1. Insert Coin

    Last Bank Holiday Of The Year, Who's Going Where??

    Finally some good weather on the way, it's been awful for us so far this year on every camping trip :( We've got a week booked here - https://www.motheriveysbay.com Let us know where you're off to and attach some pictures to give other members some ideas for next year. :cool:
  2. Lord Mfwic

    Tatton Park Vw Show.

    We are off to Tatton Park Vw show today and just wondering if anyone else is going?
  3. C


    Hi all, Has anyone had any experiences with Funkydubz in Bournemouth at all ? Heading down there over the weekend as they have a surf wagon day van which looks interesting.
  4. Dellmassive

    Summer Weekend T6f Meet 19th-21st July 2019 - Lyndon Top Caravan Site - Le15 8rn

    Summer Weekend T6f Meet 19th-21st July 2019 - Lyndon Top Caravan Site - Le15 8rn Following on from : Caffeine & Machine - July 18th 2019." we have the above, Original posting: Summer Weekend T6f Meet 19th-21st July 2019 - Lyndon Top Caravan Site - Le15 8rn Original contributors : @Fish @Ed...

    Any Body Off To Abenteuer&allrad In Bad Kissingen On The 20th June??

    Home • ABENTEUER & ALLRAD the biggest offroad show/adventure show in the world
  6. Insert Coin

    Stickered Up For Le Mans

    Anybody else making the trip over to Le Mans next week? I thought I 'd join in with tradition and get the van stickered up ready :cool:
  7. Deaky

    T6f Oktoberfest 2019, 18 - 20 October, Craven Arms, Shropshire

    Greenway Touring and Glamping Park Corvedale Road, Shawbank, Craven Arms, Shropshire, England, SY7 9LU Book via pitchup here - Greenway Touring and Glamping Park, Craven Arms, Shropshire THE SITE HAVE NOW AGREED TO CHILDREN OVER THE AGE OF 10 Loads of hardstanding and grass hookup pitches...
  8. RyanGerry

    Vw Shows/events In The South?

    Moving back to the UK next month and me and the family are looking to go to a few events over the summer to get ideas for our T6, having never been to events like this before can anyone point me in the right direction for ones up and coming over the summer in and around the Salisbury area?
  9. Fish

    2of2 Caffeine And Machine June 2020

    Edited post - Caffeine & Machine - July 18th 2019. This is surely to be the event of the year?:thumbsup: I hope this will become a nice little annual meet for T6F! I require 15-20 T6F member vans to be 'Front of House', No I don't want all show vans or trick van, I would like a sample of...
  10. Fish

    1of2 - Caffeine And Machine February 2020

    Right, I am alittle excited about these little beauties....(1 of 2) I have booked two dates for 2020(2019 fully booked!!) The first date is in February, nothing much happening during this month, weather can be hit nn miss but worth a go. This will be a trial run for the main event in...
  11. Fish

    Caffeine & Machine - July 18th 2019.

    Good Evening all. Normally I would have put this post onto the West Midlands meet, however I feel that this will be a special first meet at this location and I have 2 more to follow (See secondary C&M thread) Date - Thursday 18th July 2019 Time - 1700hrs / 2300hrs. Location - Home - Caffeine &...
  12. Dieseldonkey

    Scotland T6 Meet

    Thinking that members on here who live north of the wall are geographically challenged with getting to many of the meets down south. Thought I'd stick a post on to see how many members would be interested in having group meet ups in Scotland. Perhaps once every couple of months. We have some...
  13. Lee newton

    Any Events

    hi is there any events coming up at the end of March at all would love to meet some of members as I’ve just joined today
  14. Fish

    Summer Weekend T6f Meet 19th-21st July 2019 - Lyndon Top Caravan Site - Le15 8rn

    So, basically want to see who would be interested in fourm gathering at a central location. We have one for May and started a winter one last year but for some a summer one might be more appealing. I was thinking that for camping veterans and newbies alike.. that with the (potential) better...
  15. Deaky

    Busfest 6-8 September 2019

    BUSFEST NEWS - JULY 2019 Dare I say it? - This time in two months, it'll be all over! We will be on the pull down week, and in the final few days that it takes to turn our festival grounds into the same condition that we took them over. Some of this below was said in the May News, but there...

    Viva Skegvegas - Lincolnshire

    This is our first booked VW event EVER. me and the misses only live 15mins down the road from revesby estate, so WHOS COMING?! Get a group of us all together in one area camping?!? couldn't find a thread on this event when searching it, so sorry if im in the wrong place.
  17. Mark Howkins

    Vw Show Map 2019

    A. I interactive Map of 2019 VW Shows 11VW Shows Map 2019 - Google My Maps
  18. Mark Howkins

    Camper Jam - 5th - 7th, July 2019 Weston Park, Shropshire

    CJ 2019 Booked! Home is where you park it......can we have a new thread please?
  19. T6 Forum

    Dubs Int' Dales 28-30 Sept 2018 Bedale, North Yorks

    T6 Forum created a new event: Dubs Int' Dales 22-24 Sept 2017 Bedale, North Yorks Read more about this event...
  20. T6 Forum

    Viva Skeg Vegas 17-19 Aug 2018 Revesby, Lincolnshire

    T6 Forum created a new event: Viva Skeg Vegas 18-20 Aug 2017 Revesby, Lincolnshire Read more about this event...