footwell lights

  1. P

    Sold Front steps entry-lights

    Hoping for some help with some entry lights for the driver/passenger steps as I cant find an answer. I have the standard factory footwell lights which work off the courtesy circuit I assume as they go off when you put the ignition on. Can I tap of this and just run a feed directly to the step...
  2. J

    T6.1 footwell lights very dim

    As per the title our T6.1 standard LED footwell lights are very dim. Almost, there is no point them being there. I thought it was maybe an issue with the van but we have another on fleet and it is exactly the same. Is there anyway of upping these either by wiring changes or coding? They can't...
  3. 360ian

    T6.1 Ambient lighting retrofits?

    Hi guys, Im finally a Transporter owner as of last week after wanting one since I was about 15! After picking up my 2021 plate T6.1 from Manchester last week, on the 200 mile drive back down to Somerset I noticed how dark it was in the cab compared to my other drive, an Audi A3. I have been...
  4. Stupot67

    Sold No Footwell lights

    I didn’t see any similar thread but I dont seem to have any footwell lights. Just blanked off on driver and passenger side. Does anyone know if the cabling will be behind? 2018 Transporter S. thanks.
  5. A

    California footwell light vendor

    Hi guys I have one broken footwell light in my 2019 California does anyone have one knocking about they would sell and if not where would I get one for a sensible price :) Thanks
  6. Pauly

    T6.1 Footwell Lights (Front & Rear) Wiring Diagram 2019

    Front and rear footwell lights wiring diagram VIP Membership is required to download this document
  7. Pauly

    T6.1 Footwell Lights (Front) Wiring Diagram 2019

    Front footwell lights wiring diagram VIP Membership is required to download this document
  8. Seanieke

    T6.1 Footwell lights - keeping them on.

    Evening all. Just got a new T6.1 & while moving it across the yard with the rear door open, the interior footwell lights stayed on, and I liked it!! No glare on the glass. Is there a way of keeping them on without driving with the door open?!
  9. S

    SaxoBoy: Glove box light and footwell lights

    Hi All T6 Nutz, Just like to say thank you to Saxoboy ( Matt ) for putting together Glove box and Foot well lighting kits that are easy to fit and make me feel more like i have a High Line ( VW tight arses ) The prices for his kits are very reasonable, and easy to fit. All the Best Steve
  10. saxoboy

    For Sale LED Footwell Lighting kits

    Hi Guys, I have finally got around to creating an LED Footwell Light Kit….it comes with intensive instructions and all the bits and pieces for you to connect it into your van….all you need are the tools to fit it…..brute will and a crimper! I’m after £27 per kit which, as always includes...
  11. Dellmassive

    Cab Ambient "mood Lighting" Under-dash - How I Done It -

    Cab Ambient "Mood Lighting" Under-Dash - How I Done It - This Thread continues where this one left off . . . . . Cab Ambient Lighting (factory Mod) - How I Done It - ..... On the previous thread we looked fitting the OEM roof light fitting, to replace it with an OEM unit with added RED...
  12. Dellmassive

    Cab Ambient Lighting (factory Mod) - How I Done It -

    Cab Ambient Lighting (factory mod) - How I done it - The lower dash LED lighting had already been done before thanks to the forum shop & @Pauly , which can be seen here: . so i though i would give the OEM style RED LED ambient lighting a go . . . . There are a few threads on T6F...
  13. Adams

    Factory Ambient/footwell Lighting

    so, onto the next mod and I need you help again please gents Who’s got the factory ambient lighting (door cards, footwell) I want to install them in the same way they are from factory, which gives the footwell lights an independent feed, so I theory controllable rather than just connected to...
  14. kiter

    Footwell Lighting feed

    Hey folks Attempting to fit the above, have searched the various other posts but I am still coming un stuck. The units are installed, identifed the earth in the footwell but I'm really struggling to know which fuse to piggy back off for the live. Like them to be on all the time as I'm used to...
  15. Deaky

    Footwell lighting

    I decided to add some more footwell lights behind the seats today and change where they all connect. There are no readymade cut outs on the seat plastics so I had to cut my own The lights came with a template, I cut it with my Dremmel then the light clipped in. When I fitted the lights...
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  17. Pauly

    Adding footwell lighting

    I am in the process of adding footwell lights to my van and seems like its pretty easy to do, im looking at making up some plugs/cables to make it plug and play with no wire cutting/joining just factory connectors for everything. Wondering if this would interest anyone else as before i fit it to...
  18. R

    Sliding-Door Step Light Connection [Merge]

    My sliding door step light is not wired up :-(. Any thoughts where I can best take an appropriate feed from that is switched by the sliding door? To be a little clearer - I believe that I need to pick up the permeant 12v - red/black ?? and the Convenience Module Ground - brown/black?? Any...