1. paulfr


    Needs a {preferably} Yellow or Orange T6....Free to a good home. Thx @Fish
  2. S

    Flower power decals/wrap?

    Anyone out there that has bright floral graphics on their van? Can I see some photos.
  3. dubber36

    T6 Wing Decals

    Not sure about this stripe. I've taken it off for now, as I rushed it and made a bit of an arse of it, but what do you reckon? I've put a grey stripe under it as I didn't like the white showing through. I think it looks a bit odd with the chrome repeaters too, but it might be a grower when...
  4. 20181024_095049.jpg


  5. B

    Pin stripe

    Thinking about a pin stripe on the side of the van. Anyone got some ideas?
  6. C

    Caravelle in Carrera script ? Door decal.

    I’m after some black stickers to run along the bottom of the doors, and I want the script or font to be in the same lettering as the Carrera writing on the bottom of the doors. I am a Porsche owner, enthusiast so I’m not wanting to make the van into something that it isn’t, and. One of the...
  7. Carl1974

    T5/5.1 decals, T6.1 style…

    Added these last week which I got from wagen_werks, just something to change the look on the front.
  8. S

    Decals for fuel cap

    Hi, seen a couple of T6's out and about that have decals on the fuel flap panel. Any idea where to get these (or custom ones) from?
  9. Mike Dean

    Looking for a Vehicle Decal Company.

    It's always nice to support someone from the forum. Does anyone own a Vehicle sign/decal company that can make me a batch of stickers and vehicle graphics? Thanks, Mike
  10. Pete C

    Campervan Decals?

    We are looking to put some graphics down the side of our camper - the sort of thing that runs the length of the van like vinyl stripes etc. Can anyone recommend a company that they have bought this sort of thing from ? Thanks, Pete
  11. N

    California graphics - specs wanted.

    Hi there, Our camper conversion is just about complete, and I want to add some graphics. I work as a Graphic Designer and Creative, so I’m well used to creating vinyl graphics. I want to create my own take on the California Coast side graphics, and wondered if someone who owns a California...
  12. Parvus

    Indium Grey - Side decals

    Morning all, Looking for inspiration for low side decals, please share any pics and recommendations. Found this online which looks great. Thanks, Matt
  13. C

    Bright / Retro wraps

    Considering getting our LWB shuttle wrapped in a bright or retro colour. Something you couldn't get from the factory. Anyone else done this or have some photos? We had a flannel grey T5 which I always loved so something similar is an option, however I love my Porsches so maybe a RS viper...
  14. Seany


    Ok all gona post a picture , cant eait for the replies . Dont worry u can be as harsh as u want . After all its all about opinions
  15. IestynD

    Wrap Smith - Decals and wrapping service

    Hi all, I spent a bit of time trying to find someone who understood decals, and the design i wanted. I eventually settled on Wrap-Smith. The process was a pleasent one from start to finish. One of the biggest things for us, was choosing someone who we thought would care for our Van as much...
  16. M

    Removing magnetic GB sticker!?

    Hi, Don’t believe I’m really asking this, but we’ve had a GB sticker on the back of our van for just a year - magnetic so it would be easy to remove. I discovered today that the sticker’s backing has fused itself onto the tailgate, so much for it being removable (thanks H***ords :mad:). See...
  17. J88arv

    Side Vinyl From Bumper To Wing Inline With The Indicator

    As above they same as the t6.1 anybody know where I can get a vinyl sticker from?? Thanks
  18. G

    Transporter Shuttle, T6.1 Decals

    Hi. I've just joined the vw community by buying a new shuttle. I'm looking to buy some stickers and decals. Does anyone know of a business that sells t6.1 stickers/decals? I've tried loads of companies but they say it's different to a t6 and the stickers/decals wont fit. Please help
  19. JordanGT

    Custom Air-Brush Work

    New bonnet installed, many thanks to Sam Hubbard at AP Customs for the artwork.
  20. Dellmassive

    For Sale T6Forum Sticker Packs

    Right you lucky people . . . . . The Boss has let me release these Special-Edition-sticker-sets to you all. They are Black or White vinyl transfer, so just the black (or white) bits stick. (the white is a backing card and the front has a clear plastic application layer that peels off when...