1. B

    Are Main Dealers Trying It on?

    Evening all, Took the van in to VW for it’s test today (passed no issues ) but several things were brought up on a complimentary vehicle health check that just didn’t seem right when I questioned them on the service desk! Are the dealers trying it on with me and looking for easy money? List...
  2. B

    How not to fit your bike rack

    Took the bike rack off . Apparently the dealers had problems fitting it lol… cost yhem a pair of lights

    T6.1 Door Control Unit Defective - ongoing two years

    Has anyone else had a problem with their Door Control Unit Defective. I'have had this on and off for the past two years. The Birmingham Van Centre replace this under warranty 21/12/2023 and then 12 days later I get the same message and error. It has just fallen out of the 3 year warranty so they...
  4. K

    Group 1VW Van Centre - Main Dealer

    Hi All Does anyone have any positive views on the captioned?? I booked my T6 in to have front parking sensors installed only to be told when I took the vehicle in that they do not retrofit!!!! So I am now exploring getting the kit from Poland which has the new module required and getting it...
  5. T

    £99 diagnostic fee

    Got the van in for service,soon. Asked them to look at an intermittent problem,with my side door not unlocking.Was quoted £99 diagnostic case its not covered by warranty. So,what happens if the door unlocks?
  6. Pedro20001

    VW dealers make me laugh

    Hi all, just got my van back from the dealers after my second, free service and apparently I need , urgently new wipers. Wouldn't mind but I replaced them 2 weeks ago with Bosch ones. Also they did me a huge favour by not charging me extra for the service as they said I should have only had an...
  7. D

    Main dealers service

    Help Just had a service done on a service plan, as always I expected the “breaks are 60% worn” every single visit there 60% ( had new pads and discs, 16 months ago) it’s the Cambelt I’m concerned with! I had it done with this main dealer a few years ago, it’s not logged in the service manual...
  8. Sparkyis

    Dodgy VW dealer fixes

    So….. in the quest for silence after having great success replacing rear arb bushes, shocks and updated spring seats, I decided after watching autodoc videos on YouTube that I would replace the drop links and front arb bushes too because now that the rear is quiet I became aware of them...
  9. H

    Large MPH display via dealer

    I know there are numerous posts on this but just looking for a very simple unequivocal explanation of how it can be done at a main dealers if indeed one exists. I have read posts where it is stated they won’t entertain changing the settings which if that be the case the following is irrelevant...
  10. A

    Swansea Van Centre - Reviews

    Hi All I'm looking for reviews of Swansea Van Centre to compare experiences. I have my own dealings with them, and will keep them to myself for the time being, but due to ongoing circumstances, and the fact that Swansea Van Centre seems to intentionally limit public reviews, you can guess where...
  11. F

    Think I’ve been missold by main dealer

    Just bought a 6.1 T30 150bhp highline Transporter pre reg from a main dealer (this one deal in Nissans but have a VW branch elsewhere) and had it delivered. I asked repeatedly it was a 150bhp as insurance seems to expect it to be 110bhp. When it arrived it had 5 gears which I thought was strange...
  12. P

    Carista - Transmission mileage much higher than engine mileage - what's going on?

    Hi all, I picked up my 2019 T6 204 DSG last week and ordered a Carista OBD which arrived yesterday. Out of interest, I've been going through all the menus and looking at the information and noticed a huge discrepancy between the values for Instruments/engine mileage (both exactly where I...
  13. L

    Front parking sensor on sales advert missing

    I have just picked up our camperking high line 2018 and I purchased it from a dealership who are agents for camperking, The vehicle advert stated front and rear parking sensors but when we drove it last weekend for first time noticed there was no front parking sensors ? Do I question this with...
  14. C

    Service and Service Plans

    So... I have seen the threads about Service Plans and would like to have a bit of peace of mind...... I have a 21 plate T6.1, which was registered March 21. I want to get it serviced before the 3 year warranty runs out, in case of anything being picked up. It is not due for a service for some...
  15. E

    Why do main dealers change the sump plug every oil change? Or do they?

    Hi guys I’m new to the forum. I recently carried out my first oil and filter change since buying my T6. I noticed on all the previous main dealers oil services that they charged for a new sump plug. So naturally assuming it had a crush washer I purchased one with the oil filter. However on...
  16. L

    Are Kombi Sportline still available?

    Are kombi sportline vans still available new 73 plate ?
  17. Drive Wayne

    Birmingham VW Van Centre

    ADVICE PLEASE GENTLEFOLK! My 2020 5 speed poverty line model with 21k on the clock is out of warranty now by several months. I've had a major service from Midland VW Ltd in Cannockshire, and an oil change from them after I had the infamous 'oil too high' warning. Their service has been...
  18. N

    How can some people be so useless? VW Van Centre, Manchester

    As I have mentioned in other threads, my van, when in at VW Van Centre, Manchester for service, got damaged in their carpark by another vehicle scraping along the side of it. It was, we believed sorted out at the time, but on better inspection, wasn't. To cut a long story short, it was in their...
  19. sipep

    Advice needed VW dealer. Cambelt dilemma..

    Hi all. I've just purchased a T6 from a VW branch. 2017, 33k miles. Highline I wanted to get a cambelt as part of the purchase, as I am still on the mindset of 5 years.. they will offer a cambelt change for £599 instead of the £699. I could go a local garage and I think they would charge...
  20. Cupotea

    Dealer woes.

    Hi all, This is more of a vent than anything else as I'm feeling fairly upset about the following. Barring my home, this is the most expensive thing I've ever bought and it annoys me so much that others (and so called professionals at that) can care so little about doing their jobs properly...