1. L

    New van: ply-line or leave bare?

    Morning all hope to pick up a new 6.1 next week. The dealer has said do I want it ply lined ? i plan to get it insulated and carpeted straight away. So is it best to buy it with out ply lining ? it’s a panel van lwb. Not a kombi cheers
  2. L

    Refund on £250 deposit ?

    Placed a £250 deposit with listers for a 6.1 yesterday over the phone. After sleeping on it. I’m not sure it’s the right deal for me at the mo am I within my fights to ask for the deposit back I didn’t spec the van it was one allready on it’s way to them
  3. fezza68

    Service time: which NW dealer?

    Its time for my first service and was wondering where to take it. My options are preston vw centre or wrexham vw centre. Manchester is not an option due to the woeful treatment i got on a past warranty job!. Wondered what you guys recommend?.
  4. C

    Heritage Van centre Bristol

    Bristol van centre opened sales again after lock down with a New head of business and new sales manager. The old sales manager was a total nightmare to deal with. New guy is a complete contrast. Very willing to get unresolved stuff sorted. Returns calls and doesn’t hide behind fake formalities.
  5. Q

    Dealer damaged my gloss-black alloys

    Hi everyone I had my van booked in for a health check At vw dealership and they washed my van and guess what they scratched all my brand new refurbished black gloss alloys :mad:. What should I do any suggestions please.
  6. crampey

    Shuttle Sliding Windows Shambles

    Hi Folks, here's another one of those posts about leaking sliding windows, except this one surely, has a unique twist? I have to share this, as I can't quite believe this has happened from a VW dealer... I bought a 66 plate Shuttle from a VW Van Centre 150 miles away from my home (I won't name...
  7. B

    Sealant on roof... Odd ?!

    Hi all .... cleaning the van roof today and noticed this funny bit of what looks like seam sealer on the roof . Anybody else had this before ? Bit odd , as it obviously came from the factory like it , as it’s been sprayed over . It’s like someone has got a bit carried away with the sealer !
  8. Minimucks

    VW Marshall's scratched my van whilst in for warranty ☹️

    So after having some warranty work done on my van and a buff and polish to remove swirl marks from the previous time VW washed my van it has come back with a whole new scratch and flat spot where they have over buffed it trying to rectify it. They have sent out a paint tech guy to rectify this...
  9. Y

    VW Cheltenham now gone - who to use?

    My van is now calling for a service. With VW Cheltenham now gone the question is who to use? My options seems to be: VW Van Centre Swindon Listers Droitwich Vertu Hereford Cordwallis Eynsham I'm looking for recommendations as which of these is better than the rest. I've clearly got to...
  10. nigeltreves

    Marshall Vw

    I have been invited by the above to a VIP sales event. Has anyone else been or going? AM I going to be wasting my time or is there a chance of a good deal?
  11. C

    Vw Heritage Bristol

    Hi all , I bought a used van last month from a Vw dealership not sure if this is the right forum, but has anybody had difficulty in dealing with Heritage Bristol. After sales seems fine, regarding booking for warranty assessment (window leaks..) but pursuing queries regarding the sale and...
  12. B

    Warning Citygate Vw Colindale

    Just a quick warning to any potential buyers out there. I had placed a £1,000 deposit on a LWB 4motion KOMBI on a 68 plate with just 9k miles on the clock, travelled 5 hours to collect the damn thing to discover it had been re painted from and including the front wing to the rear quarter! They...
  13. W

    Van Tech Vw, Uckfield, East Sussex

    Home - Volkswagen Independent Commercial Specialists Address: Unit 3 Holbein Pl, Bolton Cl, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield TN22 1PH Email: Hours: Opens 8am ⋅ Closes 5PM Phone: 01825 761942 This is a VW accredited independent, owned and run by a an ex VW Technician...
  14. Bobby Turkalino

    Why Are Dealer's So Bad?

    I sell for a living and to me product knowledge is everything, before I bought my converted T6 I looked at buying a California. Went to a van centre near us, they had no knowledge of offers or finance on the website, forgot to give promised discounts and never returned calls and I voted with my...
  15. LakesT6

    Lookers Van Centre Carlisle

    I was doing a job today not too far from my local dealer, so I thought I’d pop in and have a look at the 6.1. A salesman eyeballed me from 200 yards in the car park, and hastened over. I asked him, “why are there no vans in the showroom?” He replied “we are no longer a van franchise, just cars...
  16. Billybz

    Can Anyone Help With Info And Upgrades For My New Van, Wirral Liverpool

    Hi all I am new to vw camper vans just buying one just need pointing in the right direction for reasonable, reliable fitters for further upgrades like heater sat nav reversing cam
  17. T

    Another Led Thread :p

    Sorry folks, so 2 weeks after paying for a new van and im not happy with the lights...... surprise :P It a 204 Manual 4MO which is only available as a Highline. The van was also spec'd to be a Demo van (so I was told) and used by the dealer. I've been onto VW and told em either sort it...
  18. Johnod17

    Listers Van Center Coventry

    My van went in for a DSG service at 40k,while they were doing the checks they found that the crank seal had gone (usual problem). The van went in on Monday to be serviced and picked up today it was ready at 11am,considering it is a big job on the 204 4motion I thought they did well. So credit...
  19. Higgidav

    Something To Check After A Vw Service

    Two weeks ago my van had its first service plus a few warranty repairs which included a replacement door control module. To cut a long story short it’s now back at another dealer as the door control module has failed again. I was not happy with the service I received from the first dealer so...
  20. Vinci

    Fuses Fumin’!

    Easy enough....van in for service, along with water jet adjustment and fixing top of dash power socket. In main dealer for a day. They rang to say all done. Whilst stuck in traffic, I went to reorganise various cables, annnnd no power. Irate call to poor girl in reception, resulting in dropping...