door seal

  1. DaveCrampton

    Sliding door rubber seat detached. Help pls.

    Hi, my rubber seal at the top of the passenger side sliding door comes loose and I want to fix it. Is there a clip missing here please? We did have an older Focus with door seal issues but the fix was to glue it in place. But from my pictures, it looks like a clip is missing? Thanks, Dave C
  2. Heath1984

    Sliding door seal 6.1

    Hi All, Please can someone tell me if the corner of the sliding door seal should look like this?
  3. F

    Replacement front door seal/rubber (not an upgrade!)

    Can anyone recommend a replacement drivers door seal? Recently purchased one off eBay from ‘carclubhouse’, which was recommended and well reviewed for a T6, but the fit is horrendous. The OEM part has an additional flexible section to provide a good seal at the step. Without this, I’m left...

    For Sale Kombi Sliding door seal!

    Got a 4 year old door seal, missing a few plastic clips. But that is easily fixable ! I think there about £200 from VW £50 posted to anyone?
  5. Shaun P Bass

    Door aperture seals

    Hi all. My 1st thread so go easy on me.. Anyway Im looking for advice. Front door aperture seal is split at the top. Is there any upgraded seals?..or should I stick with std ones? Any links would be most appreciated
  6. Alster

    Travelin lite door seals

    Just fitted the travelin lite door seals and really pleased- doors shut with a nice clunk . But just a bit worried that they will fill up with water, should I cut a drain hole in the bottom or am over thinking this. What have others found?
  7. Jason Kew

    Left sliding door seal part number?

    Afternoon T6’ers! I need a new left hand side sliding door seal.. the one on the actual door itself Would anyone know where to get one cheaper than.. just Kampers seem to want £220?!?! Thanks so much in advance:) Ps.. just got back from an amazing nc500 trip.. just epic!
  8. dave_b

    OMG - first DIY job, door seals, what a nightmare......

    only taken me 3 hours to fit the passenger side seal. roof lining will now not quite fit back properly, small gap between it and the seal. B billar, same, will not quit fit back in properly, Lower part, small gaps, a feel as though the plastic has deformed. foot step in not back in place...
  9. M

    Door seals, but what size?

    I know this subject has been discussed at length so please bare with me. Looking to make my van sound like a golf and get some rubber door seals. Had a snoop on E of the Bay and just confused myself. What bloody size do you buy? There seems to be a right old variation of seal sizes available to...
  10. T

    FREE Door seal upgrade

    Bought in error as my van already had it, I was after the dash seal and got both. £10 collection only from KT19
  11. W

    Door seals are meant to come as standard right?

    come as standard right?
  12. J

    Rubber Door Seal coming away

    HI. I'm new to this forum. I've recently purchased a T6 on a 19 plate, that's only done 21000 miles. The van is in mint/excellent condition however I've noticed that the rubber seal on the drivers door, by the footwell has started to come away. It was like this when I purchased the van a week...
  13. D

    T6 door rubbers

    hi any fitted transporter HQ door rubber seals i fitted one side today seems hard to shut the door you have to slam it hard do thay get easier in time ? thank dave
  14. C

    Is your tailgate seal like this?

    Hi all, My tailgate seal has a gap of about an inch at the bottom. Maybe it's for drainage? It's an easy fix to buy a new seal but keen to know if anyone else has the same? Its going to let a lot of heat out of the van in the winter and after doing all the insulation to a high standard it...
  15. Andysmee

    Door slamming, bouncing and air pressure

    So, my driver's door rarely closes first time unless I slam it. The dreaded sounds-like-a-golf seal problem. But today, we wife was getting out of the van at the same time and the driver's door shut first time without slamming it. Hmm, so if the air pressure is relieved, the driver's door...
  16. Montecha

    Drivers Door lower seal thingy broken

    In the recent freeze. The rubber that seals around the rear of the front arch, must have been frozen to the arch when I opened the door. It’s fitted to the door lower front. I can’t find the part on the free ETKA sites, and can’t see if it comes complete with the little white clips that hold...
  17. fireblade669

    T6.1 Sliding Door Leak

    Afternoon Volksfriends, I hope you're all keeping well. I'm not having much luck with my T6.1 so far. On day 1, the barn door opening mechanism failed. A month in, the front drivers window started leaking like a sieve. Now I've got water coming in through the top of the sliding door past the...
  18. CaptainZag

    Sliding Door Seal Confusion (7E0 843 791 and 7E0 843 792)

    My17 T6 Shuttle is out of warranty and the near side (Left) sliding door seal needs replacing. I thought I knew what part number I was looking for, but have just ordered/received the wrong one. A number of eBay sites suggest their aftermarket seals are both 7E0 843 791 and 7E0 843 792. I have...
  19. bullracing

    Leaking Door Seal, Drivers Slider

    I spotted water on my hob and sink yesturday. I could not see where it came from, from the inside, I opened the drivers side sliding door and it was wet, above the seal was dry which confused me. This however didnt show it was leaking unless they are not supposed to be wet? I thought one side of...
  20. markob

    Doors Freezing Up !

    Anyone had this before? Been in the Alps for a couple of weeks and the doors keep freezing shut, especially the side doors. Spoke to some local T6 owners and they don’t suffer with this.. Van is parked outside but it’s only dropping to -8’c