1. P


    Need some advice please ,I have a lpg underlying gas tank with BBQ POINT, I'm looking at the cadac safari chef 30 (previously 2) do I need the low pressure or high pressure bbq to connect directly to the gas tank
  2. T6wannabee

    Underslung gas tank and tow bar

    Hi all so our camper is now underway to being built or will be very soon and we have opte for a underslung gas tank and bbq point. only now I’m having a melt down because later down the line we are wanting to fit a detachable tow bar fitted . Is this going to hinder this.
  3. C

    Gas Bottle Storage and Gas Lockers and Regulations

    Hello everyone, I am part way through converting a LWB Panel Van to Camper. I am trying to get my head around storing the gas bottle. I have read the various threads on the subject on this forum but they don't nail down my problem. I read in various places that I need a metal gas locker with a...
  4. JonriceT6

    Underslung gas or onboard gas?

    Hi. I am currently awaiting my full conversion but thought about having an underslung gas tank to feed the hob and an external bbq point. Are there any negatives to having this rather than the usual onboard gas bottle? Any feedback would help.
  5. Heath1984

    Cooker gas leak

    Hi all Has anyone had an issue with gas leaking from a can fl hob after installing. I must admit the pipe doesn’t fit anywhere near snug to the can pipe so even tightening the jubilee probably isn’t sealing it properly. I’m now wondering whether I’m missing a fitting? Help is appreciated Thanks
  6. Stay Frosty

    907 bottle empty horror...

    Just stood there waiting for the kettle to boil... It's 7:40 am... waited a bit more... Bollards, gas bottle has farted it's last! Sooo any ideas where I can get a Camping Gaz 907 refill on the IOW on Easter Sunday... in all fairness given current world events I'm not expecting a "Speedy...
  7. Paynewright

    FREE Calor Gas Bottle 7kg

    Anyone want a calor bottle for free - no paperwork? I’ve read these can be exchanged for smaller bottles. Collection at Broughton Astley.
  8. wbuchan

    Gastore gas sensor - open circuit

    I have a Gastore underslung gas tank. The control / level meter in the van is giving me an open circuit warning light for the gas level sensor. Image attached. Should the needle be registering part full when it's disconnected from the tank and electrics? (even writing this down makes it sound...
  9. N

    Underslung gas regulator leak [Resolved]

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I have an underslung LPG tank for hob and oven. I have started smelling gas on the outside of the van when the gas has been switched on from the controller/guage inside the van. When it is turned off there is no smell of gas. I am happy that the...
  10. Jason Kew

    907 gas refill cost

    Hello super T6'ers How much are you paying for your 907 camping gas refill?.. I was charged £36 earlier.. last your that got me a 7.5kg refill.. Falls off chair...
  11. Bynxy

    Underslung Gas tank 4motion

    Any one put an underslung gas tank in the spare wheel well of the spare wheel well of a 4motion T6 as I am looking at getting it done save a bit of space inside the van and have a BBQ connection outside
  12. Billybz

    Wanted Camping Gas (in Wirral)

    Hi does anyone know we’re I can get a campingaz 907 bottle. I live on the wirral and most places I ve phoned want an empty bottle, they seem to only be refilling. Help
  13. P

    Underslung Gas Tank - Ferries

    Hi - I've just bought a new VW Camper with an underslung LPG tank. The dealer said that I should never need to turn off the LPG tank, at the tank itself, since the 'Gastore' button in the van isolates the gas tank. Just wondering if anyone has had issues when boarding a ferry, that turning off...
  14. Vdubster

    Gas/Co2 Alarm active all the time? will it drain the battery?

    I have just installed a CBE LPG ad CO2 detector/alarm, for some reason i thought it might be battery powered but its 12v, would i be safe to assume this is to be on 24/7? and in turn will this not drain my battery or would the power consumption of it be to low for it to matter? i think its...
  15. M

    Gas, Water and Heater Underslung

    Hi, just planning conversation (first post here), looking to fit small LPG, water tank and propex heater all underslung in T6 LWB. Heater to go in usual place. Question I have is are the any examples out there of doing this? Trying to find the correct tanks etc. Everyone seems to have done LPG...
  16. P

    Filling a underslung LPG tank up from a Propane Callor Gas canister

    Hi we are having a underslung LPG tank fitted by propex in a couple of weeks time. I saw in a forum and I cant remember for the life of me which one a discussion about LPG being phased out. Someone said that if the worst comes to the worst you could still using the underslung for storage by...
  17. Bynxy

    Water or Gas

    I now have a space were the spare wheel used to be so my question is would you put an underslung fresh water tank or an underslung LPG tank ? And why?
  18. A

    4Motion - Underslung gas thoughts?

    Hello, So I'm currently in the process of converting our T32 SWB 4Motion into a Swamper camper and all currently is going good and to plan.... so far. Touch wood. i know there isn't a space to mount the LPG tank under the vehicle as standard due to the Diff being in the desired mounting...
  19. Oldrat

    How do you locate auto gas suppliers when touring?

    Currently touring Scotland (Stranraer) and finding that the internet doesn’t always tell the truth when searching for autogas. It keeps throwing bog standard petrol stations into the results. To complicate matters, there’s plenty of bottled gas suppliers too but these are not often...
  20. I

    New conversion - Underslung LPG tank v Refillable 907 Gas Cylinders

    Hi all - so I’ve currently specified my future camper build to have a 907 cylinder for the hob / BBQ point plus a Webasto diesel night heater. Always having diesel available to heat the van is a good thing I think. But with space at a premium (would like to store a porta potti somewhere) I’m...