ignition live

  1. z1ts

    Ignition Live under passenger seat (30 amp) ANOTHER WAY TO DO IT!!!

    This much needed and never present function can be now be done without running additional cabling :cool: This is the list of requirements:- VCDS (possibly could be done with other software tools, but I used VCDS) 13 pin OEM towbar electrics (I have full OEM towbar install not just towbar...
  2. J

    Renogy dc-dc charger install, connecting ignition live wire ?

    Just Installed the Renogy 50a dc-dc charger under passenger seat and pretty much done but now need i to connect the red ignition live wire from charger to an ign live, for the smart alternator. T6 2018 I’ve looked and found a relevant post regards tapping into fuse box under gear lever in cab...
  3. T

    T6.1 reversing cam - red wire to which fuse?

    Hi I’m new on here just wondering if someone could shed some light on where the red wire for fuse box goes for oem reverse camera for t6 it said middle row sc-18 but the fuse box is different on t6.1 everything else is done apart from red wire to fuse box
  4. L

    New to this forum and the world of vw transporters.

    Hi all …Looking to install the Ctek to my t6 , does anyone know where I can find the ignition switch live for the smart alternator? Any photos would be great also ideas of routing the cable from under the drivers seat. Thanks I’m new to this world of converting vw transporters so I’m pretty...
  5. T

    D+ or Engine Run Signal for DC - DC charger.

    Hi All, I'm a new member to this forum and my problem is how to pick up a suitable engine run signal to activate the DC to DC charger. A couple of members suggested a new post but they did say that I could pick up a 12 v o/p from the central fuse box. However I have no idea which fuse and how I...
  6. Deaks

    [Merge] IGN/Switched live in engine bay

    So I just fitted some swanky new spots on to the A bar and they look great.The spots have these nice DRL strips in each side and my plan was to tap into the DRL feed from the R/H headlight connector, This tap worked great for main beam and for the Sport DRL into dipped beam, but the Headlight...
  7. J19WMK

    [T6] Ignition Live wiring at fusebox

    I’ve seen so many posts asking about wiring in an IGN cable. And to be honest it was really easy. I grabbed a cheap multimeter and done some checks, now my Solar & DCDC charger is wired in for me smart alternator. 5 minute job.
  8. J19WMK

    Wiring IGN Cable for DC to DC Charger - HELP

    Hi everyone, In the interest of saving myself some time and money; Can any help with “piggy-backing” a IGN cable for a DC to DC charger from the fuse box under the dash? Thanks
  9. M

    Ignition Live cable under the seat?

    Does anyone know if there is an “Ignition Live” or a “Engine Running Live” under the passenger seat or drivers seat of my VW T6 Kombi Twin Slider with Tow Bar? I’d rather not pick up from under dash fuse box, if there is one here available. TIA
  10. Dickie W

    Fuse tapping for stage prior to ignition live?

    Afternoon all, I know the upper middle row of mini fuses in the internal fusebox are ignition switched. Does anyone know if there's a slot that will be live when the key is tuned partially and not fully to ignition please?
  11. Mic71

    T6.1 ign/live in the drivers’ door loom?

    Does anyone know if there is an ignition supply feed I can pick up In the drivers door? Because I would like to put a wireless charging base in the top pocket of the door card.
  12. Salty Spuds

    Making USB & 12V sockets ignition controlled

    We have just swapped our phones & the new ones have Magsafe wireless charging. They don't fit into our existing Brodit holders, so this is my plan:- Modify the existing Brodit holders to take a Magsafe wireless charging "puck" like these...
  13. Dave512

    Ignition Staying On [Resolved]

    Hi All, I'm having an issue that has just started regarding the ignition. Basically when I turn the key to the off position and remove the key everything stops as should be. However, after a flicker on the dash the ignition is showing as on; as if the key was in position 1 for ignition. The...
  14. G

    CTE D250SE ignition cables

    Hi all, I am currently trying to fit the CTEK D250SE to my T6 and I’m hoping for some clarity on the ignition cables. I have a dual purpose flooded lead-acid leisure battery and am wondering do I fit the black ignition cable to ground and the red to the fuse board or is that only for AGM...
  15. Petegoss

    Ignition Live capacity

    How many components can I safely power from one ignition live feed? Currently I have tapped into my radio ignition live with a 5A fuse This then goes to a small fuse board/block whigh is then distributed as the ignition live for: 300W roof light bar 2x 54W rear light bar 2x Heated seats Is...
  16. T

    Permanent 12v under passenger seat?

    Hi, I have a T6 with a factory-fitted leisure battery under the passenger seat. Does anyone know if, in this configuration, there is a permanent 12v from the starter battery available under the passenger seat? I know there commonly is, but I'm not sure if the fact I have a factory leisure...
  17. Jay

    Accessory live under the seat?

    Looking for an accessory live. Any of these under the seat? Fitting roof mounted monitor and needs permenant (sorted) live and switched live.
  18. Cali

    T6.1 Ignition live fuse

    Hi, all new to this, so apologies for any errors in posting. I have a new t6.1 kombi 199, but no fuse box layout. Looking for an ignition live fuse I can piggy back off of for a dash cam etc, the fitted 12v sockets are all permanent live. Was going to look for daytime running the lights fuse...
  19. Pauly

    T6.1 VW T6.1 Fusebox/Fuse Chart SC - Dashboard 05/2019

    Fuse Chart/Listing For Fuse Holder SC - Drivers Side Dashboard Located inside the dash by steering wheel/light switch, this fusebox powers the majority of the interior and convenience circuits VIP Membership is required to download this document Below is a sample image of part of the document
  20. M

    Ignition fuse

    Hi All, i have a 18 plate T6 and i am looking for a spare ignition feed from the fuse box, a