1. C

    Bright / Retro wraps

    Considering getting our LWB shuttle wrapped in a bright or retro colour. Something you couldn't get from the factory. Anyone else done this or have some photos? We had a flannel grey T5 which I always loved so something similar is an option, however I love my Porsches so maybe a RS viper...
  2. D

    Decals on windows?

    Anyone got some decals on blank side window looking for inspiration
  3. octaneJ

    Chrome side trims/streamers?

    Hi everyone. I’m struggling to source decent chrome door trims/streamers (similar to OEM chrome pack) for my SWB T6 ‘velle. TPS quoted over £300 per!! Sorted the lower front trims from Travelinlite and tailgate trim from eBay. Also need rubber load liners to protect my carpet from...
  4. Seany


    Ok all gona post a picture , cant eait for the replies . Dont worry u can be as harsh as u want . After all its all about opinions
  5. IestynD

    Wrap Smith - Decals and wrapping service

    Hi all, I spent a bit of time trying to find someone who understood decals, and the design i wanted. I eventually settled on Wrap-Smith. The process was a pleasent one from start to finish. One of the biggest things for us, was choosing someone who we thought would care for our Van as much...
  6. M

    Removing magnetic GB sticker!?

    Hi, Don’t believe I’m really asking this, but we’ve had a GB sticker on the back of our van for just a year - magnetic so it would be easy to remove. I discovered today that the sticker’s backing has fused itself onto the tailgate, so much for it being removable (thanks H***ords :mad:). See...
  7. Katoof

    Edition sticker replacement

    Hi Guys, does anyone know how easy it is to get hold of WV Edition stickers and the cost of them? The side of out Edition T6 have got a scratch running across it and if the panels need to be re sprayed the stickers will need replacing.
  8. Big.mac

    Vinyl Stripes Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a good quality provider of vinyl decals please? I bought some stripes for the van but they are utterly crap. Tried to get them on this afternoon but i think i was supplied the Teflon version. Absolutely no stick. The backing tape had more adhesive than the decal...
  9. J88arv

    Side Vinyl From Bumper To Wing Inline With The Indicator

    As above they same as the t6.1 anybody know where I can get a vinyl sticker from?? Thanks
  10. G

    Transporter Shuttle, T6.1 Decals

    Hi. I've just joined the vw community by buying a new shuttle. I'm looking to buy some stickers and decals. Does anyone know of a business that sells t6.1 stickers/decals? I've tried loads of companies but they say it's different to a t6 and the stickers/decals wont fit. Please help
  11. True Romance

    To Stripe Or Not?

    So come across this vinyl sticker from another thread and thinking about ordering it. What do you guys think, yes or no? Van in pic is the same colour and looks pretty similar to mine.
  12. K

    VW Decals supplier?

    Hi Can anyone recommend any suppliers of the big vw decals that can be put on the back side panel of a t5 lwb i want black and need to have the red of the van showing through possibly in black carbon
  13. JordanGT

    Custom Air-Brush Work

    New bonnet installed, many thanks to Sam Hubbard at AP Customs for the artwork.
  14. Dellmassive

    For Sale T6F Monochrome Stickers

    Right you lucky people . . . . . The Boss has let me release these Special-Edition-sticker-sets to you all. They are Black or White vinyl transfer, so just the black (or white) bits stick. (the white is a backing card and the front has a clear plastic application layer that peels off when...
  15. K

    Team Black...edition Stripe

    Looking to put a grey/silver edition style stripe on the side of a deep black pearl van anyone done it and got pics?
  16. T6 Seikel Snorkel Red

    T6 Seikel Snorkel Red

  17. A

    Edition decals sought

    I'm looking for genuine edition decals for my red t6..... or very good replicas.... got some off Ebay but not right
  18. Pete C


    We are looking to put some graphics down the side of our camper - the sort of thing that runs the length of the van like vinyl stripes etc. Can anyone recommend a company that they have bought this sort of thing from ? Thanks, Pete
  19. Tourershine

    For Sale T6F Colour Stickers

    Oooooo, put me down for a Team Black @Fish
  20. A

    Dub Station for decals

    Great customer service, fast delivery and quality graphics. I fitted the vinyl myself with the instruction they supply. I would rate them 5 star and I would buy again.