1. J

    Unlock DAB?

    Hi everyone. I have recently picked up a 67 plate Shuttle SE and I'm surprise to find that even though it has a fairly up to date entertainment system with Apple CarPlay, it doesn't have DAB radio. It looks like this may have been an option. Are there any experts around here. Is it possible...
  2. M

    Lost DAB stations [Resolved]

    Hi All, I've lost all of my DAB radio stations on my standard head unit on my T6. When i rescan it doesnt find any stations. Any ideas why? I had a solar panel fitted over a year ago and Im pretty sure the DAB radio was still working after the fit, although Im not 100% as the van has been parked...
  3. Mwcard

    T6 DAB aerial upgrade

    Morning all, I'm trying my best to not post any new questions to ones that have already been answered but I have read through a lot of posts on the OEM DAB aerial and can't find anything to my specific question. The DAB is very poor in my T6. It's a standard set-up with head unit shown in...
  4. 3crispies

    Relocate DAB aerial

    Looking into replacing Dab aerial fitted in our mirror onto roof or upgrading original. Would love to upgrade headunit but cant stretch that far at the moment. May not be linked but once mirrors are inverted water drains out of them. When van was new had issues with handsfree and Vw replaced...
  5. C

    Wingmirror /DAB aerial woes

    Hi there, I had an after market wing mirror fitted last Sept following a mirror high 5 with a wide caravan - power folding, heated glass, DAB antenna as the original. I'm SURE the DAB worked when I collected it from the garage, but since then the DAB reception first went weird (filtering...
  6. D

    T6.1 shark fin relocation options?

    Hi All The van has gone for fitting the pop top and instead of fitting the existing T6.1 roof aerial to the front of the new pop top I would like to fit something a little sleeker on the rear of the van roof. It’s a LWB but I’m having an electric Cali roof fitted so there will be 400mm of roof...
  7. GavMc P11GT

    Standard DAB antenna replacement in the roof area?

    So we have not had our van long but have thought the DAB was terrible, having read loads on here about it not being the best to start with I wasn’t expecting the world. Anyway I was going through the vans history and found a bill for a replacement drivers mirror and and associated paint for...
  8. MickW

    Has anyone tried Wingmirror man

    Unfortunately two stupid drivers didn’t get the gap correct hence I now need a new drivers side mirror t6 Highline c/w DAB antenna but without SAT Nav Has anyone tried Wingmirror man Attached. If the DAB antenna wasn’t buggered before it probably is now so probably needs replacing, any thoughts...
  9. Andysmee

    [SOLVED] Bad radio reception + no electric mirror control = cut loom

    Having read this thread about bad radio reception - T6 Aerials, Gps, Dab, Fm/am, Gsm - How I Did It and knowing that my offside wing mirror is not body colour (as it should be for a Trendline) and was not responding to the electric controls, I decided to take the mirror apart. Thanks to folks...
  10. B

    Composition Colour swap-out

    Hi,having just joined and scouring the informative topics I have unfortunately the Composition Colour head unit in my T6.It has been brought up many times that the units cannot be upgraded due to being paired to each van.Would I be able to remove this head unit and fit a non VW head unit like...
  11. S

    T6.1 station logos

    Hi all, I am having issues installing station logos on my new T6.1 highline as there is no station logo option listed in the settings menu. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. nobbyq

    English radio channels when abroad

    anyone else get bored of french channels when traveling , i know ur in france but is there anything english one can receive everywhere in europe ?
  13. Sabre


    I've heard that the UK is going to move to DAB+, finally, so I'm trying to find out if the composition colour base unit is capable of DAB+ and, if it is, is the mirror aerial compatible? Even if the head unit is, I would guess a cheap aerial may not be. Anyone know? Edit: seems the head unit...
  14. powerbungalow

    Nextbase 522GW DAB drop out

    Hello. Does anyone know of any issue when hardwiring a Nextbase dash cam with relation to the DAB signal dropping out? I was going to use the passenger side A pillar and then across the top of the windscreen. The reason I ask is that I also own a 66 plate Golf and the rear window is part of the...
  15. SAF1981

    Android Auto Head Unit recommendations

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket Android media unit to replace the VW T6 unit? If so which one have you installed or recommend? I'm looking for one that has DAB, Bluetooth, Mirror phone, GPS, reverse camera..... Thanks
  16. Spookybear

    Shark Fin / Bee Sting Aerial.

    I'm getting a bit bored with my DAB reception now on my std head unit. Was just looking for a roof mount, didnt really want to drill the body but heyho. Lo & behold, looks like Vdub have got fed up too as noticed the new T6.1 has a roof mounted front "block" not really a nice looking thing but...
  17. Hinsley

    Radio Station Logos.

    Thought I'd try to fill some of the missing radio logos in DAB and FM. Downloaded the latest set from T6Forum and VW and merged the two but still had gaps. Googled it hoping to find something with all of them but nothing seemed to have a full up to date logos. I did find this site that lets...
  18. paradigm

    Activating Sdl National?

    Hi guys, I remember having to do this in my old t6 (different, non-nav headunit) but can’t remember how I did it. How do I activate the SDL National stations? Thanks
  19. Winter138

    DRL LED Causing DAB Interference

    Has anyone had any issues with DRL lights effecting DAB signal. Was fine until I installed bumper DRL inserts.
  20. Mike Gash

    Windscreen DAB Aerial

    Hi All I’m trying to wire up a windscreen aerial to improve my DAB on my T6 highline but don’t know what the wires are on the back of the head unit. Can any on help. Cheers