fuel gauge not reading

  1. DubbedOut

    T6.1 Fuel Gauge Not Showing As Full

    Twice now we have filled our T6.1 up and both times left it until the diesel pump clicked off. When I jumped in I expected to see the gauge reading full, but it's always showing one black line off of the top one. Is this normal or is there something I need to have looked at? Do you think the...
  2. B

    Fuel gauge and engine defective after refill

    Hi everyone, hope you can help please. I have a 2016 t6 caravelle and filled her up with diesel this evening along with 8 litres of ad blue as the dash was telling me to fill up a max of 9.5ltr of ad blue. Put the diesel in where the diesel is to go and also the ad blue where the ad blue is to...
  3. C

    Fuel gauge not registering

    Our 2017 T28 is no longer registering the fuel gauge since we dropped the fuel tank to fit a diesel heater. We don't think that it is the sender unit float arm broken as if it was a mechanical fault it would surely show full or empty or stay at a fixed level. Whereas, since it is not showing...
  4. J

    Fuel Gauge fault after fitting night-heater

    So over the weekend I dropped the tank to fit a dip tube/standpipe for my diesel heater. Put it all in no issues, bolted the tank back up. Started up the van several times and noticed that i had 100 extra miles of range. Thought my dip tube must be fouling the float arm so pulled it back to...
  5. J

    T6 fuel gauge stopped working

    Had T6 a week (66 plate) I have removed front seats and fitted pop top roof and now fuel gauge has stopped registering startline clocks if that makes any difference thanks in advance
  6. A

    fuel gauge not working after fitting swivel base.

    Hi there I bought a brand new pre reg T6 a few weeks ago to convert. I've had the dash out to run the B2B and had the passenger seat base out, altered the wires and fitted a swivel base. the problem I’m now having is the fuel gage isn’t working! I've removed the base and checked for trapped...
  7. Joblue

    Faulty Fuel Gauge

    I don't know if anyone can help, the fuel gauge was showing a quarter of a tank of fuel then a warning flashed up saying 55 miles left to go. I went to a garage and filled the tank 62 litres when I restarted the fuel gauge was only up to three quarters full. Today I drove 160 miles and the...
  8. J

    Fuel Gauge Not Working And Component Protection.

    hello, I have a 2015 T6 T28 180BHP DSG.. I have a few issues that need sorting on it, the first is that the fuel gauge doesn’t work. I’ve had the tank off and checked the sender unit (it looked fine) I’ve also tried another sender unit and still didn’t work? Checked the wiring from the tank to...
  9. Glenn Board

    Fuel Gauge Not Registering

    run the van to empty, filled up with fuel and not registering, still showing gauge empty and 0 range, any ideas. Please as I know I put the fuel in?
  10. Janis

    Fuel Gauge defective

    Hi is any hawe before problem with fuel gauge my not works and wonder is problem is in tank unit needs be changed or can be adjusted??? thanks
  11. Davenjo

    Fuel Gauge always showing full

    When I first got my van I had an issue with the fuel gauge sticking on full - at the time I had been driving on some very steep roads in the Lake District and figured that it was down to the tank float (or whatever is in there) somehow getting stuck at the top of the tank when the van was at an...