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    New Van Discounts 20%+ BUT ...

    Hi First time poster but long time lurker/researcher, about to press the button on a van to then convert to a camper. Right now a few people posting about high prices and deals hence hope this is useful. I've used cars2buy.co.uk to seek out the keenest prices for on-line car broking...
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    Multivan - order chairs from VW

    I am trying to buy a used T6 Multivan, but most of them have missing chairs. Either the bench is missing and they only have the two captain chairs, or one or both captain chairs are missing and they only have the bench. My question is, if I can't find one with all 7 seats and end up buying one...
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    deposit refund

    HI all just wondered if anyone here has got their deposit back on a factory order. I'm contemplating cancelling my order as obviously everything is badly delayed right now and I've seen some delivery mileage t6.1s cheaper on various dealers websites. By reading my paper work it says its not...
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    First T6 On Order!

    Hi All, I'm Mahul from Peterborough and have just joined the forum. I've been reading the forum for some time to obtain some info etc...which has been very useful and have my first T6 on order which we hope to have in early March'20 - cant wait!! Mahul.
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    Advice needed please!

    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and new to Volkswagen Vans! The forum has been an invaluable resource, so a big thank you everyone. I am about to place a factory order for a new Kombi for a camper conversion. I am finding it hard to decide whether to go for a SWB or LWB. What would more...