load rating

  1. Californication69

    Load Rating of 18” Steelies

    What load rating are the standard steel 18” x8J wheel. And where can you buy them from?
  2. Gunship

    T32 with Landsail LS588 UHP (Max. Load 775kg.)

    I'm just looking at a used T32 with the intention of buying. It's just had new tyres all round, but couldn't help but notice this little line on the tyre that reads "MAX. LOAD 775kg". Does that render them useless, i.e. that they're going to send me straight into an MOT failure? It's a 5...
  3. K

    Are these wheels suitable?

    Morning all! First time poster and 2nd day of T6 ownership. I’ll post a thread shortly about how this has come to be but in the meantime I have a quick question for the experts. Somebody has tried to do me a favour and changed out the standard steel wheels on the T6 T32 4motion for the...
  4. Rob The Daddy


    Hi Everyone, I'm sorry if this has already been spoken of. Can someone point me in the right direction to "find out" please, how much I can load 'into' my T6 'T32' Shuttle. Rear third seat folded down. Thank you. Rob
  5. C

    Alloys and Load Ratings

    Hi Could someone tell me please how many kgs load rating each alloy wheel should be on the on the 6.1 T32 it has been converted to a camper. Thanks Chris
  6. T

    Seeking lows - 20” tyre rating

    Hi guys, For those running a drop of 90mm plus or air and 20’s, what tyres are you running? I’m running 275 35 20’s on the arse 102 load rated, which I am OK with. The van is a t32 but basically is a day van, and is carrying the same weight as an empty t32! On the front I want to go 245 40...
  7. H

    275/35/20 tyre alternatives (T32)

    Hi, I am currently running Falken Azenis FK 510 275/35/20/102y I really like these tyres and have had no issues with rubbing on lock or anything else, these are a high performance tyre and fairly soft compound and not ideally suited to a heavy T32 van. I have bilstien B14 coil overs fitted...
  8. J

    T32 19” tyre size vs load rating

    Hi all, I'm having trouble finding the correct load rated tyres for my (camper converted) T32. The current tyres on it are 245/45/R19's and searching various well known tyre retailer sites I only seem to find 102 (or 102 XL) rated tyres. If I up the profile to 50, then plenty of 105 rated...
  9. MrD

    Load rating 20” wheel labelling

    Can someone tell me if the image attached is the wheel load rating or just a serial number from manufacturer?. The wheel description online says 850kg but I can’t find that on the physical wheel??
  10. C

    Rotiform STL

    Anyone running these? Been my local wheel place and they had them on display. They were doing good deals on team dynamics and momo but I like the look of the rotiforms as the OZ rally raids are on back order. Wonder what other Rotiform 18in load rated wheels there is to choose from...
  11. D

    T32 load rating 101 legal?

    Hi I have a T6 T32 which has had 18” alloys on since I bought it. At the last MOT all four tyres were replaced due to cracking. The tyres fitted and passed by ATS were load rated 101 (825Kg). I’m now in the process of uprating the GVW of my van with SV Tech (great reviews from everyone that’s...
  12. J

    Riviera RF108 wheels… what tyres???

    Hi, Can anyone help me?? Advice please, I am new to the transporter world and know absolutely nothing other than I love them !! I have finally taken ownership of my long awaited T32 6.1 kombi.... I will be sticking some b14's on to lower around 40mm and some 20" Riviera RF108 wheels, before I...
  13. Alan Ginger

    Are these tyres load-rated? 255/45/18 103

    I have a T30 Campervan: I purchased Bridgestone A005: 225/45R18/103Y: Max Load 875kg at 50 psi i got my first puncture and when I was having the puncture repaired it was pointed out that these tyres were car tyres and not van tyres. I have had a look around the site and I am heading down a...
  14. DCC

    245/40/20 103 load rating ?

    Sure I read somewhere a while ago that there is such a tyre as 245/40/20 with a 103 load rating. Anybody know what this may be ?
  15. E

    Front and rear unladen weights.

    A few threads have recommended getting vehicles weighed in relation to both suspension and speed limit issues, but I can't find any results; so here are mine. MY19 T32 Kombi 150 BMT single slider with tail gate. Weighed approx 50 miles before the fuel light came on, empty without driver or...
  16. Jamie2.0

    T30 rated tyres on a T32…opinions….

    Whilst looking at vans recently I was told by a VW dealership that they’ll sell T32 vans knowingly with T30 rated wheels in agreement with the owners if they think the owners aren’t going to be loading the van up as say in commercial use (little bit shocked by this but not surprised). My...
  17. T6180

    Sold BRAND NEW - NAVIS Schmoov 20" Staggered Steel Wheels

    For Sale as surplus to requirements A brand new unopened set of 20" Navis Schmoov steel wheels in the following fitment Front 8.5 et35 | Rear 10 et40 Diameter: 20 Inch Bolt Pattern: 5×120 Fitment Only Centre Bore: 65.1 Colour: ANTHRACITE Style: Smooth Steel Wheel Load Rating 1100kg (per wheel)...
  18. W

    Aracaju wheel load rating

    Hi, just bought a second hand set of Aracaju alloys (standard spec 17 inch on some Caravelle and California 3070kg GVW models). Hoping to fit them to my T32...but have not been able to find the wheel load rating for them. Can anyone offer a hint of where to look out this information? Many...
  19. Rids

    Tyre Pressures - some realisations

    Hi All, I know there are several threads on here about tyre pressures for non standard tyre sizes... But but it seems not many are running the same as me (255/50 R18 106 XL) so I've been doing some research. Firstly I found this web site very informative... The Ultimate Tire Pressure Resource...
  20. Cux

    Can I change my worn 102W tyres to 97W tyres ?????

    102W tyres aren’t stocked anywhere!