focal speakers


    New speaker x/over - use the same wiring?

    Hi just got focal component speakers they come with crossovers but I wanna know if I can use the old tweeter connectors and use them on the new ones ? Thx
  2. Sturge

    Sold Focal ISVW165 Speaker kit

    I bought this kit for my son's car, but it was the wrong thing. I believe it may be suitable for the T6.1 according to the box. It is the Focal IS VW 165 kit. It has never been fitted and cost £160 ish. It is a kit like this one...
  3. T

    Focal iBUS 2.1

    Hello, I've just purchased a Focal iBUS 2.1 to fit into my T6.1 Highline Kombi. Does anybody have any experience of these and could suggest the best pace to fit it in the van? (It has two single seats in the front). Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
  4. C

    Alpine vs Focal Speakers, anyone been able to compare?

    I've just installed a Focal amplifier and the 200mm Focal speakers with T6 mounting kit into my van. The good: 1. The tweeters are pretty nice. Much less fatiguing than the OEM ones. The bad: 1. The woofers are pretty poor. Very boomy and lose composure when turned up loud (I've used the...
  5. Alan Croft

    Sound Upgrade On A Budget

    Hey guys, So would like a bit more from the vans sound system. Mine is a 2016 Kombi with the standard satnav headunit. I want to keep this as it does what I want but I would like a little bit more sound quality. Without spending £££’s is there a route that people have done? I’ve been keeping an...
  6. Strange Al

    New Speakers?

    Looking for advice on upgrading my speakers as part of my conversion adventure. Now I love a good tune, but won't be heading down to Tesco's on a Friday night anytime soon to see if I can drown out the boy racers with my excellent (read 'eclectic') song choices. Aiming for a budget of £200 -...
  7. A Brown

    Ice Install, Wiring Routes And Oe Connections

    Hi all, I'm about to install a half decent ICE set up but after a lot of searches I can't find some information that may help speed things up, so if anyone can help me out that would be very much appreciated, I'll list the questions I have below! I've spent quite a while gathering some good...
  8. Keaney

    Focal Speaker Upgrade From Skipton - Sound Deadening

    I have a focal speaker upgrade coming tomorrow for the T6 and just wondered who else has maybe fitted this or applied he sound deadening to the t6 doors. Any pics of what they did would be great... last time I did this was on my caddy and put it everywhere!
  9. Dellmassive

    Audio Upgrade Stage-1 . . . . Blam Relax 200rs Speakers From Skipton.

    Audio upgrade Stage-1 . . . . BLAM Relax 200RS speakers from Skipton. As the title says, so i thought i would bring you along for the ride . . . . . . . . . stage 1 was to sound deaden the doors and door cards and fit the new 8" speakers and tweeters. stage2 will be fitting the amps and sub ...
  10. Keaney

    T6 GSV - Build Post

    After owning the van since Sept 2017 things will start to ramp up this year: Judd t311r 20” alloys - thanks to Paul at Tamar Sportline splitter - thanks to Elliot and travelinlite and Baz at c&s coachworks Abp suspension with Accuair Elevel - getting fitted by the install company early Feb...
  11. Chrisfraser05

    I need some help from you guys, a measurement!

    Hey guys, don't like to ask but its better than asking the wife lol I am stuck on an oil rig and planning my ICE. I don't want to give the game away by asked her at home but I am wondering if I can fit a Sub box under the 2+1 seat. The larger space in the middle is used when we are camping...
  12. Twoguns

    Focal Speakers

    Has anyone got or have experience with Focal speakers? My conversion company has suggested having the following but didn't have a van with the set up at the time of my visit to demo them. Focal PS165F front speakers and Tweeters. Focal PC100 4in Rear Speakers in speaker pods. Focal FD 4.350...