ferry crossing - vehicle type

  1. dandan88

    The ferry rip-off merchants

    Guys Has anyone booked the bus as a Caravelle on the ferry?? I can have it for £99 if it’s a velle… but if it’s a transporter then it’s £220 how is that even possible?? Shall I just do the velle?? What they gonna say… where’s your logbook? It’s the same everything as a Caravelle except two...
  2. Pete C

    Heads up - Port of Dover delays

    In case anyone going abroad hasn’t seen this, there are massive delays at Dover today, and presumably for the rest of the summer. Posted for info only #nopolitics Pete
  3. GS1980

    T6 V5 Regarding Ferry Crossings

    Hi, was wondering if anyone has any info on the following.... I’m looking at doing the WAW later on in the year. Now I’ve got a T6 day van and I’ve never changed the V5. Looking at prices for the ferry it’s £100 more expensive to travel in a van rather than a camper. To look at my van you would...
  4. A

    Bike Racks On Ferries

    Before I went on my annual Sept jaunt round Europe the other week I fitted a Fiamma T6 Pro, which I’m well happy with, with the intention of putting EMTB and table and chairs on it while travelling. As I’d already booked the ferry as a “car under 5m” though, I put all of that inside while...
  5. Shaun Witts

    Hull To Rotterdam Ferry Booking

    What are folk, who take their converted vans on this ferry route, stating as their vehicle type when booking ? The price for a car with the same dimensions as my SWB is half of that for a van!
  6. MikeMc88

    Dfds Ferry From Dover To Dunkirk - Vehicle Type?

    I am looking at prices for the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk and not sure what to class my van as. I am not sure whether to book it as a Car (Under 2.2m x 6m) or Private Van (>4m x 6m) It is a t6 highline panel van with a rear window. The price difference is £140 for car and £240 for van...
  7. P

    Eurotunnel - A Sneaky Little Trick ;)

    Hi All, Not been on for a while but as I have had a bit of trouble before booking my Kombi onto Eurotunnel, I found out earlier this week, a sneaky trick that was suggested by a guy in Eurotunnel's call centre. As usual, VW Transporters don't fall easily into a category and as I have found out...
  8. Gavandi

    Brittany Ferries

    :smile bounce: Hi Folks Am off to France again later in the year. Going to use Brittany Ferries. Anybody got a friends and families code that they are happy to offer to a T6 “Friend”?
  9. J

    Eurotunnel - classification of vehicle...

    Hi All, looking for Advice please on the following: Still in my first year owning my T6 and venturing to France in July. (scary). What do you class the van as for the crossing? ie Van (with trailer for bikes) or motorhome (with trailer)? Have spent ages trying to get through to speak with...