ignition live

  1. G

    CTE D250SE ignition cables

    Hi all, I am currently trying to fit the CTEK D250SE to my T6 and I’m hoping for some clarity on the ignition cables. I have a dual purpose flooded lead-acid leisure battery and am wondering do I fit the black ignition cable to ground and the red to the fuse board or is that only for AGM...
  2. Petegoss

    Ignition Live capacity

    How many components can I safely power from one ignition live feed? Currently I have tapped into my radio ignition live with a 5A fuse This then goes to a small fuse board/block whigh is then distributed as the ignition live for: 300W roof light bar 2x 54W rear light bar 2x Heated seats Is...
  3. T

    Permanent 12v under passenger seat?

    Hi, I have a T6 with a factory-fitted leisure battery under the passenger seat. Does anyone know if, in this configuration, there is a permanent 12v from the starter battery available under the passenger seat? I know there commonly is, but I'm not sure if the fact I have a factory leisure...
  4. Jay

    Accessory live under the seat?

    Looking for an accessory live. Any of these under the seat? Fitting roof mounted monitor and needs permenant (sorted) live and switched live.
  5. Cali

    T6.1 Ignition live fuse

    Hi, all new to this, so apologies for any errors in posting. I have a new t6.1 kombi 199, but no fuse box layout. Looking for an ignition live fuse I can piggy back off of for a dash cam etc, the fitted 12v sockets are all permanent live. Was going to look for daytime running the lights fuse...
  6. M

    Ignition fuse

    Hi All, i have a 18 plate T6 and i am looking for a spare ignition feed from the fuse box, a
  7. Stooble

    12v socket switched live

    Hi all, what's the simplest way of changing the 12v socket on top of the dash on a T6 from permanent live to switched with the ignition. Many thanks..
  8. T6Jay

    T6.1 Ignition Feed for Renogy B2B

    Does anyone know where I can get this? Is it the same as the T6?
  9. Ed Webb

    TV Locations and Setups.

    Looking and weighing up the best options for tv in the van. Ideally looking for the standard freeview channels. There are the 12v TVs or some laptops/tablets with apps. Use this thread to show us what exactly you use and where/how it's set up. I'm talking flipdown, swing bracket, tablets on...
  10. J

    B 2 B Ignition Feed?

    Help Please... 'engine run' feed? Probably wrong place to ask, (sorry), but newbie here. I have a 2018 T6 Panel van, trying to fit an Schaudt WA 121525 B to B charger ... Schaudt have told me directly that I must have an 'engine run' feed. Tested the rear of main light switch - there are NO...
  11. Tezzzhead

    Ignition Fuse Box

    Hello I'm trying to fing an ignition live under the dash board. I've read that the center fuse board is all ignition live under the dash by the passenger side. So I've wired up my ctek and am getting 11.7 volts out of all of the fuse holes that are spare. Is that right? 11.7 volts when off...
  12. Deaky

    Ignition Live Until Key Is Removed

    Upper right hand column of fuses, 5th down 5a. :thumbsup::)
  13. Ryan-315

    First Day.... First Question!

    So I'm in the process of fitting airride to me 2016 highline. I need a switch live. Id like to not interfere with the loom. Iv read lots about taking from the middle row of the fuse box with a piggy back fuse. The problem i am having is when I'm checking the fuses with a multi meter they show...
  14. tim_T6

    Replacing 12v Constant with Ignition Live?

    I've got a dash cam to install in my T6, it's a fairly simple system, receives power from a 12v source, and turns on/starts recording when it receives power, and turns off when it doesn't. Unfortunately I found out this morning that both 12v ports in the cabin are constant live, meaning the...