1. S

    Shream Pop-Top roof?

    Looking at a t6 2018 highline, new conversion done in Germany, I was advised by a friend who has a t6 to check what make the pop up roof is , it's a shream (excuse the spelling maybe wrong but it's how it's pronounced) anybody know anything about these if any good etc? As the conversion was...
  2. Skyliner33

    Oktoberfest, Munich. 2022

    Anyone on here going this year? Is it any good?
  3. Ayjay

    Camping in Southern Germany and Austria - Late August

    We're planning on heading to Croatia in the van for our late summer road trip and current thinking is going through the tunnel on 22 August and driving across France via the 'Reims route' to Germany, Austria and Slovenia. I've lost count of the number of times that I've been to Germany but I've...
  4. U

    On Route Stopovers to Bavaria

    We will shortly be embarking on an adventure to Germany doing the Romantic Route over 11 days, Can anyone suggest where to stop over for a night after our tunnel crossing from Calais say a max of 2.5 to 3 hrs drive away and where to stopover on route to Würzburg the start of the romantic road...
  5. CAB

    When in Hannover....

    Look at VWs! No business today, so wandering round and found the VW stand. Old and New Nothing special on the Buzz apart from the light bar, not sure if it is a serious offering as a command vehicle, but the info implies it Transporter Crafter And to finish, a couple of...
  6. U

    The Romantic Road Germany

    Can anyone help us please, We have 9 days to try and do the romantic road in Germany from Wuzberg to Fussen, we will be traveling early Sat morning from the midlands for a midday channel tunnel crossing returning the following Sunday midday and then need to get back to the midlands for the...
  7. Oldrat

    A month or so away in Germany

    If you are thinking of where to go then I can well recommend southern Germany. We are 3/4 of the way through our 5 week trip in our “Grand Crafter” which is performing fabulously- twin Maxxair fans are pretty much controlling the 31deg temps here (one in one out). We started off through the...
  8. bethamari

    European campsite recommendations? France/Germany/Italy

    Hi, We're planning a little break later this year - late July/early August time. We'll be travelling with our two dogs (a lab and golden retriever) and were looking at doing the Eurotunnel then some campsites in France, Germany and Italy. Would like to do Switzerland but seems like we'd need...
  9. andy greenwood

    Europe roadtrip - Switz/Austria/Germany

    Hi , we are planning a trip to Europe in July 2022. We only have 2 weeks to do it due to work holidays. We want to spend a few days in Switzerland at Jungfrau & then head to Austria for a few days and then into Bavaria. I have not drove in Europe since 2003 so I'm after advice please, what...
  10. S

    Import tax from Germany??

    Hi, can someone help please. If l buy a set of wheels of Ebay from Germany will l have an import duty/tax to pay. I have heard differing opinions. Thanks.
  11. Ian28

    Scandinavia Ideas Please

    Hi, Planning a 'pilgrimage' with my son to the Nick Cave exhibition in Copenhagen this summer in my T6 and wondered if anyone could offer any travel tips for the region? Trip will be a week-ish and I'll start by sailing Newcastle to Amsterdam and then driving up through Germany etc. Probably...
  12. Oldrat

    Germany In June, Who’s Been

    Research is just gearing up! We are just booking the Eurotunnel, and having nearly three weeks at the end of June in that there Europe. (Driving permits organised) So Where should I take me new campervan. We are thinking of Bavaria, the romantic road, castles and Rivers? We use...
  13. D

    Travel To Croatia

    we are in southern Germany at the moment and fancy finding a campsite in Croatia for a week by the sea. We don’t want to go too far south as we will need to go home and can’t really seem to find anything that ticks our boxes on the internet. We want somewhere with a few bars and restaurants...

    Vw Assistant....

    I know a lot of people have a good moan about VW ASSISTANT..... But I can’t praise them enough ........ On my travels to Poland after doing the first 660 miles being in the middle of Germany . The engine light come on , I carried on driving until I could find somewhere safe to pullover...
  15. C

    Rhine Tour

    Has anyone done a Rhine tour of 7-10 days in their van ? Going in Sept and wondered if I could see your itinerary/campsites etc, taking the tunnel.....cheers
  16. Pauly

    VW T6 Factory @ Hannover

    Following on from what @carlg mentioned in the delays thread Got me thinking about some videos i watched a while back on you tube looking at production lines and processes of T6 manufacturing, if you havent seen them before and have 20 minutes to kill i think they are worth a watch