conversion decisions

  1. R

    buying conversion or already converted?

    Hey folks! I'm after a T6 camper, with the standard conversion kit. May also consider T5, if the price and spec is right! We're not after anything too fancy or modern. Hoping to spend no more than 35k (which seems a challenge looking at the value of some) rough spec: T6 2015-2018? mileage -...
  2. A

    4Motion - Underslung LPG thoughts?

    Hello, So I'm currently in the process of converting our T32 SWB 4Motion into a Swamper camper and all currently is going good and to plan.... so far. Touch wood. i know there isn't a space to mount the LPG tank under the vehicle as standard due to the Diff being in the desired mounting...
  3. NicLD

    Decision Making - Slidepods V Fitted Kitchen

    Got a short wheel base T6 and wonder which conversion is best for our lifestyle. The van will be used mainly as a camper for 2 of us and sometimes with a tent for 3 kids. I’ve always hankered after the traditional fitted kitchen and cupboards but was really taken with the Slidepods flexibility...