1. Lee540

    Wanted Bench Bed/Single Unit

    A wanted please. A bench bed and a single unit. I've seen a few styles now and looking for something like the photo. This still give me plenty of room to fit motorbike in so unfortunately rules out U shape furniture. I'm down in SW Cornwall but happy to travel anywhere in south/south west as...
  2. limekilnlee

    Motorbike carrier

    Has anyone got a motorcross bike holder for a T6
  3. slocumjoseph

    Track inspection

    Here’s another great picture of this guys impossible lean angle. Not only is he giving Pata snacks the exposure their sponsorship pays for he’s also giving the track a very close inspection. :think smile bounce:
  4. Loz

    For Sale Avon AM63 Viper Stryke 110/90-12 RF TL 64P

    Purchased in error :( I'll take £45
  5. M

    For Sale Motolug Motorbike Trailer

    Selling my Motolug bike trailer and thought I’d give Forum members first dibs before it goes on eBay. It’s in fair condition but has been in the shed for a while. Looking for £750.00 collected
  6. J

    Front Motorcycle Racks

    Good morning, I am looking to install a front motorcycle rack... 1. Is this even legal? 2. Is this even possible? 3. If so, how? I know it is easy to have a rear motorcycle rack as I did have one on my T5 but I found it such a pain when needing to get into the back of the van. I...
  7. V

    Motorbike in the back? Show us your set up......

    I am converting my panel van (if it ever turns up From VW!) for track days with my motorbike..........hoping to squeeze in a bed with storage down one side so that I get get some kip, while still managing to have my bike secure (and safe!) Interested to see what others have done?
  8. T

    Removable flange towbar for T6 - to carry motorbike?

    Hi, New member here & first post - I just bought a '17 LWB Camper conversion. Happy bunny. I would like to add a towbar to the van so I can carry my full-size enduro (motocross) bike on a Dave Cooper rack or similar. These racks attach to flange towbars - I can find plenty of those, but...
  9. W

    Dave Cooper Bike rack on T6

    Hi. I’m looking to fit one of the Dave Cooper towbar mounted motorcycle carriers on my T6. Has anyone tried this and if so does the handlebar fowl the door? Thanks
  10. Dave Lawson

    Sold 2017 KTM EXC 300

    89 hours or 1649 miles Solid wrap genuine KTM hand guards Front and rear puller straps Engine bash plate Exhaust guard Fork bleeders Frame guards Not used since last service £4250 open to sensible offers
  11. S

    Easylifter Hydra Trail Anyone got any feedback on one of these? I’m looking to get a lift to go on back of van for the bike. I like this idea as it seems to take all the weight off the van and onto the lift or 85% so a lot less tough on the van it goes flat and let’s you...
  12. Kisha

    T6 for transporting motorcycle & road trips

    Dear all, For about half a year now, we've been looking at vans, mostly VW Transporter (T6) and are considering trading our every day car in for it. We'd like to use it for: - Daily commute - Groceries, shopping, larger purchases - Road trips & vacations - Road trips with our motorcycles...
  13. S

    For Sale Moto Guzzi Lemans special

    Due to more bikes than space I am selling the Gentlemans express . Its a lemans Mkv had a full nut and bolt rebuild ,engine gearbox ,powder coated frame wheels,moto gadget electrics stainless steel exhausts . Maxton fork conversion, shock factory rear shocks Lots of one of fabricated parts, this...
  14. steven43126

    Considering a T6, but some questions

    Hi, We are considering a T6 kombi, with a dog and twins on the way it gives us enough space to cart everything around. It would also be ab able to double duty for motorbike transport for trackdays. Our only real reservation is were not used to driving a van. Is parking a pita, does it fit in...
  15. andy banes

    harder wood flooring that looks a bit smarter

    hi i use my swb t6 as a van and transport heavy ish motorbikes in the back they sit in their stands. i currently have a ply lined floor is there something a bit prettier perhaps in black thats as hard wearing maybe even cut to shape for a swb?
  16. Kev23

    Crafter / Sprinter motorbike question

    Anyone possibly know if the crafter or sprinter LWB will comfortably take 4 motorbikes? heading back to europe but this time looking to kill the dull trip to Portsmouth by utilising a hire van, there and back. bikes are CB1000R, S1000R & speed triple (4th unknown yet), just curious if anyone has...
  17. Yzfr1

    Loading Ramp/motorbike Ramp

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with ramps specifically for a motorbike.(Road Sports Bike) I'm looking to buy one but I'm clueless as which brand or type are any good and practical. Also looking for a foldable one if there are any good ones out there. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  18. W

    Motorbike Transport

    Hi, Has anyone used the following to transport a motorbike? Easy-Lifter hydraulic lifting system - Tel: 01509 268400 - HOME page Seems a great little device!
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  20. Yzfr1

    New Tie Down Points

    Hi all, Would anyone please be able to identify the tie down solution in the pics below. It looks super clean and just what i need for putting in my wheel chock. I want a nice stock look to the van floor when the chock is removed. I've emailed the place i found these pics but no answer. I've...