eton speakers

  1. T6 owner

    Sold (eBay) Eton UG VW-T6 F2.1 Speakers

    1 x Pair of little used Eton Plug and Play Speakers for sale. Great speakers, like new. East to fit and work of the Factory Head unit. No Amp needed.
  2. Skyliner33

    Sold ETON UG T6 F2.1 Speakers

    Hi, ISellong a set of Eton UG T6 F2.1 speakers. These are high quality speakers and a fantastic upgrade. Loads of posts about them on the forum. I have removed these speakers from my van. Eton website information These are plug and play. I will also include the rubber cones. All that is...
  3. R

    Should I use speaker-baffles with my Eton’s?

    Hi Guys, I'am upgrading my front door speakers to some Eaton UG VWT6 f2.1 2 way, should I use speaker baffles as well.
  4. Absolut5

    Speaker / Headunit Upgrade packages.

    We have been manufacturing underseat enclosure for Transporters for years, based on a JL Audio 10" sub We are also about to do a active one Many on here are running one...
  5. dejansuc

    T6.1 4Motion Camper-Conversion to carry dogs

    Work in progress... Some pictures and thoughts about converting a brand new T6.1 furgon into campervan.
  6. Skyliner33

    Wiring up an amplifier confusion/ problem.

    What I am trying to achieve. I have got a Discover Media head unit and Eton pnp speakers. I want to add an Audison AP5.9 Bit amplifier. I have also got an Audison Harness: and ani ISO EXTENTION INPUT 260 CM/102" I have fitted the harness to the back of my head unit. and If I plug the 2...
  7. Sabre

    Eton 3-way

    Just had a quick search around the forum but not mentioned, so, just spotted a set of Eton 3-way speakers at Nottingham car audio, for the T5. Any reason this can't be shoehorned into the T6? Seems to have a small speaker below the tweeter in the a pillar? Anyone know it?
  8. A

    Aftermarket Headunits (kenwood) Do

    I have test fitted DNX9180DABS today. At the front I have got Eton 2.1 fitted with some Silencoat to keep vibrations down. The rear speakers are Kenwood coaxial 17cm speakers. Kenwood does not sound as good as basic VW headunit. I have tried all sorts of adjustments, but bass wise Kenwood is...
  9. Skyliner33

    Sold Eton Ug T6 F2.1

    Due to a possible change in direction I am thinking of putting a pair of plug and play Eton speakers up for sale. Plenty on info around on the forum. Please let me know if you are interested in them? Cheers
  10. X

    Kenwood Dnx9180dabs .... Or Similar

    Hi I am increasing frustrated by the poor sound quality of my Discover Media satellite navigation system in the Caravelle and I was wondering about upgrade options for a fully functioning HU that will run all the VW functions. Apart from the above Kenwood model are there any others or is this...
  11. kn0bby

    Eton T6 Speakers, Anyone Running With An Amp?

    Just thinking while I’m doing the install is it worth installing an amp at the same time? no sub at the moment, no room.
  12. Vache

    Eton T6 Plug N Play

    Fitted it tonight. Followed our German friends step by step guide. Got the whole set up from Ars24 including all sound dampening - unbelievable results. What a really cost effective upgrade. Doesn't sound like a van with a mono tinbox - sounds like a luxury car inside the cab now...
  13. Absolut5

    AbsoluT5 Eton T6 Speaker Setup Special Offer.....

    The Eton Vw T6 kit is the only 8” door woofer and pillar tweeter replacement that is a direct fit from a manufacture, Ideal for diy fitment They feature 3ohm coils which make them efficient enough to run off a factory head unit, and can also be amplified We can offer them for a short period...
  14. Alan Croft

    Sound Upgrade On A Budget

    Hey guys, So would like a bit more from the vans sound system. Mine is a 2016 Kombi with the standard satnav headunit. I want to keep this as it does what I want but I would like a little bit more sound quality. Without spending £££’s is there a route that people have done? I’ve been keeping an...
  15. GordyT6

    ICE Upgrade????

    Looking at swapping front speakers. Without stripping door first does anyone know what sizes I need to be looking at? Also any recommendations? Ta peeps
  16. Absolut5

    All your Audio needs and more... AbsoluT5 Absolut5 only use the best tried and tested products out there for your pride and joy.. We only supply Pro Fit Facias for the T5.1 and T6, the best finish and fit, we have been using these for over 4 years...
  17. Absolut5

    New.......! First Set Of Truly Plug And Play Front Speakers From Eton

    we have the first set of Eton T6 front speakers in the Uk These are truly the first easy to fit front door and pillar upgrade, German quality featuring 8” door woofers and exact fit pillar tweeters, highly sensitive so ideal for factory and aftermarket headunits. Not cheap at £449.00 but...
  18. S

    Front door card removal

    Right, so I've fitted a dash cam and successfully pulled things apart and put them back together again so..... Now I'm fancying taking the door cards off and fitting some new speakers and applying a touch of Silent coat or similar. Any tips please. Would you recommend applying the sound...