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  1. T

    19’s rated for T32

    Hi all, after searching the forum and wheels specialists for hours I’ve found very limited info on wheels that are 19” and rated at or above 860kg for the t32. Wolfrace Dortmund and a few of the amaroks are the only ones I’ve come across. I find 18’s a little small and 19’s a good compromise...
  2. J

    For Sale Wolfrace Assasin 20" Alloys with 275/40 ZR20 106Y load rated Tyres

    These will be coming off a T32 T6 Kombi and have appropriate load rated tyres. In good condition, I think only 2 are marked but please see pics for more info. Tyres have a mixed amount of tread but definitely would do you over the coming winter and then some. Looking for £500-600 Based near...
  3. T6Paul

    OEM VW Wheel Loads

    Why are most VW wheels only load rated to 1700kg per axle and thus no good for a T32? So frustrating!!
  4. Andy Power

    Weight plate confusion

    Please could somebody explain what this means please - I’m trying to find out what the maximum weight of a caravan I can pull with my T6 4motion Kombi. Iv been told this is what I need to see to find out. Unfortunately it means nothing to me.... the Caravans i have been looking at vary between...
  5. LeightonVans

    LV-1 20" Staggered Alloys (Leighton Parts)

    Our LV-1 20" staggered wheels are the perfect addition to any VW Transporter, they are available in two sizes and three finishes. We can also supply with tyres. View them on our website here. Finishes available (with links to website): - Gloss Black. - Matte Bronze. - Matte Grey/Machined Face...
  6. D

    T32 Wheel Load Rating Or Not

    Hi I am new to this site so apologies if this is posted in the wrong section etc. I have recently purchased a 2018 T32, 150bhp. The wheel fitted are Calibre CC-U 20" I am concerned that these are not correctly load rated for the vehicle. All sites I have checked are saying these are 815kg rated...
  7. J

    Why Are More Alloys Not Jj Rated?

    Hello all. Just a question really, firstly how many are running JJ rated and your experience with them against buckles and cracks agains those using normal J rated alloys with the same experience. I have had double figures of alloys on my T4 some of which are massively load rated and have...
  8. M

    T28 Tyre Ratings

    Morning all When buying wheels and tyres that are load rated do I simply need 4 wheels that total up to or over 2800kg? So the wheels I've seen are 750kg per wheel. Should be OK? Likewise the tyres on 750kg wheels only needs 98 rated? Previously I've read I need 102 rated. See attached info...
  9. L

    Van Vs Car/suv Tyres

    Hello All, I Ordered some Continental All Season Contact 235/55 R17 V (103), Reinforced through black circles - to be fitted at ATS. Chap at ATS says he wouldn't fit them as they aren't van tyres and thus would invalidate my insurance. I don't think he was being an arse but more concerned...
  10. D

    Overloading A Van - T28, T30, T32 Question

    I get that a T28 can gave a gross weight of 2.8 tonnes, but is that simply the specified weight, or the legal weight? If I load it to 3 tonnes, am I breaking the law or just risking breaking my suspension? I currently have a T28 T5.1 (why are they both 'T' numbers??) and sometimes I'm sure...
  11. J

    Tiguan Wheels

    hi anyone got any pictures of Tiguan mallorys or omanynts on a t6 kombi
  12. RHD

    New Van

    Hi everyone New to this so please bear with me . Just picked up my new t6 :) finally after years dithering about the expense, Pictures attached, I think :) If I remap from 204ps to 250 will it void the warranty? Cheers
  13. FAC51

    Vw Stock Steels V Kronprinz Steels. Any Difference

    I've tracked down some steels for my 4motion that appear to be weight rated. Advertised by Mr Winter Wheels - 17 Inch VW Transporter T6 Steel Winter Wheels and Winter Tyres inc Facelift, T26, T28, T30, T32, 180 PS aftermarket manufactured by Kronprinz to the same spec Has any of the forum...
  14. S

    4 Motion Wheels And Tyres Tolerance Advice

    Hi I am looking for some advice about the 4 motion T32 and wheels and tyres tolerances allowed. I have a T32 4motion LWB kombi in grey with B14 Bilstine also some Judd 311r 9.5 j on the front with 275/40/20 106 w and Judd 3111r 10.5 j on the rear with 275/40/20 106 w now my question is...
  15. Boomshanker

    Tyre Rating for my T28

    Hello All, Looking to get some new tyres, a friend can get Pirelli's at staff discount but they are a slightly different spec. The old tyres have a rating of 103Y and the possible new ones would be 99Y. Would this matter?
  16. Stuart Payne

    Bmw 6 Series Wheels Fit T6

    hello , I’m after a bit of advice weather the below wheel offsets will be good for my T6. Wheels have come off a 6 series. Alloys: 8.5j x 19" x et 33 , 5x120 Alloys: 9j x 19" x et 44 , 5x120 Also what tyres size are best to run ? Thank you in advance, Stu
  17. TitanCamper

    Vw Dealer Supplied T32 With '96' Load Rated Tyres

    My 17 plate T32 204 DSG was delivered on Thursday from London to Glasgow by the VW dealer. To my horror, it was sitting on 215 60 17 96H tyres. Was this an attempt to divert my attention from that world renowned brand name of 'Jinyu', written next to the size? 1 email later and to be fair, they...
  18. A

    Load Rating, Help!

    Hi, newbie to T6 but had a T5 a decade ago Purchased a t32 as it had everything I needed and low mileage, however now stuck with these rather specific t32 issues! So this is always going to be our family day van, carrying kids, dog and family paraphernalia, never for commercial/heavy use. So...
  19. P

    Tyres On T32

    Hi all, appreciate some advise. I've owned by T6 T32 for about a year and bought it from a main dealer at about 18months old and it had its service today (not by VW). They told me that 2 of the tyres were load rated as 96 and not 104 as the fronts are. Apparently these are car tyres, not...
  20. WhiskyDisco

    Golf R Alloy Wheels

    Hi folks, could anyone advise if these wheels would be suitable for a T6 Caravelle? http://reviews.carreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/2011_vw_golf_r_euro_091.jpg I'd like to check if they have the right load rating., etc.