VW T6 Factory @ Hannover


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Following on from what @carlg mentioned in the delays thread
Got some good news today,I have got a date to go to the factory in hannover
It's the same week as my build ,that would be good to see my van coming down the line .

I read it on a vw California forum ,that they had been there .I couldn't find how to get on the tour .So I emailed the car factory as they do tours and asked if it was possible to go to hannover .They forwarded my email to hannover and they came back to me .But then when I said we were English and gave her the date we wanted to go ,she said they didn't have an English tour on that date .
So tried the sob story telling her I had waited 8 months for my van and we were in Germany and it was the only time we could come .so Thursday 1St of September is tour day .
If any one wants details let me know ,it's free to go

Got me thinking about some videos i watched a while back on you tube looking at production lines and processes of T6 manufacturing, if you havent seen them before and have 20 minutes to kill i think they are worth a watch