east midlands

  1. D

    VCDS - East Midlands - rear speakers.

    Hi All, I've tried to get my rear speakers coded in a few times to no avail. I'm travelling from East Midlands Airport on Saturday morning to Newcastle to Newcastle. Is there anyone in close proximity to the route (M1/A1/A19) that can code the rear speakers in? Thanks...
  2. M

    Recommendations - Side window installers - Loughborough/Eastmids

    Hi All. Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for all the great content, its help solve many an issue and modification. I hope a couple of you will be able to help. I have a T6 2016 Kombi LWB with what seems to be the standard leaking side windows. I've tried all the resolutions...
  3. Rabkia

    Reimo Rail vendors - Midlands

    Where around the Midlands can I. Buy a reimo side rail because I’m getting soaked entering and exiting the van every Tim it rains
  4. E

    Audio upgrade in Midlands.

    I'd like to have the Alpine audio upgrade installed in my T6.1. Looking for recommendations to have it done in the Midlands please. Thanks.
  5. LukeAziz86

    Chassis & Arch cutting - South Midlands / Milton Keynes area

    I’m looking for any suspension specialists in the general South Midlands area to help get my T6 as low as possible. I’m installing Airlift air suspension next week but already know this won’t get me much lower than my SoLows out the box and further work is needed to get it low and drive it...
  6. B

    Awning Retailer Midlands

    Hi all. I’m in the market for an awning. Have a few festivals and camping trips planned this summer. I’ve used a Kampa Air awning when borrowing my Dads motorhome in the past and was really impressed so looking at a Kampa Cross Air with potentially getting an annex. Anyone know of where I...
  7. Moreau-Smith

    Retro Fit Cruise Control and MFSW in the midlands

    Hi All this is my first post, after spending 6 years and an eye watering amount on restoring a T25 Camper, to then realise I was not the type of person to site in the inside lane at 50 watching the temperature gauge, I have sold it and bought a 2019 T6 Startline Camper with only 4,300 miles on...
  8. Buster

    Night heater fitter - Midlands

    Anyone recommend an installer in the East Midlands area
  9. Phil Harris

    Auto Electrician in the Midlands

    Bought my panel and kit, but local fitter let me down.. please any recommendations for quality fitter for flexible panel fitted into converted camper ideally within 60 miles of Leamington Spa? TIA. Phil
  10. Tourershine

    Forumfest 10-11-12-13 of September 2020.

    After the huge success of the recent Brook Meadow weekend at Sibbertoft in Leicestershire, I've decided to do another one on the cancelled Busfest weekend, at the same location. This will initially be open to 40 members on the pretence that I might add more if demand calls for it. The...
  11. T5SUG

    Midlands Tow Bar installer ?

    Can anyone recommend a tow bar installer in the Nottingham/ Derby area ? Looking to have a detachable swan neck fitted. Any info welcome and prices paid
  12. Morrispd

    VCDS in Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire areas?

    Hi, has anyone vcds in / near Northampton that can code in my freshly fitted tow Bar? Much appreciated...
  13. chappers0987

    Retrofit Oem Reversing Camera - East Midlands

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a company or person within the East Midlands / Nottingham area who can retro fit the VW reversing camera in my T6. Thank you in advance for your help!
  14. RichDavies82

    East Midlands Meet

    Sooo, following today’s Northwest meet, (photo’s look great @Tourershine) @ROMANY TAMPIN and I have decided there should be an East Midlands meet. The proposal is a meet in Nottingham at some point in the near future. As you can see from the map, there is a large concentration of forum members...
  15. M

    Leicestershire/midlands Conversions

    Hi Guys, I’m a relative newbie on the site but was looking for recommendations for companies in Leicester that do T6 conversions. Any recommendations would be massively appreciated
  16. dmk

    Window Tinting - East Midlands

    I have a 2017 caravelle with the standard tinted windows, but would like to go slighlty darker. Has anyone advice on what level of tint I need to go on top of the standard and any other "gotchas" please? Also, can anyone recommend a tinting company ideally near milton keynes or within 50 miles...