1. B

    Gas connection question

    I've just built up my Evo Design kitchen pod and because it backs onto the back of the driver's seat (not the side of the van) the angled steel gas pipe runs back into the side of the unit. There isn't room for a compression fitting. I can see a few options: 1. Try to bend the steel pipe to...
  2. P

    Indel BI41 Top Loading Fridge Freezer

    I've searched a few threads and noticed a few users have this fridge. I have one in my Van and I've been away all weekend and noticed that even on the 'lowest cooling' setting, that the majority of the stuff in there ended up freezing. Its apparent that the right side of the unit is the freezer...
  3. Apretext

    Dometic HSG2445 sink washing up bowl

    Finally got the van back from being converted, now want to sort all the little extra bits. Has anyone found a removable washing up bowl for the dometic hsg2445? We were looking at this Kampa Folding Washing Bowl (Small Blue): Sports & Outdoors but not sure if it’ll fit well...
  4. 68martin68

    Dometic PW 1100 awning fitting

    Anyone fitted a roll out awning by Dometic or any other brand? Planning to tackle mine tomorrow and the instructions are pretty pants!
  5. T6Hippo

    Wind Out Awning Security

    Recently bought & fitted a Dometic wind out awning, very happy with it & it's very well made but can't help thinking it's very easy to steal, just 8 small screws! I've replaced with security screws but nothing stopping anyone from buying the adaptor that fits the screws just like I did. How do...
  6. J

    Connecting Gas Supply To Dometic Hob, Which Type Of Fitting?

    Just after a little advice, about to connect the gas up to my Dometic 9122 hob. I'd assumed it would just be an 8mm fitting but it's different (looks slightly bigger dia, different thread pitch and the sealing faces wouldn't suit the standard copper olive I believe). The hob has come out of a...
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  9. O

    Dometic Showroom????

    Can anyone point me at a supplier where i can go and look at fridges. Or have i got to wait for a show? I am based in Nottingham, but off to see mother in S.Wales so could make a detour to see something. I think Lowdams is rep here, but they don't carry stock??? Regards, Owain
  10. rod_vw

    Smev / Dometic Hob Burner Cap Screws.

    Just picked this up from another forum... Burner cap screws prone to rounding or shearing on older cookers. Replacement screws for SMEV (Dometic) hob burner cap screws where it was quoted that the makers sell two for £1.98. There is a supplier on eBay selling suitable stainless steel screws...