and an upgraded set of Vibe Audio 8 inch door speakers and tweeters with no issues. On my previous radio...
  4. S

    PIONEER SPN-D160DAB Problem.

    I have had the Pioneer SPN-D160DAB professionally installed in my 2018 T6. Some time when I start the van the unit turns off and then restarts after about a minute. Also the steering wheel controls won't work, but not at the same time as the unit turns off and the on. The software has been...
  5. P20

    Pioneer 9200 ~ any good? (As no Kenwoods are available!)

    I was wanting to fit the Kenwood 8020, but they’re all sold out. Spoke to a local installer who has recommended the Pioneer 9200. Clicky linky thing to Pioneer 9200 It looks like it does all the same. Installer reckons it’s better on DAB reception (it’s getting a new external aerial too) and...
  6. peteslack

    Dash USB port fuse number/location

    Checking out the wiring in my 2017 Highline and discovered the harness for a dash USB port, a purple plug. Question is which fuse should it be wired to in the fuse box ? The plug reads no voltage including when the engine ignition switch is on. Also the original head unit has been replaced...
  7. J

    issues with Pioneer SPh da 120

    Hey everyone, just bought a t5.1 with pioneer sph da120 headunit, i cant get the bluetooth to work, and the setting are greyed out. Iv taken it out, and cant see anything obvious, also cant see any cables marked up as park brake, as i thought that may need to be grounded, Any ideas?
  8. Y

    For Sale Pioneer AVIC-F9880DAB Headunit

    Originally supplied and fitted by Slidepods. Includes dash surround and the loom that I removed from my van. This is a good quality sat nav unit - I only removed it as a I decided to go with an Absolut5 set up with a Kenwood headunit. £495 £450 Collection from GL51 preferred.
  9. Superowls

    Sold PIONEER head unit & reverse camera, Apple car play & Android Auto

    Selling a PIONEER SPH-EVO62DAB head unit Its come out of my T6 & comes with all the wiring loom, facia plate adapter, reverse camera, microphone & other cables (think it's the leads to connect to mfsw) dab aerial (this has been on a windscreen so may need replacing as it may not stick properly...
  10. O

    Who needs an Alpine Halo.. DIY for under £200

    Decided i needed a new stereo for my t6 and really liked the look of the alpine halo but didn't like the price. After research I came across the pioneer sph-20dab, cheap at £120 all i needed was a cheap tablet at £60 and i have a system that meets my needs.. plus i can unclip the tab and take to...
  11. Paddy00000

    Stop/Start restarts the aftermarket head unit

    Hi, I wonder if anyone might be able to give me some advice here. I recently bought a T6, I had the headunit changed to a Pioneer because I wanted SatNav, I'm finding that when I'm pulling up at lights and the engine stops that the headunit also switches itself off only to restart when I take...
  12. Ethan Andrews

    Reversing camera and Pioneer stereo

    I am after fitting a reversing camera to my T6 which only has the non camera composite media unit. I have weighed up all of the options, and it all comes down to money And how good the systems are. I also want car play. And with that in mind I wonder if there is any point in buying a...
  13. Andyfrecky

    Head Unit Upgrade

    Hello, I have just bought a 2015 transporter startline that has had a custom crew cab conversion. The van does not come with parking sensors front or back. I am wishing to install rear sensors and a rear camera to the van. What are my best options? I have been told to go with the Pioneer...
  14. Pioneer-cd-svw Copy

    Pioneer-cd-svw Copy

  15. revdecal

    [SOLVED] Pioneer HU: Apple CarPlay not working since iPhone iOS upgrade

    I had a Pioneer system installed along with carpet lining etc by over the stock system over a year ago (Absolute5) and its always worked brilliantly. Since my iPhone updated the stereo no longer automatically connects to apple CarPlay! I have seen on forums that this is a common problem. Has...
  16. P

    Pioneer Avic Z910dab

    Hi All Do any of you guys have any experience of the pioneer head units. Particularly the z910dab or z9100dab? Does anyone know if they retain use of the mfsw controls and the visual display Of parking sensors etc. Also have I read correctly that apple car play is connected wirelessly with...