caravelle step light

  1. Sam Lawson

    Caravelle Step Lights - cover only.

    I've seen this has been asked before, but nothing recently. I'm tidying up my Caravelle, and the plastic covers on the step lights are a bit scuffed or cracked. It seems you can only buy a full lamp unit rather than just the cover. Wondering if this is still the case? I'm sure someone with a 3D...
  2. Y

    Highline Step Light LED bulbs

    Can anyone recommend some LED bulbs for the Highline step light? Thanks.
  3. LakesT6

    Caravelle front step light wiring/connectors

    Evening all, I’ve just picked up a cheap set of caravelle front steps for my Kombi. I’m looking for the part numbers for the connector plugs and pins in order to wire them to the courtesy light circuit. Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  4. Gareth1

    Front Sidestep Led Lamps

    Hi Having recently converted my interior roof mounted lights to LED lamps, I'm now looking to swap my front driver and passenger step lamps also to LED. These are the ones that have 4 separate warm white lamps currently installed. Does anyone know the lamp type so I can order some replacement...
  5. OllieGBR

    Caravelle Step Light

    I've searched and I know from @Skyliner33 posts on his build that you need a Caravelle step to accommodate the additional height the floor brings. What I can't find is how this is wired in? Is this powered by your leisure battery or spliced from the door switch?
  6. Skyliner33

    Caravelle Step Height?

    Looking for some help. I’m thinking of putting a Caravelle step inside my drivers door step. I’m just wondering if it will be the correct height for my carpet.
  7. fezza68

    Front Step Light Removal

    Looking for help on how to remove the front step light cover. Is it simply a case of a trim tool behind it?.