1. L

    Are Kombi Sportline still available?

    Are kombi sportline vans still available new 73 plate ?
  2. Drive Wayne

    Birmingham VW Van Centre

    ADVICE PLEASE GENTLEFOLK! My 2020 5 speed poverty line model with 21k on the clock is out of warranty now by several months. I've had a major service from Midland VW Ltd in Cannockshire, and an oil change from them after I had the infamous 'oil too high' warning. Their service has been...
  3. N

    How can some people be so useless? VW Van Centre, Manchester

    As I have mentioned in other threads, my van, when in at VW Van Centre, Manchester for service, got damaged in their carpark by another vehicle scraping along the side of it. It was, we believed sorted out at the time, but on better inspection, wasn't. To cut a long story short, it was in their...
  4. C

    Dealer woes.

    Hi all, This is more of a vent than anything else as I'm feeling fairly upset about the following. Barring my home, this is the most expensive thing I've ever bought and it annoys me so much that others (and so called professionals at that) can care so little about doing their jobs properly...
  5. H

    VW Inclusive servicing questions

    been an active browser on this forum since the purchase of a 2019 T6 t32 Indium Grey DSG Kombi. Good spec with lots of add-ons including auxiliary and parking heaters, driver assist, side assist etc. Couldn’t overly see the point in these but wow how great are they? anyway my questions are...
  6. T

    VW Van Centre Speeding and Damage

    I've recently had a pretty poor experience with a VW Van Centre and I would be interested in hearing what other people's reaction would be if the below had happened to your vehicle. What would you expect (if anything) for the van centre to put things right? I've not posted the name of the...
  7. Bav

    Has anyone successfully challenged VW's price increase?

    After a wait of almost 20 months (which I may have mentioned once or twice :whistle:), my new van has finally landed at the dealers. Unfortunately, what should have been a moment of unbridled celebration was tempered by the dealer asking for £2.3k more than the price we agreed when I ordered. :(...
  8. M

    VW forgot to build my t6 with LED lights - what to do?

    Hello - long time listener first time caller etc I’d welcome some advice please. I’ve had a panel van on order for a very long time. My first Transporter. Unfortunately I’ve been told that while the van’s in the U.K. now it’s been built without the LED lights I had ordered. For me these are...
  9. EdH

    VW VC Wrexham

    Well, my first experience with the above was not a good one. Booked my campervan for its 1st service with them at the beginning of October (through their website booking portal,). Received a confirmation email with the booking on 31.10.2022 @ 13:30. Took a half a day off from work drove 45...
  10. D

    Servicing - VW dealer or local garage?

    My 2019 T6 is asking for an inspection (I'm assuming it means a service). I've done 35,000 miles. Do I have to take it to my inept VW van centre, or can I take it to my friendly local garage? What are the benefits or taking it to VW (if any)? I'm guessing the bulk of the service is an oil...
  11. W

    How long should it take for an Alternator to be fitted by dealership?

    How long should it take for a dealership to fit a new alternator?
  12. Carlwaynie

    Dealers tricks/ tips

    Off to the dealers tomorrow to hopefully put an order in for a new T6.1, any tips for getting the most for my money( ie best deal/ service packages etc) from the dealer and what to expect the dealer to try on, when you place a new van order.
  13. Deviant Tubs

    MOT/Service - dealer or elsewhere?

    Ello gang, What's the general consensus on getting Mots and services' done at the VW centre? Is it worth paying the premium or is it daylight robbery? Granted I won't need an Mot for a few years as I've got a new bus, but I'm trying to get my head around if it's worth it ahead of time...
  14. Veedubd

    Dealer Towbar Electrics tidiness

    Hi, Had a Westfalia Towbar fitted this week at main dealer, this is how wiring next to battery has been left, would you not expect it to be clipped in or mounted instead of left wedged next to front panel? what has anybody else have with their installation?
  15. N

    Advice on approved used van with cosmetic damage

    Hi all, I’m about to pull the trigger on a VW approved used Caravelle gen 6 but a couple of things have caught my eye on the video from the dealer that I’m not sure if I should challenge… 1. The tyres are three different brands, Looks like 2x kuhmo on the front, with a Michelin and a sumitomo...
  16. True Romance

    My boy is going in for a major operation today

    So the day I've been dreading for so long as finally arrived. Today my boy goes in for a major operation. Like all parents I'm extremely anxious of how it will go. I've not slept for a number of nights with worry. Hopefully Midland VW will take good care of big red while he has a cam belt...
  17. C

    VW Dealer Servicing - Bristol

    Hi I own a T6 SWB Diesel 2018 which has been converted to a campervan and has done done 27,500 miles. The van has always been serviced at the local VW dealer in Bristol so I phoned them up to book in a service. I was told it needed a major service and the Cambelt and Water pump replacing at a...
  18. mopardave

    JCT York!

    Check out my posts in leaking van windows before you go anywhere near! :mad:
  19. Kippers123

    VW Approved Used: 6 month review

    So, I bought a 67 plate registered 18 last May. T6 LWB 32 highline. 1 year warranty. Through a VW dealership. I've done approximately 2.8k miles since. Today it went into VW for a service and mot, and to fix a few issues. They rang me back saying I need new break discs and pads to the rear...
  20. mrmortar

    Clutch and DMF result

    Hi everyone, Ever since I bought my T6.1 this year in Sept I had this strange judder coming through the pedal in 1st and reverse gears. A search through these forums indicated to it could be a DMF issue and I have to admit my heart sank after reading how some folks had to dip into their own...