1. J

    Problem with fridge

    Hi all, i posted a little while ago about an issue with our Dometic CRE fridge compressor light flashing orange. We were told that this could be a wiring/amp issue so we paid to get the wiring redone. Things we have done: had a thicker wire installed, upgraded the fuse from 7.5 to 20 amp fuse...
  2. D

    Sold Dometic 9722 hob and sink

    New and unused (still in box) Dometic 9722L hob and sink. This was a present that has sat in the loft for about 2 years! Life got in the way of finishing the camper conversion and have since decided to go induction so this is no longer needed. Will take £150 or offers.
  3. J

    Dometic fridge - orange flashing light

    My Dometic fridge has an orange light constantly flashing which I believe to be the compressor. After reading a few threads, people suggested disconnecting the battery, then trying to start it up again but this has not worked after many attempts. Does anyone else have any suggestions? We are...
  4. Roblee

    Dometic Fridge door catch.

    Bought our T6.1 camperking van back in 2021, we love it, but we dislike (being kind) our dometic fridge. The fridge works fine but it has the most basic-stupidest fridge door catch, I have ever come across. The door catch is very difficult to operate, you have to push the fridge door with your...
  5. N

    First use fridge query

    we just got our van and are going to do a little day trip , might seem silly question but we are totally new to all this - at what stage do you turn a fridge on before you are going on a day trip ? How long does it usually take to get cold ( dometic fridge ) and I assume it will using the...
  6. D

    Fridge or L/Battery issue?

    Hi, anyone have any idea what the orange light is? It’s constantly on, fridge cuts out when it comes on. I’m currently having issues with my leisure battery but don’t know if it’s a related problem. Leisure battery is not charging while driving. New battery installed yesterday. TIA
  7. T

    For Sale Kampa Cross Air Tailgate Awning

    Kampa Cross Air Tailgate Awning - Grey. £350 Only used twice and is still in excellent condition. A few minor mud stains on the bits that are in contact with the ground. Includes all accessories: pump, ground sheet and all pegs. Some pegs slightly bent but all still useable.
  8. Sabre

    For Sale Dometic Grill

    I have an almost new Dometic Grill for sale. I only used it once, which is why its in good condition, but also why its now not in the van. It is about 4 years since it was installed but removed summer 2022. Very clean, but installation scrapes on the insulation, which have been covered with...
  9. J

    Dometic fridge orange light flashing solar supply

    Hi I have a Dometic fridge in my van running off solar the orange light is flashing - any ideas how to get it working properly?
  10. Nickdaw

    Sold Dometic Cooker sink pod

    Selling this as we have just got a slidepod. we use to just lift it out into the awning to use as we don't have a poptop so not enough room really. It comes with all you see, waste and fresh water tubs, it has a USB charging point just plug a 12v power into it and all is good. £400 ono in VGC is...
  11. A

    Query - Dometic PW1500 12v Awning

    Hello all, first post but hopefully someone can help. Have just recently purchased a van that has a 12V electric dometic awning fitted. I was wondering if the awning is out and the motor packs in or some other electrical issue how do you go about winding it in. It didnt come with a handle so...
  12. JamesD

    Thule rain shields on a Dometic awning

    Hi All I am after a bit of advice and probably confidence too. I have bought some Thule G2 rain blocker room sides from Rose Awnings (Very good) as they have been noted as fitting a Dometic PW1200 which is fitted to my van It looks however that I will need to make some adjustments to the...
  13. hunta

    Dometic CFX3 35 noise

    Managed to pick up one of these on eBay for a good price. It's ex demo so I wasn't expecting it to be in as-new condition. However it's noisier than I'd expected when the compressor is running, with what sounds like a bit of a rattle. It quietens down once at temp, as you'd expect, but I was...
  14. andythom188

    For Sale Dometic cfx3 55

    Dometic cfx3 55 i have only got 2 of these available now less than 12 months old used but in very good condition comes in original box, instructions with 230v & 12v leads £525 each Can possibly get a quote for delivery or collect from oswesty shropshire or birkenhead mon-thurs. I can...
  15. Bobbych

    Dometic Recall

    I have just received an email from the retailer where I purchased my Dometic combi hob/sink. Dometic have issued urgent safety advice. Link to information
  16. hatjoepeg

    Fridge door won’t fully shut

    I have just noticed that the fridge door doesn’t seem to be shutting properly. We have a Dometic crx0050 so it can be left on vent when there is nothing in there but when I try and close it the seal doesn’t seem to touch on the closing side, and the door wobbles. the top and bottom latches...
  17. Body snatcher

    Dometic CX50 / CRE50 orange light flashing

    This was reply from dometic hope it helps !
  18. N

    Sold Dometic Combicool ACX40 3-way top loading fridge - 12V, 240V and gas

    Selling our Dometic Combicool ACX40 Fridge - £235 If you've done your searching you'll know how great and versatile these are. Silent running and the option of in-car, mains or gas running. Has been used but is in great condition (see pics). Any questions just shout. I MAY be able to deliver...
  19. VinylArchie

    Vitrifigo vs Dometic

    So Dometic fridges are thin on the ground and I have been offered the equivalent vitrifigo. Salesperson mentioned that they both used to have Italian compressors but Dometic now produce theirs in the east. Has anybody got experience with the vitrifigo. Plus/negatives for each?
  20. nikmartin1

    Dometic fridge wiring to Sargent EC160 advice

    Third post today. Not quite sure about wiring in the Dometic fridge with my Sargent EC160. There appears to be a couple of ins for it on the Sargent. I work with properties and so am fairly ok with wiring etc. But, I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be doing with the fridge. I think the...