1. J99kom87

    Obdeleven MFSW coding

    Hi all, Can anyone help me with obdeleven coding for a mfsw please. Mfsw was installed a while back and @Deaky sorted me out with the coding via VDCS, I didn’t install the ccs wire as I didn’t really want it at the time. I’ve now ran the wire from behind the stalks to the t10 plug. All...
  2. T6ChrisO

    AA-Van wiring removal - Tow Bar fault puts van in to limp-mode

    Hi guys. Vans booked in for pop top on Wednesday and my vans going into limp mode due to the tow bar being removed (incorrectly) before it went to auction (and then to me) I need VagCom or something to tell the van it no longer has a tow bar
  3. D

    OBDEleven multiple control units

    Hello I am using OBDeleven and recently had to reinstall it. I now get multiple entries of each control unit (see attached screenshot) so I have 2 or 3 of each one. Bizarrely for 01 engine module, 1 of the entries shows 0 faults, the other shows 1 faults. Some modules appear twice, others 3...
  4. cagowen7717

    T6.1 obdeleven

    Hi guys, bought myself a obdeleven Pro today, hoping to program folding mirrors and a few extra things. Once connected, if I go onto any of the apps, they all read unsupported, my t6.1 is a sportline 2023, do you know if this is supported yet? Or will it work if I code manually. If not I'll...
  5. I don't

    Open door in MFD shows wrong body type

    So I had to recode for a new battery with obd11 pro and started tweeking. I've managed somehow to change the body shape on the MFD that shows open doors and can't get it back. I've reset the body variant under dashboard but no change. Any ideas would be much appreciated
  6. Lux

    Obdeleven to code in new LED lights?

    Hi all, I just wanted to confirm before I purchase if the obdeleven in the link below will be able to code my lights for led and get rid of the warning light on the dash and keep the canbus happy...
  7. Tsixty

    Sold OBDEleven diagnostic device and subscription

    OBDEleven next gen device with Lifetime Pro VAG subscription. Can be used on unlimited VAG VINs with full access to all of the OBDEleven tools. Comes in original box. Once sold you will need to let me have your email address and I will change from mine to your email in the OBDEleven app and...
  8. Caravelle Dan

    OBDeleven for diagnostics?

    Hi, I have been reading the posts about different code readers. I have a T6 Caravelle and am not really looking to unlock any extra features or conduct programming but would like something that will perform fairly comprehensive diagnostics if required. I have been looking at the OBDeleven...
  9. M

    OBDEleven vs VCDS

    Hi All, I am looking at buying OBDEleven or VCDS to do some coding on my T6.1 the key things I want to do are activate the tow bar module and add rear speakers. I would also like to be able to clear codes etc. Which system is best for this and is VCDS worth the extra money compared to...
  10. Bluephantom


    So I'm looking at buying a VCDS. In your opinion, Is the HEX-NET totally worth getting? I've added the current price from my local online dealer in here in Australia as a reference. But anyone can Vote.
  11. S

    Control Unit A5 and 6C not available in OBDEleven

    Hello, I have a T6.1 California Edition from 2021 and I bought a device OBDEleven + a Pro pack to improve my van thinking it was possible to code some feature but it' not the case. Maybe someone will be able to reply me. I have the Park Pilot, the Park assist 3.0 (PLA3.0 12K), my rear camera...
  12. chris5802

    OBD Reader

    Can anybody recommend a reader for my 5.1 Sportline. I have been looking at the obdeleven which looks as though its perfect but Im open to any suggestions TIA
  13. t6blo

    ODBEleven - T6 2019 Needle Sweep Celebration Self Test [SOLVED]

    On my last van I used VCDS to code stuff. I sold the cable when I sold the van. So now I have this van and I thought I’d try ODBEleven…… Got app credits - used some on Tear Drop Wipe and Auto-Lock @10mph. These worked fine. Couldn't find an app for needle sweep even though ‘the internet’ said...
  14. slocumjoseph

    Vag-Com OBD11 confusion

    I have a Volkswagen, Audi etc specific OBD2 scanner which at just under £100 is not of course up to Ross-Techs Vag-Com professional standards. However for a non Windows person it performs all the diagnostic functions I need. I understand VCDS is specific software for Volkswagen but have never...
  15. T

    OBD11 - Swindon

    Hi, I have obd11 now, so if any member in the area needs a scan let me know! I don’t have pro, as I haven’t needed to code (yet), may do soon, but can do unlocks via apps for credits such as needle sweep, auto lock / unlock etc. Thanks, Steve
  16. RedUn

    Are all T6s OBDII?

    Come to scan my mates T6 for him and his port isn't OBDII standard, looks like an older VW standard... I. E. Mk4 golf standard Originally thought if it was one of the fake OBD ports but once we got it out its got VW part markings? Any ideas... Its a Euro5 van if that helps... Cheers!
  17. Bryn23

    Recent iOS OBD11 reviews

    How many of you guys out there using the iOS version of OBD11? I’d prefer Vcds, but i Haven’t used a windows based PC in 14 years and don’t really Want to go and get a a cheap laptop/Tablet just to run VCDS. So that leaves me with OBD11 that I can run on my iPad Pro or my iPhon. anyone happy...
  18. Howzat

    OBDEleven PRO - yearly subscription

    Today is the last day to get PRO unlimited. After today the PRO activation will be going to a yearly subscription like Carista.
  19. M

    Tow-bar coding on OBDEleven

    Fitted my own towbar and have obdeleven but can't seem to find the required coding steps. Can anyone help?
  20. CarpyT6

    OBDEleven has stopped working

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I've searched the forum.and couldn't find any info. My Obdeleven has suddenly stopped working, once plugged into the obd port there is no lights on or anything. Click connect on the app and i just get a spinning circle. Bluetooth seems to have lost the...