dc - dc charger

  1. T

    Dc to dc charger victron or renogy?

    Can't decide between the 2 does the renogy give out 50a charge ? I've read all the stuff about solar and alternator connected at same time and isolators to trick into just one is connected but is there still a 50a charge ? Bit lost in the flood of Chinese wires and panels ? Hoping to use 100ah...
  2. D

    Solar panel and alternator charging battery at same time

    Hi I have a Victron alternator charger and a 100/30 mot charger, just wondering if there is an issue with the 2 charging the battery at the same time? How does this work? Thanks
  3. Skyliner33

    For Sale Victron Orion-Tr 12V/12V/30A dc-dc Bluetooth smart charger £150

    Putting this up for sale. Will include box and manuals. Preferably to be collected at Busfest (I will post if need to and agreed with buyer). The unit is currently in my van, photos can be arranged and a video to show fully working if requested. Any questions please ask...
  4. DuncanB

    Renogy DCC50S and LB under the single passenger seat? Advice please

    What is the best route to run cable from my starter battery to my DC-DC charger under the single passenger seat in my LWB please? I've taken all the matting out and I'm considering different layout options. Any suggestions would be very welcome. I'm only doing a basic conversion with the...
  5. S

    Victron dc-dc charger problem

    Hi -my victron charger has locked out on input voltage - I had a bad connection on the line fuse from main battery. Can anyone advise how to get system operating again? Thanks Steve
  6. Dave Lawson

    Sold Victron DC-DC charger and AMT12-12

    £240 + postage AMT12 is new and unused Victron is used but tip top condition
  7. T6ChrisO

    Whirring Noise From B2B Charger

    Only had the van a few weeks but today whilst driving home from the weekly trip to Go Outdoors I heard my battery to battery charger making a whirring noise. Never heard this before so not sure if there’s something wrong? Panel indicates ‘High Battery Temp’ but not sure if it’s always said this...
  8. damo1023

    Underseat install mk2 roamer

    So I figured out that I'd like to keep track of this as I go along. It's not a full build thread which I will probably tag this into. However I decided when I paid out last year to do a freshen up of my electric install. When I initially did the van last year I ran out of time and the most...
  9. W

    Starter battery -> charge controller inline fuse

    Hi folks. Apologies if the answer to this has already been given. I've had a few searches and not found a great deal. I'm in the process of installing a DC-DC charge controller (Renogy DCC30S). I've run a couple of 4 AWG cables into the engine bay via the grommetted holes in the passenger wheel...
  10. T

    Split-Charger or DC-DC Charger?

    I've been educating myself with all the great information on this site and am looking to fit an alternator charging system. I've bought a Renology 30a dcdc/mppt. Looking at @Dellmassive's ignition live thread I've noticed that on the factory 2 battery system VW themselves use a relay on engine...
  11. Littleblackflash

    DC-DC or Solar as a starting point.

    SWMBO has agreed to buy me a nice Christmas present; some power in the van :) I use my van mainly when racing my car, and I sleep in it overnight in the paddock somewhere. I only really need power for interior lights, phone charging, heater and a TV/laptop. I rarely stay in the van for more...
  12. Epic-Rob

    T6.1 Numerous warning lights after utilising factory-fit aux battery wiring [Resolved]

    OK so i have just pretty much finished a conversion on my new 6.1 during that time i had the bumpers off and parking sensors disconnected. ACC still worked fine. i turned parking sensors off on the dash, so i drove it a bit to paint shop etc and did get airbag light up as i just hadnt pushed...
  13. S

    Help sizing Renogy DC to DC charger for caddy 110a alternator

    Hello there i have a caddy 1.9tdi 2009 I've just got a renogy 100ah lithium battery and 20a DC to DC charger in the black friday sale but now thinking should i have gone for the 40a charger instead as obviously it will charge the battery twice as fast. the renogy battery has a 100a BMS and has a...
  14. J

    Sold SOLD used CTEK D250SA DC DC charger

    £100, paypal, will ship within UK 2 year old, works great please note, as on the picture, the out cables have been chopped, you will need to splice them to make longer not needed anymore as i upgraded to lithium
  15. JTT6

    Charging an EcoFlow Delta

    Evening all, I am looking at 240v power options for the van, and rather than a traditional split charge/leisure battery, I have been looking at removable batteries like the Ecoflow Delta / Goal Zero Yeti 1000x. I'm a photographer so having power I can take out of the van on shoots would be...
  16. Chris Joyce

    Victron DC-DC charger settings.

    Good afternoon guys. I posted a while ago regarding some issues with my charger/battery and I’m still trying to resolve them. would anyone be kind enough to post the settings used for a victron 12-12-30 dc/dc non insulated charger with a 110 agm battery. I’m struggling with getting charge and...
  17. Skyliner33

    Which DC-DC battery charger?

    I am now ready to install a leisure battery. I thought I had decided on a CTEK Dual, but now am looking for alternatives. I would like it to have the option to input from a solar panel for ease of future installation. What options are there/what would you recommend? Thanks
  18. K

    Vw t6 euro 5 split charging help

    Hi all looking back into putting a battery in my van and wondering what I need etc, is it a basic split charge relay system or because I have a t6 is it an expensive thing to do, my van is only a bmt102 but is a euro 5 not 6 as no as blue, I think it may have start stop but doesn’t work but...
  19. A

    DCDC low voltage issue

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and have my first question... I bought a T6 camper about a month ago. It's come with a few teething problems, one of which was the split charge system being a VSR... So after reading through the forum I've swapped it (and the dead leisure battery) for a victron...
  20. M

    Trickle Charge - Is it this easy?

    So I have a Sterling DC to DC B2B charger and have bought an AMT 12-2 to keep the starter battery topped up (Leisure Battery topped up by separate solar). Is it as simple as connecting the AMT 12-2 to the connectors in the Sterling unit labelled 5, 4 and 3 or am I a clueless :rolleyes: AMT