dc - dc charger

  1. Matt_camps

    Strange issue with DC-DC charger [Resolved]

    Any help would be greatly appreciated with the below Am just wondering if anyone has come across this issue before with a DC-DC charger. I first thought it was a faulty unit (CTEK 250SE) so changed to the RENOGY DCC50S but am still having the same issue. When the wire from the alternator is...
  2. r00ps

    T6.1 factory aux battery split charge relay upgrade & solar panel install.

    Hi, I had the factory fitted aux battery ( under a single seat with swivel base ) fitted to my T6.1 with the intention of using it as a camper leisure battery. After getting less than impressive performance and reading about how the split charge relay is a pretty bad charging method I wanted to...
  3. J

    Renogy 50ah lithium battery not accepting a charge

    I have a renogy 50ah lithium battery that is not accepting a charge. I have spent a lot of time (frustrating hours) on webchat with Renogy. They are now suggesting that I buy a Lithium charger with re-activation capability. They have one on their website but they asking £129 for it!. I spent...
  4. Steved55

    Victron DC-DC - locked out?

    Hi - just waiting to board ferry and checking my victron ap I see that charger seems permanently locked out - have I got my settings wrong? Tia Steve
  5. sipep

    Which victron DC to DC to buy?

    Hi. I am going to do some online shopping.. I've noticed a few versions of the victron DC to DC charger. Which one do I need?
  6. slybacon67

    Lithium battery/ dc to dc upgrade

    Hi all. I would like to upgrade my battery and charging system. At present I have a 100 ah Efb leisure battery charging via a VSR and standard mains hook up (13.8v) see pics and also I have a dokio 160w plug and play solar panel which has its own controller. I would like to fit under the drivers...
  7. B

    Victron tr smart dc to dc charger l/h terminal?

    Hi guys, I’m just wiring in my victron tr smart dc to dc charger in my 2017 transporter. I’m happy with all the wiring apart from the green L/H terminal. It comes bridged in the box , I’m sure I have seen somewhere people taking the bridge out and wiring it to the fuse box …… do I just leave it...
  8. Blitz

    Renogy DC to DC not charging

    Hi all I know this has become a popular item now and I have just upgraded to the 50A version. However. After the install everything looked OK. A week later both my Renogy Lithium batteries are dead. The alternator light is constant red which I believe is correct, the Service light shows green...
  9. D

    Dc-dc charging issue

    Hi, New member. I am converting my t6 and have the electrics all set up. Everything has power and working ok except...i have a victron dc-dc charger. The issue I'm having (i think its an issue anyway) is that it's always on even when the ignition is off. It only turns off if I disconnect it at...
  10. T

    Busbar between dc-dc charger and leisure battery

    Evening all, so I used a company called Nomadic energy to sort all my electric components out. You tell them what your loads will be etc and they send you the equipment and wiring diagrams. All seems good but I have been looking at the diagrams and have a question about it. They put the output...
  11. M

    Has anyone bought a "Wired Campers" b2b kit rather than a Victron Orion?

    I was looking around to find the simplest Euro 6 electrical kit I could. I found this website that sell their own version of the Victron. The company reviews on trustpilot are good but everyone seems to be using the Victron device. I only found one reference on this website to the company with...
  12. T

    For Sale Renogy battery charger

    New and unused Renogy Bluetooth battery charger. Came as part of a kit but is not needed. Brand new in box £200 collection from Manchester or plus postage...
  13. Deaky

    Sold Redarc BCDC1240 12V 40A DC-DC MPPT Charger

    Swapped my battery and this won’t do lithium so it’s up for sale. Fit and forget 40a DC-DC charger. Will also do MPPT solar with the addition of a relay. £120 plus postage or collection from Ironbridge, Bilston or Busfest. NOT SUITABLE FOR LITHIUM
  14. T6DSGChris

    Help if pos, smart charge issues for my circumstances..

    hiya firstly...a lot of stuff from my t5 went in to my t6... so i used to be the simple split charge relay on my old t5, and off grid i could use kettle, microwave no issues at all with the engine running as it was self feeding good fresh power to my invertor... now lets go to my t6.... with...
  15. Sim73

    Fitting a battery charger with a Sargent EC155

    Hi, I have a fully converted van with a Sargent EC155 unit. I am wanting to leave that in place, but fit a new battery charger to cope with a new lithium battery. Has anyone done this? If so, any advice would be appreciated. Secondly, it looks like I will also have to replace my Sterling...
  16. T

    Dc to dc charger victron or renogy?

    Can't decide between the 2 does the renogy give out 50a charge ? I've read all the stuff about solar and alternator connected at same time and isolators to trick into just one is connected but is there still a 50a charge ? Bit lost in the flood of Chinese wires and panels ? Hoping to use 100ah...
  17. D

    Solar panel and alternator charging battery at same time

    Hi I have a Victron alternator charger and a 100/30 mot charger, just wondering if there is an issue with the 2 charging the battery at the same time? How does this work? Thanks
  18. Skyliner33

    Sold Victron Orion-Tr 12V/12V/30A dc-dc Bluetooth smart charger £150

    Putting this up for sale. Will include box and manuals. Preferably to be collected at Busfest (I will post if need to and agreed with buyer). The unit is currently in my van, photos can be arranged and a video to show fully working if requested. Any questions please ask...
  19. DuncanB

    Renogy DCC50S and LB under the single passenger seat? Advice please

    What is the best route to run cable from my starter battery to my DC-DC charger under the single passenger seat in my LWB please? I've taken all the matting out and I'm considering different layout options. Any suggestions would be very welcome. I'm only doing a basic conversion with the...
  20. Steved55

    Victron dc-dc charger problem

    Hi -my victron charger has locked out on input voltage - I had a bad connection on the line fuse from main battery. Can anyone advise how to get system operating again? Thanks Steve