camper electrics

  1. D

    Campervan electrics: Is LB dead?

    Hi all. Looking to help a friend where it looks like the leisure battery is probably about broke. It is 5 years old. Battery to battery looks like it is working. Solar panel fitted bit doesn’t look like it is working. It appears a fuse is missing under drivers seat but not sure what for or what...
  2. sipep

    Where do I start with electrics?

    The van is going in for a poptop in two weeks.. I was going to get a diesel heater done at the same time. But I need some electrics.. We will only be going away for max of 1-2 nights.. Mrs says mainly camp sites. I could get a 240 extension lead.. but that does help with the diesel heater...
  3. Oldrat

    Help- Camper electrics tripping out.

    Hi, I’m after your thoughts on this. I’m a total Leccy numpty and so I sought help from a professional auto electrician as my 12v leisure system trips out occasionally. When it does, it is mostly as the ignition is switched on/ off, although it has tripped a few other times when we’ve been...
  4. L

    Leisure power system, starting from scratch, I'm going round in circles.

    I have an 2017 ex RAC van and have been looking at the leisure electrics side of it, it already has a split charging and a 100AH AGM battery but I would like to start from scratch with a lithium battery and I don't know if the split charge relays will be good enough. I will be installing LED...
  5. J

    Camper electrics don’t work when engine is off the lights

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and new to camper vans. A few days ago I brought a 2015, T6 Transporter converted by Funky Dubz. I could really use your help please. The problem I have is that when I switch the engine OFF the rear electrics do not operate, I have no clue why, maybe there is a...
  6. Garyf123

    Any idea how my camper electrics work?

    Hi, I am having a van day today as it is the first time since i bought it last September that i have had a chance to really explore it! It has a PMS 240v - 12v system (Black box under seat with fuses in) with a leisure battery and a 60w solar deck. If i understand this correctly, the PMS unit is...
  7. J19WMK

    Wiring IGN Cable for DC to DC Charger - HELP

    Hi everyone, In the interest of saving myself some time and money; Can any help with “piggy-backing” a IGN cable for a DC to DC charger from the fuse box under the dash? Thanks
  8. TeeCeeJay

    Electrical component brand compatibility?

    We don't have our van yet, but I'm trying to hoover up as much info as I can and plan our set-up from this great forum resource!. One thing is puzzling me though. Is it important / required to have all the components for your electrical set up from the same brand? I guess it becomes more...

    For Sale Unused Electrics Kit incl Fuse Box, Contol Panel, 240V charger CBE PC210 Kit (less consumer unit)

    CBE PC210 Kit (less consumer unit) I purchased this kit from Kiravans back in March but, with the exception of the consumer unit which I have put in the van, I have not used/installed any of it. The pack is made up of the following: CBE DS300-UK - Fused Distribution Box CBE PC210-ST -...
  10. J

    Earthing 240V consumer unit

    Hey, I’m currently installing 240v electrics in my van and I’ve earthed the consumer unit to the van itself. Just want to make 100% sure this has been done correctly and it’s safe. I’ve attached a picture. Can anyone help? Cheers John
  11. DaniH

    T6 electrics - DIY or not?

    Hi, I'm currently converting my first camper and want to hear people's experiences of whether they did a DIY job or got a professional to do it :) I have some wiring experience and pretty good at following a you tube video but not sure if it will just fry my brain (no pun intended lol). I am...
  12. S

    Help with leisure electrics - Cable sizing, distribution, etc.

    Hi all, I'm currently planning my camper build (T6 SWB) to incorporate the below. Under driver's seat: - Leoch Xtreme 110 Leisure battery (12V 110AH Xtreme AGM Leisure Battery (XR1750) NCC Class A - Alpha Batteries) - CTEK D250SE DC-DC charger - Starter battery -> DC-DC charger isolation...
  13. A

    Looking for a good Leisure battery fitter SW London

    Hi, Looking to get a leisure battery installed in my T6 Kombi (2018). Anyone know a good installer in SW london / Surrey area? Or is this a relatively easy self install?
  14. T

    Battery charger tripping MCB. Any ideas?

    Hi, I’ve just fitted a leisure battery and charger, along with EHU, consumer unit and two 240v sockets to my van. It’s a small consumer unit with 1x40 amp RCD and 2 MCBs. I’ve hooked the two sockets up to the 16A MCB and cut the plug off the charger (Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 Charger - 12V...
  15. K

    Sorry but what AWG wire do I need

    Sorry it's an easy question to answer.... I want to get cig lighter in the back for a fan for the dog cage / What AWG cable do I need to get a feed there from the fuse box? Is it better for something beefier and then stick a fuse box in the back? any help much appreciated... I also need to...
  16. cfdave

    How to keep things tidy?

    Just finished installing the ctek and battery etc. I thought it would be easy to make it look neat. With loads of room. Nope. Awkward af. And advice on how to tidy up this nest of cables? Thanks
  17. S

    Webasto Heater remote control option available?

    I have a Webasto heater in my converted camper and was wondering whether there is a remote control option available so that the camper can be pre-warmed on a cold morning? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  18. czmate1999

    Electrics... Vw Factory Second Battery Or Install With Conversion...

    Hi All, Am now on to electrical spec and any thoughts would be welcome... have been advised today to go for a VW factory fit second battery with all appropriate wiring already in place for charging the leisure battery once van battery is charged. Was told the advantages were that there isn't...
  19. Smikas

    T6 Electrics Install Help

    Hi All I am new to the forum and to the Transporter range! I have been doing a fair bit of reading and need a little advice. In 3 weeks time I will be putting the van in the garage and starting stage 1 of a 3 year, 3 stage process: Stage 1 - Insulation, lining and electrics (fitted inside an...