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  1. M

    Sold W8 Ambient Centre Light Free

    I bought this off eBay for £50 but didn’t fit it due to the marks etc as shown. It’s fully functional but it could do with a respray in my opinion. Free if anyone wants to cover the postage.
  2. T

    Upper cubby hole box removal...

    Hi All how do i remove the overhead tray just the inner tray bit (in red) from the overhead console? Does it just pry out with trim tools or is it more complex? thought id ask before starting to just pull it about Cheers Justin
  3. JABB

    Ceiling light changeout

    How easy is it to replace the rectangular lights with round led ones? Can I use the power in the roof on the old ones? Ideally I would like the lights to act as the existing ones, on with the doors and also switched on. Will the canbus bar me from doing this?
  4. Jlo

    T6.1 Removing the plastic 'cubby hole' trim?

    Before I go hacking at it, does anyone have any experience removing the plastic around the cab lights etc... Has it got a proper name? Thanks in advance!
  5. C

    My interior light has extra connections

    I have been trying to install a new W8 interior light, the one which illuminates the dash. Anyway, all was going fine until I removed the original light (this one has a fault on it). What I found when I removed it was a red & black cable cable soldered to either side of the interior bulb holder...
  6. S

    Travelin-Lite LED ceiling light help

    Hi guys, I have bought some LED ceiling lights from Travelin-lite. They all have a connector on the end but no female end for the connectors to go into. I want to connect them into the ceiling of my kombi, taking power from the factory ceiling light which is halogen, 3 wire type. How do I wire...
  7. Tsixty

    Front ceiling light removal

    OK newbie question of the day, how on earth do you get into this particular front light cluster to change the bulbs? There doesn't seem to be anywhere to get a trim tool in or anything
  8. D

    Interior light fuse

    Hi All I think I might have blown the interior light fuse. Does anyone know where it is?
  9. T6180

    Sold Passat W8 Ambient Centre Light

    As title, in grey/beige....whatever the standard colour is. Works perfectly fine all you will need is the connector and loom of fleebay, roughly £15 I'll post a picture tomorrow Looking for £35 plus postage
  10. S

    Overhead Console Clips

    Does anyone know where I can buy in the UK the metal spring clips that hold the overhead console in place. I have literally searched everywhere and the only place I can find them is in Europe and they want £50 postage for 10 small clips!!
  11. bullracing

    Interior Overhead Roof Console / Cubby Hole Swap

    I have a shuttle so seem to have the old style overhead thingy (I am sure there is a proper name), like this. Is it possible to change to the newer style? any benefits to changing to the newer style? I will be getting a pop top soon so might be a good opportunity to change if it is worth...
  12. andy greenwood

    Interior Light Stays On When The Sliding Door Is Open

    the interior light in the front cab stays on permanently if I have the sliding door open. Is this correct ? if i'm on a camp site for example and were relaxing with the sliding door open its annoying that the light stays on all the time. If I close the sliding door then the light goes off...
  13. Dellmassive

    Cab Ambient Lighting (factory Mod) - How I Done It -

    Cab Ambient Lighting (factory mod) - How I done it - The lower dash LED lighting had already been done before thanks to the forum shop & @Pauly , which can be seen here: . so i though i would give the OEM style RED LED ambient lighting a go . . . . There are a few threads on T6F...
  14. dubdub

    OMG At Last!! Ceiling light rattle sorted

    Hi all, Since getting my T6 2 years ago I've been driven mad by intermittent rattle, I've spent a lot of time, money and effort soundproofing which works great but the down side is you hear more internal noises and this one has driven me nutts! It was one of those ones that seem to come from...
  15. Download 1

    Download 1

  16. T

    Interior Light Unit Removal

    Hi All I’m trying to remove the whole interior light unit in the cab but having troubles. Any got instructions or a video of how to do this?
  17. saxoboy

    For Sale Ambient Cabin Overhead Lighting

    Hi Guys, I have these kits for sale, they are very easy to fit and transform your T6 Cabin. These easily fit a Highline or Kombi model, but can be made to fit other models with a little bit of alteration (just ask), they do not fit Caravelle’s as the light they are replacing is not the same...
  18. T6 Owl

    Interior Overhaul

    Hi All, Recently had my T6 interior brought up to speed, thought i’d share it! Dynamat sound deadening Insulation Two tone carpet lining Alcantara roof lining Carbon fibre wrapped roof splits LED spots Rear speaker installation Front speaker & tweeter upgrades 12v socket in rear Jack moved to...
  19. tubs

    what wire do i tap into for the LEDs to work

    So question is what wire do i tap into for the LEDs to work ? Thanks
  20. K

    Courtesy Light Switch Options

    I'm planning on fitting 8 led roof lights that will be switched from the leisure battery. Ideally I would like the option to have 4 of them also come on when the doors are opened to replace the two current rocker lights that are fitted in the roof. I've had a look on travelvolts and can see a...