1. ma77y

    For Sale Elddis Chatsworth 574 Tourer £13,000 OVNO

    2014 4 birth with 2 singles Awning, awning carpet and underlay Electric hook up Water carrier Waste water carrier 2 gas bottles External TV arial Solar panel Caravan step Wheel lock 2 TV brackets Kettle and toaster The tourer is currently sited at Shrewsbury and available for a look around with...
  2. RyanGerry

    Caravan Navigation Apps?

    Can anyone recommend a good app for a caravan sat nav? I don’t really want to purchase a sat nav specifically for caravans, I’ve been caught out a number of times with the caravan on tow and been in a few tight situations that my Waze has sent me through.
  3. 6

    Anyone added a caravan to their T6?

    Anybody on here tow a caravan, we are mid caravan change at the moment so were going new van,new caravan, that was our 5.1.
  4. Loz

    Sold as new Vango Sonoma II 400 - 2019 for Caravan £300

    Selling on behalf of our cousin. This has only been unpacked once and never actually used. Cost New £800 will take £400 £300 buyer collects (Cheltenham). The Sonoma features our Sentinel Pro fabric providing superior strength and comfort, whilst our pre-angled SuperBeams™ allow for great...
  5. RyanGerry

    Buying a caravan any tips?

    So we have decided to buy a caravan and before I go all in and buy the first one I see I would like to get peoples tips for those that have a caravan. My budget is 20k and so far I know it must be 6 birth and a twin axle. Any help or tips would be much appreciated Thanks
  6. Jimmi

    Any caravaners on here? Incline parking question

    We’ve just bought a house that we’re going to renovate. To keep the budget down we’re living in it while we do it. Having a caravan on the drive would help out massivley. But…… the drive is quite sloped (not sure of the exact angle) I’d say it drops about 2’ over 20’. Is it possible to park and...
  7. Aleks_vl

    Wanted dacha trailer

    Hello everyone, tell me where you can buy a trailer dacha at an adequate price, I need two options of fresh years and an old one. Give a link to a website for sale or a website for private ads.
  8. Johnod17

    For Sale Caravan for sale

    I have my mum and dad’s caravan on eBay if anyone is interested It is a Coachman 460/2 (2 berth) my dad has terminal cancer so caravan days are over. This is the listing number 224138964740 Starting at £17k but open to offers Thanks John
  9. S

    How to prevent van body roll when stationary?

    I have a 2012 VW T5 Shuttle lwb, with original factory suspension setup on 17" Devonports. When in it, and the van is stationary, if I move slightly, the van rolls ever so slightly on the suspension, and then corrects itself. Totally normal behaviour. If it were just me in the van, it...
  10. JasonW

    7pin Or 13pin...

    I'm looking into towbar electrics and have come across the 7pin or 13pin loom choice.... I plan on towing a small bike carrier with storage box as below.... (thanks for the idea @Dieseldonkey which I came across on here...) I think I only need a 7pin loom for this, but is it wise or even...
  11. Dave F

    Sold Swift 2008 Caravan For Sale

    I have our 2008 4 birth swift Charisma Oakmere GT with fixed bed,we snd shower, blow air heating, front seating that converts into a bed, roof light, TVpoint, fridge freezer that runs on gas or electric as dose the heating. ,motor mover ,1 porch awning and one full awning the full having...