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  1. T

    T5 retrofitting and coding cruise-control

    Hi eweryone! Can anybody help? I have retrofitted cruise control and H7+H1 Caravelle lights to my T5. Does anybody have adaptation lists for control modules on these old machines to turn on cc and change light settings? I have Autocom in use, but it doesnt show adaptation list... Last year...
  2. D

    Engine light came on while ..

    Hi, I was on the motorway doing 65 in cruise control and the engine light suddenly came on . I had no loss of power and engine sounds smooth. Called the garage I bought it from and they were great said bring it back asap and will get it fixed . However I am 3 months into 6 month warranty and...
  3. M

    Speed limiter option - on which cruise controls?

    Hello all - my first post, I'm a wannabe owner at this point, but this forum has been super helpful for research as I figure out what spec I should look for, what can be retrofit, etc. One feature I really really want (like the Spice Girls) is a speed limiter - my cars have had this for the...
  4. Pauly

    T6 CCS Cruise Control (EU6) Wiring Diagram 2018

    Cruise Control System Circuit Diagram Covers Euro 6 style cruise control operated from steering wheel buttons VIP Membership is required to download this document
  5. Pauly

    T6 CCS Cruise Control (EU5) Wiring Diagram 2016

    Cruise Control System Circuit Diagram Covers Euro 5 style cruise control operated from steering column combination switch (stalk) VIP Membership is required to download this document
  6. Pauly

    T6 MFSW Multifunction Steering Wheel Wiring Diagram 2016

    MFSW Circuit Diagram Covers both types of button setups with (EU6) and without (EU5) cruise control on the wheel VIP Membership is required to download this document
  7. cgtmiles

    Cruise control not working

    Help! I noticed today that the cruise control (std not ACC) is not working anymore! I hardwired in a dashcam last week so I must have done something to stop it working but I can’t work out what. I have control on the steering wheel buttons and these work as I use them for my ghost code. The...
  8. L

    Cruise control malfunction

    I just bought a 2016 vw Caravelle. The cruise control turns on however it doesn't become active - the white signal of the cruise control turns on but I press set and it doesn't activate (no green signal) Does anyone had this problem? How can I fix it? Thanks
  9. A

    Cruise control warning and MFD not working? Linked?

    My MFD is stuck on avg consumption and the cruise control symbol is on all the time with a warning symbol next to it. Don’t know if they are linked?
  10. Johnod17

    Who new

    Wow Had my T6 for Nearly 3 years now and only today while driving to wiggan on a break down ,I found that if you press resume it increased the speed on the cruse control it increased the speed by one mile per hour per press. Just like my T5.1 on the + - button. Who new ? every days a school day
  11. T

    Acc Strange Gear Selection

    My 2016 LWB T6 2.0TDI 4M DSG has recently started a new «fun game»... I set the ACC to wanted max speed, and when I come to a little slope where the car usually downshifts, it dont. It keeps at the highest gear, loosing speed for about 5-10km/h before it downshifts ONE gear. I’ve tried all the...
  12. K

    MFSW Startline retrofit

    Hi All. 1st post for me so go gentle. Bought a MFSW came of a 68 plate high line to fit to my 67 plate start line. All controls work par the cruise had it retrofitted by local vw company yet there struggling with the cruise. The buttons on the cruise actually activate the horn also bought the...
  13. goldeneye243

    T6 Highline Cruise Control

    I picked up my T6 on Friday - Really pleased!! One thing that is niggling me though is that I thought that the highline came with cruise control as standard, but mine doesn't have it. Any thoughts? Could it have been specified without cruise control (not sure why you would though??) EDIT -...
  14. N

    Cruise control retrofit / warranty

    Does anyone know.... if I get a cruise control retrofit done, can it affect the vans warranty (it still has 13 months to run)? My local dealership was pretty vague, stating that it 'could', but of course they aren't overly helpful and won't fit it themselves!
  15. piritel

    Help with T6 Eu6 Cruise Control retrofit

    Hi want to install a cruise control on a T6 Kombi Eu6, and buyed in a vw local dealer a stack with cruise control buttons and multifunction display buttons. I have a stearing wheel with radio and multi function display buttons to. The dealer give me a guide for install that its the same that vw...
  16. Allan Smith

    Cruise Control Retrofit Euro6

    Morning every one As a new member I apologise if I am posting this one in the wrong place but I thought it was right. I have recently got myself a camper based on the T6 Startline. It hasn't got cruise control and I was wondering if it is possible to retrofit it myself? I'm not too bad on the...