1. Mikey2ooo

    Wanted Inserts for cab floor

    Looking for inserts after converting from a double bench to a single captains which has now left two bolt holes does anyone know where I can get some covers or screw in inserts
  2. G

    Team Karndean

    Putting in an order for my floor today so no pics as yet but will be coming soon! I've seen some great floors (@Ads_Essex , @JaySal, @Rapt0rUK ) from other threads and thought be good to pull them together and be a good place to post advice/tips in one easy to find place.
  3. J

    Flooring options

    Hi All, new to the group! Currently looking at options for the flooring. I have sound proofed the floor and purchased the deeper side steps but I’m unsure on what thickness batons and ply flooring I should use? also looking at floor finishes ideally need something waterproof and dark...
  4. J

    For Sale VW t6 kombi interior - Leighton vans

    So I’m new to the group and not 100% what this lots worth. I’ve been advised I can get around £1000 for it But not sure so make me an offer. contact me on 07903360416 comes with... R line leather triple kombi seats seats belts. VW OEM flooring. Anchor points, covers and bolts seat anchor point...
  5. huw169

    VanDemon 3mm rubber floor coverings?

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone has used these coverings? 3mm thick. I have a Shuttle with the carpet, but it really doesn't suit our lifestyle. I mountain bike, and we are beach people, so the carpet will very quickly get ruined. I'm contemplating a cover over the whole rear area, but...
  6. Bigsidavies

    Ply floor lining thickness.

    Has anyone used 9mm ply to line their floor for a camper conversion I’ve put down 9mm batons and dodo mat in between which works out same overall height. mum about to cover in 6mm dodo liner before I ply line. I’ve put down my original 9mm Floor and there doesn’t seem to be any movement. I’m...
  7. B

    Replacing caravelle carpet with vinyl (2017)

    So here is my step by step on how I removed the carpet in a 2017 caravelle and replace it with IVC black bamboo vinyl..in the process I also added additional sound deadening, insulation and some cables for 240v and 12v sockets..the job is fairly straight forward but this is not a basic DIY job I...
  8. andy banes

    harder wood flooring that looks a bit smarter

    hi i use my swb t6 as a van and transport heavy ish motorbikes in the back they sit in their stands. i currently have a ply lined floor is there something a bit prettier perhaps in black thats as hard wearing maybe even cut to shape for a swb?
  9. simonnwt6

    Vinyl floor pre install Q

    Hi all, Vinyl floor has arrived but I cannot find a clear answer for a van install to avoid "stretch". If thats even something happens in vans. My ply floor is 1 piece so plan is to remove and adhere the full vinyl in the garden on some saw horses( no room inside) then once on trim. Questions...
  10. B@rrow

    floor liner ideas

    2017 , Just thinking of options for rear floor. Sides and ceiling are done need to move onto the floor now and take the pain to get the rock ‘n’ roll bed fitted. options 1) VW rubber load liner, I will need to get a swb van version so it doesn’t have the seat holes. Or 2) insulate ply line and...
  11. L

    Altro flooring or something else?

    I have a carpet fitted to my van which is now pretty dirty and past saving. What’s the best flooring to use in the back of a day van / camper..also the best place to buy it. Price conscious and his is it stuck down if you go the Altro route?

    Let’s see your flooring PLEASE!

    We really fancy a oak style flooring in the van. all flooring pics are welcome! We currently have the kombi load lining in! Cheers in advance callum
  13. Bobbych

    Ply Floor Template. T6.1

    So, just started my ply floor. Made an exact template from cardboard and hot glue. Will then make a 3mm MDF full size floor which will be my master template for the future. I will use this to make my 12mm ply floor.
  14. Skyliner33

    Looking For Aluminium Trim For Front Edge Of Floor

    Basically like the strip in this pic. Any ideas especially with links appreciated.
  15. D

    Ply Flooring Recommendations

    Hi all I’m looking for recommendations for companies to supply a plywood floor for a T6, based in the northeast, already wasted money buying a very poor fitting one off eBay, I’ve seen a few camper conversion companies doing some really good ones but they don’t post and are to far away.. any...
  16. CJ_T6-red

    For Sale Ply Floor For Swb T6

    For sale a 12mm ply floor for a SWB T6. Was fitted but realised with the floating floor I put under it, it was too tall. Had to get the 9mm. Has been trimmed to fit with the carpeting and has light dried glue on it. £20. Location Basingstoke. Collection only.
  17. Martin Gibson

    Sold Kombi Items

    Hello,ideal for anyone doing a panel van to kombi conversion. I have the following items for sale. 2 plus 1 rear seats in full red and black leather,unused and stored in the house since retrim costing nearly £1000,all floor brackets,tie down points and bolts. All items from a 2018 twin slider...
  18. Mr blue

    Just To Check

    When buying the vinyl Altro flooring for a swb t6 2metre x2.5metre will it be enough ? thanks
  19. Markymark

    Which Sikaflex

    Having a crisis of confidence! which of the many Sikaflex/Sikabond adhesive/sealants do folk recommend for sticking the batons to the metal floor before fixing new plywood floor? cheers Mark
  20. L

    Urgent Help

    I'm currently fitting my floor to my t6 I've got a 8mm MDF veneers with an additional 1mm oak either side (10mm floor total) Do I need to lay batons?... Can I not just bond it directly to the metal corrogations of the van floor?? The mdf/oak will be sealed with an oil. Thankyou for any...