1. O

    Leak inside sliding door

    Just wondering if anyone has noticed this issue or has had the same. I recently noticed that I get water ingress / leak from inside the sliding door after rain. I'm not entirely sure how it's getting in and I'm not sure of the component name but It seems to be coming from the latch or the part...
  2. N

    Water leak in tailgate

    A few days ago I opened the tailgate to hear water sloshing round inside. When I checked the tailgate had quite a bit of water pooled in the bottom. I had rained the day before and I had just washed it. I thought I would test it out today whilst washing. Tested round the window seal...
  3. B

    Barn door leaking at top

    Hi, I have a water leaking into the van from the top centre of the barn doors. Both seals have been replaced but the leak still persists. I’m suspecting it could be a door alignment issue and a garage have advised I need to go to a body shop. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue...
  4. R

    Water in engine bay/under battery

    Hey guys, Hope you’re all well. Just wondering if anyone can ease my mind and confirm if this is an unavoidable problem. Noticed a small leak in the passenger footwell of my 2017 T6 transporter (second image). Pulled the glove box off and found no real damp spots. Pulled the scuttle panel off...
  5. Bardot

    Oily substance below engine? [Hydraulic fluid]

    Spotted pool of oil under engine this morning. Looked up and saw this. Anybody with and knowledge as to what problem I have now? Van is 2016 T6 T32 140 (170 remap).
  6. J

    Caravelle leaking sliding doors

    Hi guys, I hope anyone can help with this. When it rains heavily, water collects on the inside at the bottom of rear sliding doors. It does not drain out but its clearly coming in. When you open the door, you can see water coming out. I asked VW who told me its a common issue and not to...

    Water leaking out of this [A/C drain]

    I've not been using the van much lately, and it can be parked up, sometimes for weeks in a garage. Whenever i do use it though, there always seems to be quite a lot of clear water where the van has been standing- usually below the front bumper area. I've always assumed that the underside of...
  8. Minimucks

    Water Leak From Rear Spoiler?

    So my van has gone into VW for a few warranty niggles. One being water in the tailgate. They seem to think that it's not the typical high level brake light and that it's the fixings on the genuine spoiler. I was led to believe they are bonded on and can't imagine there being any concealed...
  9. S

    Door Seal Leak?

    We live in Switzerland and it can get quite cold these days/nights.. recently noticed that we have been getting alot of condensation on the windscreen primarily but also on the other windows too i noticed tonight.. Its been 3 during the day and is now zero so nothing extreme.. As far as i...
  10. wooly2773

    Water Leaking In Through Sunroof/interior Light Unit

    Hi All, I've just purchased a t32 and after the torrential rain that we've had over the past day or two I noticed I was getting water droplets from the interior light unit in the front. I have a sunroof and on closer inspection (after removing the interior light unit) I believe the water is...
  11. Alan Croft

    Passenger Side Leak

    Hi all. found my van has developed a leak on the passenger side the floor at the front near the door is a bit wet. Also found an occasion when the little storage hole in the dash had water in it. Am wondering if my roof bars have suddenly developed a leak? They have been fine since fitting...
  12. mackmaya

    Odd Tailgate Leak...

    Hi all, I have a strange tailgate leak, it's puddleing in the left hand side bottom of the door, on top of the rubber seal, the thing is I have no trace marks of how it's getting in. Cheers.
  13. M40CCA

    New Recall: sliding-door seals

    Just called into vw van centre and have just been told of a recall that's has been issued from today (lucky eh) It's the seals on sliding doors and rear boot lid are letting water in. Mine is booked in for tomorrow I'll let you guys know so more info tomorrow, not sure if it's just in the...
  14. The Ham

    Water Ingress Front Passenger Side

    Got a small amount of water coming in by the front step, not a lot but don't want any, under the mat floor. If I put my fingers behind bottom of dash I can feel wetness. Is it the roof rail fixings?
  15. leeasy

    VW UK and the Kombi Leaky Window Saga

    Hello all, This is my first real post other than to say hello as a new member a few weeks back. As I am the proud owner of a T6 kombi which I have wanted for a very long time, I was somewhat irritated to find when I took it to have the rear trimmed out that water had been making its way...
  16. Daviesmd

    Tailgate Leak Near Door Handle

    Hi has anyone had an issue with the tailgate door handle leaking? I have done a few repairs to this already to pinpoint it: Replaced third brake light Repaired previous reversing camera I think it may be the handle as when the door is up it drops from the locking mechanism and when down it...
  17. J

    Roller Blind Will Not Retract After Window Leak

    Hi Sorry to post another leaky window thread but 18 velle — My drivers side sliding window developed a leak last week in the windy and rainy weather. Greeted to a puddle in the footwell and a stream of water over the door card from the front end of the slider channel. Van parked slightly...
  18. Base1388

    Water In Step

    Hi all I've done the search and ill look in door card see if new aftermarket speakers are very deep etc Had puddles in my side steps !! Not there before went to converters NOW is, they had door cards off for new speakers and a USB carp-lay plug in door pocket Any other suggestions please...
  19. Steve H

    Insulation Query

    Currently halfway through some soundproofing on the left hand side of the van, but having a mind wrestle regarding the rear lower quarter area. There are several plastic wiring boxes attached in that area which could be controllers of some sort, and I'm loathe to stuff Dodo insulation down...
  20. R

    Sliding Window Leaking And Drivers Windows

    think the dealers here are useless Two attempts at drivers door and it still leaks and the sliding window in the sliding door which has water marks on it they can’t find I’ve had all seals done on the drivers door, any idea where to go next? Wind noise is horrible from drivers window too