dc - dc charger

  1. S

    Swap out VSR for DC-DC charger

    Hi all, first post here and just looking for some advice before I get stuck into pulling my van apart. Done some research already, just need someone to tell me if I’m doing it all wrong or some reassurance from someone who has already done it. I have a T6 conversion by Redline, and recently...
  2. Roberts

    Sold CTEK D250SE - Brand New

    I have a spare CTEK D250SE for sale. Brand new in box with manual. £180 delivered or collected from Staffordshire WS7
  3. H

    Victron Orion - signal cable?

    Hi Guys, I installed my leisure battery today along with a Victron Orion B2B charger, looking at the manual it suggests I don’t need to run a signal cable to the fuse. I ran the cable anyway as I was not aware of this at the time. Does anyone have experience of using the fuse cable vs not...
  4. A

    Redarc dc-dc + mmpt

    Just looking at chargers and wondered if getting a REDARC BCDC1240D - 40A DC-DC Charger & MPPT Solar Controller would future proof my van for a while allowing me to add as I go, any suggestions, either this unit or another more suitable?
  5. L

    trickle charging starter battery & Psu modification

    having not used The van for 3 weeks,and only use it on weekends Or every other in normal times!..the starter battery was down to 11.8v so I decided on utilising my fixed solar panel on my pop top as a permanent fit & forgot solution to maintain the starter battery,I also wanted to utilise this...
  6. Ann3x

    Starter Battery Wiring - VW Disagreement

    Interesting one. I've had a few problems with my starter battery discharging (its a Varta, not a Moll so thats not the issue!). Basically my battery goes flat after around 5-7d inactivity. Thats pretty short imo. This was an issue before lockdown and is not just due to the extended hiatus. I've...
  7. R

    Screen shot of bmv712, voltage high?

    Hi, I’ve got my ctek 250 set for agm battery which as I understand should be 14.7v the bmv says 14.99v and has fluctuatedto just over 15v When charging with engine running. is this ok or is something amiss? Thanks rob.
  8. Tim Sparkes

    Is this normal - Battery charging.

    Yesterday I noticed something that I hadn't seen before. Probably because I have the drivers seat out for another job and noticed it but thought I'd check. I had EHU connected which was powering a Victron Energy IP22 12\15. This was charging the leisure battery. I also had a Victron Energy...
  9. C

    Can I see your electric setups?

    So I’ve decided to keep the leisure battery under the drivers seat, can I see Pictures of your setups, how it’s been mounted and where you have mounted your dc-dc, fuses etc. I was thinking of a ply pannel on the back of the drivers seat metal work low down...
  10. Jack T

    Dual output mains charger

    So with the current situation my camper isn’t coming out of the garage much which has made me think about maintaining the starter battery. I already have a Victron 30a charger to charge my twin leisure battery setup but have been thinking about changing it for a triple output Victron instead...
  11. L

    Stupid Question About Ablemail B2b And Sargent Ec155

    Probably a stupid question I know but....... The Sargent EC155 has an inbuilt 'battery charger' when on hookup. I know this is a constant voltage charger, but if you connected it to the input of the Ablemail, would this not then convert it to a proper charger? Just wondering if i need to buy a...
  12. B

    Auto Electrics North West??

    Can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere that can do all three of stereo speaker upgrade - dc / dc battery install and Webasto. Does this type of magician even exist or will I have to just put the van into different places for the different pieces of work?
  13. T6Jay

    T6.1 Ignition Feed For Renogy B2b

    Does anyone know where I can get this? Is it the same as the T6?
  14. Gooson

    Dc To Dc Charger Recommendations

    Hi, I've searched through a lot of similar threads regarding the dc to dc chargers, there's a lot of information on these threads that mean nothing to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯️ I'm fitting a leisure battery with 240v shore supply in via a charger but obviously when I'm not on site the leisure battery won't get...
  15. lydart

    Installing An Orion Tr-smart 12/12/30 Under Passenger Seat In A California Beach

    I've just taken delivery of the DC-DC charger and removed the passenger seat to see where it could be installed. There doesn't appear to be enough space under the seat and I was wondering if anyone had managed to fit this in a Beach?
  16. Mr blue

    Smart Charge Or Not?

    Hi I have a 2015 T6 and was wondering which systems you guys use to charge your leisure battery? Do I really need a ctek charger at £250
  17. J

    B 2 B Ignition Feed?

    Help Please... 'engine run' feed? Probably wrong place to ask, (sorry), but newbie here. I have a 2018 T6 Panel van, trying to fit an Schaudt WA 121525 B to B charger ... Schaudt have told me directly that I must have an 'engine run' feed. Tested the rear of main light switch - there are NO...
  18. U

    Battery Question?

    I would like to install the second battery for the t6 2016 box car. (2016 t6 euro 5 engine 140 ps) My vehicle does not have a start stop feature. is my charging alternator normal or smart? 2. Can I connect the battery directly in parallel? (this is the first scenario) my second question is...
  19. J

    Battery Charging 240v With Dc-dc Installed.

    Evening all :-) I am about to install a Ctek dc-dc charger in my van but would like the option of connecting a charger from the mains as well without frying the dc-dc charger or overloading the system. I cannot seem to find the answers anywhere despite searching everywhere, how have you guys...
  20. OllieGBR

    Battery Under Drivers Seat Or Rear Of Lwb?

    I'm trying to understand the pros/ cons of fitting the leisure battery and associated paraphernalia under the drivers seat vs a bespoke locker at the rear of my LWB. Driver seat pros; short cable run from starter battery can be a neat solution put a socket directly on the rear of the seat base...