cam belt

  1. S

    Power steering pump - replacement cost.

    Hi all. Has anyone had any experience with replacing power steering pumps? My dealer has informed me that’s it’s weeping oil and recommends it to be replaced. The van is due a cam belt and water pump which they have quoted £890 to conduct the work, PLUS a further £968 to replace the power...
  2. R

    Cam Belt Changed - Now multiple errors including Stop Start

    Recently had my Cam belt changed and when I picked up the van it failed to start first time. Put it down to a low battery after being in the garage all day. For the following week the van refused to start first time often taking several goes at cranking over before it starts (2 - 3 minutes)...
  3. N

    Cambelt/water pump and DSG oil change - 5 year change?!

    Hi Guys just booked my 2018 T6 150 DSG in for service and Mot as it's 4 years old in January I was expecting to replace cambelt / water pump and DSG gear box oil... VM service informed me that according to the chassis number my engine and DSG box are on 5 year schedule!
  4. Dundrummin

    Cambelt Disaster!

    So a few weeks ago wile the wife was driving it, the van (T6 2016) made a funny noise, went into limp mode, then wouldn't start again after she'd stopped. To cut a long story short the cambelt had lost a tooth or two and slipped, only cost just shy of £3,000 to put it right :mad: I bought the...
  5. M

    Redesigned water-pump

    Hi all looking for a bit help. Just stripped timing belt of my van with engine code CXHA. The water pump I removed was just a simple pump. But the new one supplied has a sensor and small look fitted. Can this be fitted and simple left unplugged? It’s a SKF kit I have bought. Here is a picture...
  6. G

    Harmonic balancer removal

    Anyone with any experience removing the harmonic balancer on the crank shaft? Looked at a tool online but mine doesn't appear to have the thread on the inside of the pulley to accept the tool Late 2016 model if that helps? Need to replace the cambelt but now stuck with this TIA
  7. Dan Morritz

    Camshaft sensor fail, then crankshaft sensor fail.....

    I could do with a bit of advice if anyone has the time, please? Having had our Kombi for 7months now (2016, 150, Highline @ 47k miles) we have had an awful week with the glow plug lamp flashing up and showing faults. The engine was mis-firing and wouldn't function well over 2000rpm, resulting in...
  8. Bargy62

    TSi & cam belt

    I have had a search and can't find anything I have TSI coming up 4 years old and thought new cam belt soon spoke to local indy who I have always used and was told no belt it has a chain does not need doing is there anyone on here who works for VW who can confirm this or put me straight as to...
  9. Van Buddy

    Won’t start [Resolved]

    T6 204 diesel. Van was used on a long drive and then a trip to the shops. It was left 5 mins and then wouldn’t start. Turns over but doesn’t fire. no fault codes. There was a slight burning smell when I parked up and it looks as if the front egr pipe has a crack, rear one has already been...
  10. Socopoc

    Cam Belt Change requirement

    Hi everyone just joined as i have just purchased a T6 2016 plate. I have a question, i spoke to VW and asked about the cam belt renew, they told me it needs replacing either at 120k miles or 4 years. It had a service at 74k it now has 77k should i renew the cambelt yet.
  11. Andrew Walden

    Rattling noise after Cam belt/ water pump

    Hello All, MY 16 plate T6 102 PS manual has just had its cam belt/ water pump done by the dealership. On collection there was a rattling noise after driving a couple of miles (engine speed linked) so I took it straight back to the dealership (Beadles VW Chelmsford van centre) The technician...
  12. Markab04

    Cam cover gasket

    I put my 2017 t6 in garage for cam cover gasket and injector oil seals they said 3 hour job, I phoned them after it had been in all day they said its running rough when put back together and showing cam sensor on tester, so they changed that , then phoned and said still running rough 2 injectors...
  13. S

    Premature cam-belt failure

    So my 67 plate 93k T6 has had premature cambelt failure currently waiting on results of engine damage however VW have offered to pay 100% of parts and 50% of Labour, the cambelt was not due to be changed till October and it has been main dealer serviced from day 1 so do I push for more or is the...
  14. catfood12

    Replace timing belt with new if removed ? Did I see that or imagine it?!

    Mates I'm sure I read in a repair guide to replace cam belt with new if removed, i.e. don't refit the old belt. Not sure if it was a T6 repair procedure or something else. Does that ring any bells anywhere, or am I hallucinating ?
  15. bullracing

    What Brand Cambelt kit and how do I know if I need an electric water pump?

    So I've had a bit of a read through the cambelt threads, pretty much most saying the same thing 4 or 5 years.... What brand belt kit can I use as I noticed the recall with Gates, have they sorted the problem out or are they still worth avoiding? I've usually always gone for a gates belt powergrip...
  16. Rich Green

    SOLVED: Fuel cut off solenoid/relay

    Hi guys just a quick one. Is there any common causes that may stop the fuel getting to my T5.1. I’m not completely sure but I remember being able to hear my fuel pump before and now all is silent? Is there any common faults or fuses to check before I progress with getting her towed off?
  17. B

    trouble starting after cambelt, water pump, aux belt change [Resolved]

    trouble starting 2.0tdi cambelt? waterpump , aux belt change...... Hi guys changed the belts and water pump, all good, drives great, no leaks! but now wont start until 7 or 8 turns of key, and glow plug flashing ? generic code04960 which is almost anything! but think its something to...
  18. B

    Possible Cam Belt Tensioner?

    Hi, New to T6 ownership, I’ve got a 68 plate on 16k miles, and noticed this noise when I first got it home. At the time just thought it was a characteristic of the engine, until I started to read on here about tensioner problems. So recorded the engine idling today to see if you guys think it...
  19. W

    Van Tech Vw, Uckfield, East Sussex

    Home - Volkswagen Independent Commercial Specialists Address: Unit 3 Holbein Pl, Bolton Cl, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield TN22 1PH Email: Hours: Opens 8am ⋅ Closes 5PM Phone: 01825 761942 This is a VW accredited independent, owned and run by a an ex VW Technician...
  20. Loz

    T6 Cam Belt Replacement procedure 2020-01-30

    Workshop manual section for the replacement of the Cam Belt