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  1. Dellmassive

    For Sale REDARC BCDC1250D - 50A DC-DC Charger & MPPT Solar Controller

    REDARC BCDC1250D - 50A DC-DC Charger & MPPT Solar Controller (with Lifepo4 profile) 50A DC-DC + MPPT with 32V VOC input +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ top of the range DC-DC charger. ( 1st one in the country) smallest combined unit available at the time. as new, was only fitted for testing...
  2. BoroBoy

    For Sale Renogy DCC50S 50A DC-DC Charger + MPPT + Renogy One + Renogy BT2

    I have the above equipment for sale. Recently bought to upgrade my current Sterling DC to DC charger. I have decided to ditch the upgrade project due to difficulty in running larger cables for the 50 Amp unit. Item for sale is the same package as attachment. I am looking for £250 if collected...
  3. TeeCeeJay

    For Sale Sterling Battery to battery charger BB1230 £80

    Sterling Power BB1230 battery to battery charger. 12 volt 30 amps. Has lithium and AGM profiles. Please note this is not the MPPT version, so no solar input. £80 collected. Can post at cost.
  4. I

    Wiring issues

    I collected my 2017 T6 from the converters the other day & there are a few issues with the leisure battery setup. I knew it was a basic setup using a PMS3 & Dc-Dc charger but it suits my needs at least for now as I’ll mostly be using EHU main issues are the Victron Orion Dc/Dc charger doesn’t...
  5. Ayjay

    Sold CTEK D250SA - £120 OVNO

    This Ctek D250SA DC / DC charger (with built in MPPT Solar Controller) was removed from my van when I upgraded to a Renogy LifePo4 battery last year. It was installed for three years before I swapped it with the very similar (but Lithium compatible) D250SE. It's in full working order with no...
  6. B

    Leisure battery not charging from DC - DC

    Hi all I have a Roamer 120ah lithium battery installed under the drivers seat with two charging options - the first is a Victron charger connected to my mains hookup, and the second is the ABSO 50ah DC-DC charger connected to a solar panel and the starter battery. The Victron charger works...
  7. F

    New Victron Energy Orion XS 12/12-50A DC-DC Battery Charger?

    Afternoon all. Just looking on 12V Planet and seen this: Seems that maybe the high heat at full capacity may have been addressed looking at the details.
  8. A

    Please help me - how to use camper plug sockets?

    Hi all I recently (last week) purchased a converted T6.1. I love it, without this forum though it would be much less enjoyable as it’s so complicated figuring out where everything goes etc. When I purchased it, the guy who sold it me said all manuals were inside… and they were not. So, here...
  9. GreystokeH

    Inverter - electrics questions..

    Hello everyone! Just wondering how to go about adding an inverter to our T6. Current setup has Victron Orion tr-smart DC/DC converter and a solar charge controller connected to leisure battery, usual EHU connected to fused consumer unit with Sargent PF200 switching Battery Charger and two...
  10. E

    Upgrade DC DC

    Folks Just back from NC500 trip over 2 weeks. Weather was very mixed between some sunshine and normal Scottish weather. Currently have the following T5 LWB Solar pannel JAM60S10-345/MR Peek Power 345W Open Circuit voltage 41.76V Max Power voltage 34.99 Short Circuit current 10.54A Max Power...
  11. Steved55

    Victron DC-DC charger issue

    Hi -my victron charger has locked out on input voltage - I had a bad connection on the line fuse from main battery. Can anyone advise how to get system operating again? Thanks Steve
  12. R

    Advice on Victron B2B wiring please

    Hi, I'm installing a leisure battery and Victron B2B charger and would like to sanity check the wiring. I already have amps, distribution box and fuse box installed so want to slot the battery and charger into the current setup as simply as possible. Can someone qualified reassure me that...
  13. tommycj

    T6 with leisure battery - how to add a plug socket - 3 pin & USB C charger

    Hello First time poster! I just bought a VW Transporter T6 4Motion. It has a leisure battery under the front passenger seat with a split charger installed, and I'm not sure which battery is in there. I would love some advice on how to add a three pin plug socket, a battery charge indicator...
  14. Matt_camps

    Strange issue with DC-DC charger [Resolved]

    Any help would be greatly appreciated with the below Am just wondering if anyone has come across this issue before with a DC-DC charger. I first thought it was a faulty unit (CTEK 250SE) so changed to the RENOGY DCC50S but am still having the same issue. When the wire from the alternator is...
  15. r00ps

    T6.1 factory aux battery split charge relay upgrade & solar panel install.

    Hi, I had the factory fitted aux battery ( under a single seat with swivel base ) fitted to my T6.1 with the intention of using it as a camper leisure battery. After getting less than impressive performance and reading about how the split charge relay is a pretty bad charging method I wanted to...
  16. Jim Rey

    Renogy 50ah lithium battery not accepting a charge

    I have a renogy 50ah lithium battery that is not accepting a charge. I have spent a lot of time (frustrating hours) on webchat with Renogy. They are now suggesting that I buy a Lithium charger with re-activation capability. They have one on their website but they asking £129 for it!. I spent...
  17. Steved55

    Victron DC-DC - locked out?

    Hi - just waiting to board ferry and checking my victron ap I see that charger seems permanently locked out - have I got my settings wrong? Tia Steve
  18. sipep

    Which victron DC to DC to buy?

    Hi. I am going to do some online shopping.. I've noticed a few versions of the victron DC to DC charger. Which one do I need?
  19. slybacon67

    Lithium battery/ dc to dc upgrade

    Hi all. I would like to upgrade my battery and charging system. At present I have a 100 ah Efb leisure battery charging via a VSR and standard mains hook up (13.8v) see pics and also I have a dokio 160w plug and play solar panel which has its own controller. I would like to fit under the drivers...
  20. B

    Victron tr smart dc to dc charger l/h terminal?

    Hi guys, I’m just wiring in my victron tr smart dc to dc charger in my 2017 transporter. I’m happy with all the wiring apart from the green L/H terminal. It comes bridged in the box , I’m sure I have seen somewhere people taking the bridge out and wiring it to the fuse box …… do I just leave it...