piggy back fuse

  1. M

    Is this the correct fuse tap?

    i read some where on here some one got the wrong size fuse tap, was to short or something, but cant find the post again would be be ok...
  2. M

    SC54 Res Heat Relay

    Hi Folks, Should I have a 7.5 amp fuse in the position below marked SC54 Res Heat Relay? Or to put it another way, what does this fuse please? Many thanks.
  3. Kedlestone

    Ignition piggyback walkthrough.

    Hi all, I’m at the point of wiring up my Ctek 250se and understand the small positive wire needs and ignition feed from the fuse box. I’ve orde a 15A piggy back fuse holder, when it arrives what fuse am I best to go off in the fuse box? I read somewhere about middle row towards the top but just...
  4. X

    Ignition feed issues - Randomly not working ???[Resolved]

    Good day all, I recently hardwired my Nextbase dashcam into my internal fuse box on my 2016 T6 Euro 5 Highline. I used a piggy back fuse connector and placed this in the 3rd used fuse down in the centre column of fuses. This was working fine most of the time but from time to time the dashcam...
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  6. J

    Can anybody out there kindly shortcut me to the best fuse in the box to jockey into please with Dash Cam?

    Good Morning all and Hello, Just paid my membership of the above and immediately downloaded the excellent fusebox layout conveniently posted by Loz. I'll be picking up my 2019 t6 combi later this week and need to immediately fit the dashcam from the old Passat into it...
  7. Daviesmd

    Help Wiring A Relay For The Fuel Pump

    hi I am in the process of installing a tracker in the van and it comes with a relay to disable the fuel pump. Has anyone wired this in and if so how do I do it?!
  8. G

    Piggybacking Fuses

    hi all New member and straight to asking questions, but any advice you can offer would by hugely appreciated. I’m looking to add some ambient lighting and additional usb sockets in the back of a Kombi, I was hoping to piggyback from two of the fuses under the dash, I’m wanting to wire both up...
  9. Dannyb6467

    Piggy Back Fuse Holders...wrong Type??

    Morning all, I got these off Ebay but although they will hold the correct size blade fuse, they will not fit into the fuse space in the truck. The whole thing seems just a little too wide / big. Have i bought the wrong ones and if so which should i have got? 4Pcs Add-a-Circuit Fuse Tap-Micro...
  10. S

    Piggy back fuse issue

    Morning all, Help required..... Trying to use a piggy back fuse from the dash fuse box to operate a relay when the ignition is on. When I fit the piggy back fuse I get a 'Key Not Found' message on the dash display. Van starts fine but warning reappears when turned off. When I replace the...