1. S

    For Sale Moto Guzzi Lemans special

    Due to more bikes than space I am selling the Gentlemans express . Its a lemans Mkv had a full nut and bolt rebuild ,engine gearbox ,powder coated frame wheels,moto gadget electrics stainless steel exhausts . Maxton fork conversion, shock factory rear shocks Lots of one of fabricated parts, this...
  2. steven43126

    Considering a T6, but some questions

    Hi, We are considering a T6 kombi, with a dog and twins on the way it gives us enough space to cart everything around. It would also be ab able to double duty for motorbike transport for trackdays. Our only real reservation is were not used to driving a van. Is parking a pita, does it fit in...
  3. andy banes

    harder wood flooring that looks a bit smarter

    hi i use my swb t6 as a van and transport heavy ish motorbikes in the back they sit in their stands. i currently have a ply lined floor is there something a bit prettier perhaps in black thats as hard wearing maybe even cut to shape for a swb?
  4. W

    Scooter Carrier Nose Weights

    Hi. I’ve got an Easylifter scooter ramp, not the hydraulic one, and am looking to fit it to a towbar on my T6. Has anyone done this before? I’m a little concerned actually as I see the nose weigh for a T30 is 100kg in the spec sheet. Given the ramp itself weighs about 30kg it doesn’t leave much...
  5. Yzfr1

    Loading Ramp/motorbike Ramp

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with ramps specifically for a motorbike.(Road Sports Bike) I'm looking to buy one but I'm clueless as which brand or type are any good and practical. Also looking for a foldable one if there are any good ones out there. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
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  7. Yzfr1

    New Tie Down Points

    Hi all, Would anyone please be able to identify the tie down solution in the pics below. It looks super clean and just what i need for putting in my wheel chock. I want a nice stock look to the van floor when the chock is removed. I've emailed the place i found these pics but no answer. I've...
  8. Vache

    Risk Racing Lock N Load System Install?

    Hi Was wondering if anyone has installed a risk racing lock n load system for dirt bikes in the back of a T5 and how easy it is/was? Also looking for recommendations for someone to go to to fit. this is one: Lock-N-Load Pro many thanks in advance....
  9. Dieseldonkey

    Help Identifying Motorcycle Rack

    Anyone able to identify this rack at all. Looking for one that mounts to the chassis rails, as the bike being carried will be too heavy for a towbar mounted rack. This looks just what I'm after but so far I've not been able to identify a manufacturer...
  10. Grim Reaper

    Motorbike Drip Tray?

    Didn’t know whether to put this in ‘interiors’ or not but I am looking for a ‘whole bike’ drip tray to put in the van when I have the bike in there to catch any drops of mud/water/oil etc while it is in transit. A softish rubber one would be ideal so I can get the bike onto it without damaging...
  11. F

    Highline Lashing Tie Down Ring Alternatives?

    Looking at the highline chrome tie down loops in the floor they look pretty weak.. Will The rings from a transporter bolt in? I Have to transport a motorbike.
  12. Leigh

    Bed Beside Motorbike - Anyone?

    I'm looking to make something similar to this set up although it needs to be light enough to remove easily & not quite as fancy - just a bed frame which flies over the wheel arch with some storage room underneath for my bike kit. Anyone on here made this set up or seen one with a MX Bike alongside?
  13. Shaun Witts

    Has Anyone Fitted The Cate Motorbike Carrier/rack?

    I lived in Germany for a while, and this rack was (is) available for a number of vehicles. A friend fitted one to a Chrysler Voyager to carry his KTM Duke on. It seems that they are approved for up to 250kg when fitted to the Transporter, which is enough for my Honda Bros. Such a rack would also...
  14. S

    Show Us Your Motorbikes

    Here's my road bike. Not quite what you meant I guess but fits nicely into the back of the van....
  15. Vinci

    Any bikers tow a bike with their T6?

    Do any fellow bikers tow their bikes on a collapsible dedicated trailer?