insurance quotes

  1. C

    New insurance quote on my partial conversion

    Hi all, I just wanted to flag this up in case it helps anyone who is shopping around for insurance quotes. The van is a 2020 reg T6.1 High Line Panel Van that I bought last August(2021) I have since worked through the process of converting to a camper, all the usual mods, including Kitchen with...
  2. R

    10% saved thanks to this forum

    Hi, I have a brand new van arriving on Thursday. After shopping around for insurance, A-plan came up best for me - additional modifications at no cost was attractive as well. When I mentioned this forum, they told me they could apply a 10% discount, which saved me £35ish. Thank you to the...
  3. MRFU510N

    Best Insurer for a Camper

    Hello more experienced T6 enthusiasts. I am in the initial stages of buying a 2017 T6 Highline, and converting myself. I thought I would try and save myself some time and ask you who the best insurers are for a fully converted T6 camper. The first quote I received was from a company called...
  4. Dmw916

    Poptop insurance doubling the cost

    Just added my poptop to my insurance details and it's gone up £400 seems alot does this seem the normal amount I'm 6 months into my policy now
  5. Tiggy1955

    Shop Around for your insurance!

    I made the mistake of taking out a policy with Adrian Flux in the belief that I would get the very best deal from them because they “specialise” in camper van insurance. The policy was due to start effective from 1st Oct 2020 when the conversion will be complete. I foolishly didn’t even check...
  6. L

    Kombi insurance £800 more than my van

    I’m thinking if swapping my t6 panel vsn for a t6 kombI 5/seats same engine t6 hig
  7. vwski

    My first ever van :) Who / what for my modifications - advice please...

    Hi Everyone, Soon to get my first ever excited! albeit cheesed off because of my process so far :( I'll keep it brief but in short I've had a new van and extensive build on order since early March. After being messed around by the modification company I finally decided last week to...
  8. warren

    Adrian Flux

    I thought I'd give anyone who's looking for insurance the heads up what these clowns did to me. I applied online through compare the market and got a quote I was happy with. Continued and paid by credit card. Received insurance documents with a few errors on e.g Van was down as a manual and its...
  9. A

    Buy Insurance Early?

    Hello, Got my van insurance renewal quote a few weeks ago and did the rounds on the comparison websites. Renewal £350 Admiral. Cheapest comparison £230 Hastings Direct! Winner! So checked earlier this week, Hastings want over £750. Had another go today and its over £1000! Didn't change...
  10. W

    A Right Royal Pain In The Arse.

    So at the age of 65, I bought a van. I then ask Direct line about insurance and they just transferred over from my car until 17th Feb. I phoned up again to renew and to cut a very long story short, they shouldn’t have. If I modify the van, they can’t insure. CVD quote £550 with mods, £410...
  11. D

    Insurance After A Ban

    I’ve just finished a six month ban under the totting up rules (minor speeding offences). My wife’s multi-vehicle policy now won’t touch me and nor will my camper insurers. I’ve had to pay over 2k on the car and I’m getting some proper ludicrous quotes on the van, despite me stating I’ll only...
  12. B

    Newbie Insurance Question

    Hi. I’m currently in the market for a camper and currently looking at T6 conversions and stock californias. What’s the advice on approaching insurance? I’ve had costs in for a California from a few places and the price range is insane. Through the standard comparison websites I’d use for car...
  13. andy greenwood

    A Plan

    Got my renewal from A Plan, £535 for me and the missus, fully comp. Rung brentacre and they said £510. Rung back A plan , they couldnt beat it but they matched it. We stuck with A Plan for another 12 months :thumbsup:
  14. RyanGerry

    £1000 For Insurance Wtf!

    So I called Adrian Flux today and was quoted £1000 for my 68 Editon Kombi. Can anyone recommend any other insurers? Many thanks Ryan
  15. mackmaya

    Day Van Insurance.

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows how insurance companies will class a day van, basically everything a normal camper has apart from a sink and Hob and no water tank or gas?? Thanks again.
  16. B

    Insurance Companies That Cover Northern Ireland

    Hi guys I'm only new to the forum and need some help I've just bought my first van i will be picking it up next week it's a professional conversation with all the certificates but the v5 was never changed to campervan i phoned my insurance company yesterday to see about changing over the...
  17. Mavis628

    Nfu Insurers

    Hi Guys Been shopping for my van insurance, I can recommend NFU, very helpful and very competitive! Defo worth a call if your insurance is up or you think your paying to much.
  18. Mavis628


    hi guys what company is the cheapest you have going to insure your T6 camper conversions think I’m having my pants pulled down! Cheers Steve
  19. S

    Insurance Journey Over Thanks To Fish

    Well insurance journey over gone with N F U they seem a lot more professional and thanks to fish contacts I saved a further £280 and feel confident in them . £1100 per year £25o excess £50 windscreen 58k van including modification and further mods no charge Glad it’s all over should get van...
  20. S

    Insurance For T6 Really Limited

    hi guys Well fed up talking to insurance companies The amount of ones I phoned up said they could only go up 40k on a t6 Got a brand new T6 T32 4 motion dsg Lwb kombucha spend lots on extras from VW ticked all boxes and also got a conversion company to for an active van line out , body kit...