footwell lights

  1. S

    SaxoBoy: Glove box light and footwell lights

    Hi All T6 Nutz, Just like to say thank you to Saxoboy ( Matt ) for putting together Glove box and Foot well lighting kits that are easy to fit and make me feel more like i have a High Line ( VW tight arses ) The prices for his kits are very reasonable, and easy to fit. All the Best Steve
  2. saxoboy

    For Sale LED Footwell Lighting kits

    Hi Guys, I have finally got around to creating an LED Footwell Light Kit….it comes with intensive instructions and all the bits and pieces for you to connect it into your van….all you need are the tools to fit it…..brute will and a crimper! I’m after £27 per kit which, as always includes...
  3. C

    Courtesy Lights

    Can i wire courtesy lights in footwell into light switch on t6
  4. Dellmassive

    Cab Ambient "mood Lighting" Under-dash - How I Done It -

    Cab Ambient "Mood Lighting" Under-Dash - How I Done It - This Thread continues where this one left off . . . . . Cab Ambient Lighting (factory Mod) - How I Done It - ..... On the previous thread we looked fitting the OEM roof light fitting, to replace it with an OEM unit with added RED...
  5. Dellmassive

    Cab Ambient Lighting (factory Mod) - How I Done It -

    Cab Ambient Lighting (factory mod) - How I done it - The lower dash LED lighting had already been done before thanks to the forum shop & @Pauly , which can be seen here: . so i though i would give the OEM style RED LED ambient lighting a go . . . . There are a few threads on T6F...
  6. Adams

    Factory Ambient/footwell Lighting

    so, onto the next mod and I need you help again please gents Who’s got the factory ambient lighting (door cards, footwell) I want to install them in the same way they are from factory, which gives the footwell lights an independent feed, so I theory controllable rather than just connected to...
  7. Deaky

    Footwell lighting

    I decided to add some more footwell lights behind the seats today and change where they all connect. There are no readymade cut outs on the seat plastics so I had to cut my own The lights came with a template, I cut it with my Dremmel then the light clipped in. When I fitted the lights...
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