1. Andyf

    Sold Transfers

    Hi Got the following going free Bought over 5 years ago, still in good condition Somebody might as well have use of them Bought but over half not keen on them Thanks Andy
  2. R

    Ocean/Beach Font

    Does anyone know what font is used for the Ocean/Beach graphics on the California under the rear side windows?
  3. JonriceT6

    Side Does anyone know where to buy these decals?

    Hi. Does anyone know where to get these side decals? The bottom ones And the indicator ones for the t6.1?
  4. M

    Does anyone know where to buy these decals please?

    Hi Does anyone know where these lower side and bonnet decals are from please? I'd really like the same in silver for our grey T6. Cheers Mike
  5. Dellmassive

    T6Forum Sticker Packs - New colours

    T6Forum Sticker Packs - New colours what colour sticker packs you you like to see? you can add a new colour and choose you to 3x choices. main sticker thread here: .
  6. M

    T5.1 “caravelle edition 25” decals

    Hi I'm looking for new edition 25 decals. Can't seem to find OEM ones.
  7. Petezum

    All Things Vinyl

    Hi all I'm new to the forum, loving it so far. Im not really sure if this would need me to be trade VIP membership (maybe Pauly could inform me). My main business is Graphics, Wrapping and Signs I've also started doing some Architectural wrapping which would include kitchens, fridges, doors etc...
  8. paulfr


    Needs a {preferably} Yellow or Orange T6....Free to a good home. Thx @Fish
  9. S

    Flower power decals/wrap?

    Anyone out there that has bright floral graphics on their van? Can I see some photos.
  10. dubber36

    T6 Wing Decals

    Not sure about this stripe. I've taken it off for now, as I rushed it and made a bit of an arse of it, but what do you reckon? I've put a grey stripe under it as I didn't like the white showing through. I think it looks a bit odd with the chrome repeaters too, but it might be a grower when...
  11. B

    Pin stripe

    Thinking about a pin stripe on the side of the van. Anyone got some ideas?
  12. Jason Kew

    Show us your Vinyl!

    I have a Starlight blue lwb.. and looking for some detailing inspiration on a budget. I have played around with colours and have added an orange side strip in 6mm vinyl which breaks up the length a bit.. and some orange to the lower grille..
  13. C

    Caravelle in Carrera script ? Door decal.

    I’m after some black stickers to run along the bottom of the doors, and I want the script or font to be in the same lettering as the Carrera writing on the bottom of the doors. I am a Porsche owner, enthusiast so I’m not wanting to make the van into something that it isn’t, and. One of the...
  14. Carl1974

    T5/5.1 decals, T6.1 style…

    Added these last week which I got from wagen_werks, just something to change the look on the front.
  15. S

    Decals for fuel cap

    Hi, seen a couple of T6's out and about that have decals on the fuel flap panel. Any idea where to get these (or custom ones) from?
  16. Mike Dean

    Looking for a Vehicle Decal Company.

    It's always nice to support someone from the forum. Does anyone own a Vehicle sign/decal company that can make me a batch of stickers and vehicle graphics? Thanks, Mike
  17. Pete C

    Campervan Decals?

    We are looking to put some graphics down the side of our camper - the sort of thing that runs the length of the van like vinyl stripes etc. Can anyone recommend a company that they have bought this sort of thing from ? Thanks, Pete
  18. N

    California graphics - specs wanted.

    Hi there, Our camper conversion is just about complete, and I want to add some graphics. I work as a Graphic Designer and Creative, so I’m well used to creating vinyl graphics. I want to create my own take on the California Coast side graphics, and wondered if someone who owns a California...
  19. Parvus

    Indium Grey - Side decals

    Morning all, Looking for inspiration for low side decals, please share any pics and recommendations. Found this online which looks great. Thanks, Matt
  20. C

    Bright / Retro wraps

    Considering getting our LWB shuttle wrapped in a bright or retro colour. Something you couldn't get from the factory. Anyone else done this or have some photos? We had a flannel grey T5 which I always loved so something similar is an option, however I love my Porsches so maybe a RS viper...