factory order

  1. Tomzo

    T6.1 LWB 150 DSG Kombi Highline T32 factory built or panel van conversion ?

    So with thanks to some excellent advice from members of this forum I am going for the above spec. It has been suggested that a conversion can be done at the same sort of cost as a factory ordered kombi. I’m going to having it insulated and carpeted and LED lights installed and getting a carpeted...
  2. O

    How long to make t6.1 shuttle

    Can anyone tell me how long does it take to build a t6.1 at the factory?
  3. S

    T6.1 assembly time

    Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes to assemble a T6.1 from pressing the metal and welding and paint to rolling off the line ? Thanks
  4. Glenn Board

    Anybody managed to order one in LHD

    Hi, I am looking at ordering a new Kombi, but as I live abroad I would prefer LHD, my dealer tells me not possible, butI think it would be, has anybody ever ordered a T6 in their UK with LHD please?
  5. mjn

    Where’s best to buy new?

    I'm ready to upgrade my T5.1 to T6. I've been offered a 10.5% discount with the dealer that supplied my current van with what I think is an excellent trade in price. I've read other threads that people were getting better discount. Who are they?! I suspect that my trade in price would crash...
  6. RealGoneKid

    New Van Discounts 20%+ BUT ...

    Hi First time poster but long time lurker/researcher, about to press the button on a van to then convert to a camper. Right now a few people posting about high prices and deals hence hope this is useful. I've used cars2buy.co.uk to seek out the keenest prices for on-line car broking...
  7. M

    Multivan - order chairs from VW

    I am trying to buy a used T6 Multivan, but most of them have missing chairs. Either the bench is missing and they only have the two captain chairs, or one or both captain chairs are missing and they only have the bench. My question is, if I can't find one with all 7 seats and end up buying one...
  8. C

    deposit refund

    HI all just wondered if anyone here has got their deposit back on a factory order. I'm contemplating cancelling my order as obviously everything is badly delayed right now and I've seen some delivery mileage t6.1s cheaper on various dealers websites. By reading my paper work it says its not...
  9. T

    First T6 On Order!

    Hi All, I'm Mahul from Peterborough and have just joined the forum. I've been reading the forum for some time to obtain some info etc...which has been very useful and have my first T6 on order which we hope to have in early March'20 - cant wait!! Mahul.
  10. Glenn Board

    T6 or T6.1?

    Hi, looking to order a new T6 Kombucha soon, but thinking should I hand on for new model year changes or mild facelift, anybody know if anything going to happen?
  11. Keaney

    SWB vs LWB: Pros and cons

    after speaking to my local stealers he mentioned lwb are privy to higher charges in the ferry. So figured it would be good to list the pros and cons for swb and lwb from what I know and if anyone can add more to the list from their experience please do so. Some are obvious: SWB Pros Easier to...