interior mirror

  1. Hobbo

    Show us your danglies…

    What's dangling from your rear view mirror?? I've got a lei that used to smell of washed cotton, now smells of wet dog, and a Break Fluid Coffee Co air freshener that used to smell of coffee and now also smells of wet dog.... And the source of the wet dog smell (although I also contribute)...
  2. S

    T6. 1 rear view mirror advice please..

    I have a T6. 1 and wondered if a T6 rear view mirror would fit a T6. 1? I'm slowly getting used to my van but would feel more comfortable with a RV mirror. Thanks in advance.
  3. Pauly

    T6 Rain Sensor Anti Dazzle Mirror Wiring Diagram 2017

    Rain and light sensor (RLS) and automatic anti dazzle rear view mirror circuit diagram Also see associated Data Bus wiring diagram for more details on the LIN bus connections VIP Membership is required to download this document
  4. Yzfr1

    Rear view mirror wiring.

    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting a replacement rear view mirror that has a reverse and dash cam built in. My STD radio won't allow factory rear view camera unless I pay hundreds of pounds just to get it played about with and that's without the camera hardware. So that's the reasoning behind...
  5. I

    Best interior rear view mirror?

    Any recommendations please
  6. S

    engine won't start

    Hi, I have a 2017 T6 converted camper. I have decommissioned the dashcam but since then the engine won't start (no power at all!). I have back tracked and everything appears to be where it should be. Could my immobiliser have stopped the engine? Thanks in advance.
  7. AndyNichs

    Rear view mirror reversing kit

    Hi, hope everyone is doing well in these weird times? I was thinking about getting a mirror dash cam for the van. I don't have a dash cam at the moment and like the idea of a camera behind to help parking and reversing. Does anyone recommend a good make and model? I've looked on Amazon and...
  8. B

    T6.1 Highline rear view mirror

    Hi Guys, I'd really like to get rid of my rear view mirror from my full bulk, windowless panel van, it's a bit of a distraction and is pointless. I read a few threads that mention that the light sensor on the back is used for auto headlights and HBA on the T6 but I'm not sure is this is the...
  9. Winstans

    Rear View Mirror Removed. Cover?

    Removed the rear view mirror from my MY07 Highline T6. The bulkhead has been installed from factory and thats how I am keeping it. The rain sensor sits above the mirror and I assume the other sensor is for auto lights. The sensor on the mirror itself is for auto tinting the mirror glass at...
  10. Donk

    Auto Headlights Faulty

    Fitted the new cab light unit from @saxoboy. Works a dream. Only thing now is I’ve noticed my auto headlights are not working correctly - they’re just on. I think the sensor is behind the rear view mirror area where I would have been. The only thing I’ve now found - having had a look, is the...
  11. Californiaman

    Refitting rear view mirror!

    OK so I was loading some carpets into the van yesterday and knocked off the rear view mirror. It's not broken but I'll be buggered if I can get it back on. I can see that there are four clips on the back of the mirror but it seems impossible to reattach it. I did manage it once somehow after...