1. mopardave

    JCT York!

    Check out my posts in leaking van windows before you go anywhere near! :mad:
  2. K

    VW Approved Used: 6 month review

    So, I bought a 67 plate registered 18 last May. T6 LWB 32 highline. 1 year warranty. Through a VW dealership. I've done approximately 2.8k miles since. Today it went into VW for a service and mot, and to fix a few issues. They rang me back saying I need new break discs and pads to the rear...
  3. mrmortar

    Clutch and DMF result

    Hi everyone, Ever since I bought my T6.1 this year in Sept I had this strange judder coming through the pedal in 1st and reverse gears. A search through these forums indicated to it could be a DMF issue and I have to admit my heart sank after reading how some folks had to dip into their own...
  4. L

    Any Black Edition vans for sale anywhere yet?

    Hi all. Anyone know any centres with a black edition for sale? cheers andy
  5. Latchmo

    Preston VW Commercials

    Started our holiday today: 10 days mountain biking and enjoying our Kombi-camper in Scotland... Half way up the M6 and a horrible noise emanates from under the bonnet. I stop, google for somewhere to get it checked, find VW commercials is 10 miles away, and carefully drive there... (holding my...
  6. Gwyn

    VW Dealers taking the pi**

    Took the van in yesterday for its 1st service and mentioned there's some lag when you put your foot on the accelerator, was told on pick up that they had taken it out for a test drive and didn't see any problem and that everything was ok. How long should a test drive be :sneaky: Think they only...
  7. Taff7996

    Gwent VW

    Anyone taken their T6 to Gwent VW in Newport. My dealer service plan is with Hereford van centre (who have been very good but over an hour away) ends this year and looking for a local recommendation
  8. V

    I was given a price from a dealer.........then they changed their mind!

    I received a quote from a local dealer yesterday for a new T28, with about £3k worth of options I had also specified. All in I was very happy with the quote. It was valid for 7 days, so I started to get my finances in place and was intent on progressing......., I got another email...
  9. Eli

    Penny for your thoughts

    I have a 68 plate two tone Caravelle with 10500 miles. I spoke to the dealer that I bought it from and they offered £35k so we agreed and should of done the deal last Saturday. I then had a water mains burst on Friday which once repaired blew a pipe in the house. I emailed the dealer to advise...
  10. Bumblebee007

    T32 supplied with 102 tyres.. dealer says fine but VW HQ say otherwise..

    Our new toy 2019 2.5k on the clock Kombi 2.0tdi 150 t32 highline bmt swb, all VW accessories, showroom model.
  11. TitanCamper

    2017 Kombi with rust on the tailgate caused by bumper protector

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and can advise. Sorry about War and Peace but the background may be useful. I bought the van from Cordwalis Heathrow in May 2019 and paid for delivery up to Glasgow. It's a September 2017 Kombi. There is rust on the bottom left hand edge...
  12. Martin Gibson

    VWVC Liverpool

    Hello,just thought i would post this as I've had the van for a frw weeks now. I checked a few vans out locally (Carlisle) and found them to be expensive for the spec they had in my opinion. I seen a couple advertised in Liverpool. One had 19 miles on the clock and one had 1900 and was an ex demo...
  13. L

    New van: ply-line or leave bare?

    Morning all hope to pick up a new 6.1 next week. The dealer has said do I want it ply lined ? i plan to get it insulated and carpeted straight away. So is it best to buy it with out ply lining ? it’s a panel van lwb. Not a kombi cheers
  14. L

    Refund on £250 deposit ?

    Placed a £250 deposit with listers for a 6.1 yesterday over the phone. After sleeping on it. I’m not sure it’s the right deal for me at the mo am I within my fights to ask for the deposit back I didn’t spec the van it was one allready on it’s way to them
  15. dennismo

    VW Dealer for service near Sheffield

    Hi there. I've been inspired by @fezza68's helpful thread RE dealers in the NW. I have a VW Service plan for next 2 services, and therefore am tied to a VW Dealer. I didn't have the best experience last time I popped in to JCT600, Sheffield, and therefore wondering about other options...
  16. fezza68

    Service time: which NW dealer?

    Its time for my first service and was wondering where to take it. My options are preston vw centre or wrexham vw centre. Manchester is not an option due to the woeful treatment i got on a past warranty job!. Wondered what you guys recommend?.
  17. Q

    Dealer damaged my gloss-black alloys

    Hi everyone I had my van booked in for a health check At vw dealership and they washed my van and guess what they scratched all my brand new refurbished black gloss alloys :mad:. What should I do any suggestions please.
  18. Pauly

    Sliding-window leak

    Cant believe it, heard plenty about T5 windows leaking and just assumed they would have fixed it by now but apparently not. Over the last week every time it rains i have a nice trickle of water running from the front lower corner of my OSR slider down to a nice wet patch on the floor, thats to...

    Best place in Essex to get first service .....

    It’s that time for the first service and oil change what the best vw garage to go to in the Essex area for my T6
  20. osman

    Scratches on roof

    Hmmm well I’ve looked up here before and I’ve never seen these .. just had a full service so wanted to give the van a good clean up .. and noticed these. They look fresh and there is no way I was driving it when this happened ! Breeze in Totton came highly recommended and they are a VW garage...