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  1. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove a T6 California double rear bench/bed covers and retrim

    Ever wish you never started something? Well, this is a candidate for it. I didn't take as many pictures as I used to, as I'm familiar with tearing down seats now, but this had some new challenges. Removing the covers should be easy but they are simply not made to be removed, compared to all...
  2. Eyres'ee

    Cali rear seatbelt eaten

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help. My ever so helpful dog has more or less chewed through one of the seatbelts of my rear seat. The seat is a californa seat that was fitted when my van was converted. A couple of questions. 1. Does anyone know the best place to get a replacement? 2. Are they...
  3. K

    Beach 3 seat bench removal

    Hi, Im collecting my California Beach next week and want to remove the 3 seat bench as I won't be using it. Is this difficult to do and should the seat be brought as far forwards to the front and then bring it out from the side doors, or, as far back and then bring it out from the tailgate...
  4. Higgidav

    California drawer pull handle part

    I’m trying to help my neighbour find a replacement handle for the drawer under the rear sliding seats. I think it is the same part as the handle that is used to slide the whole seat. The number stamped on the part is 7H5 885 639 and I’m pretty sure it’s number 3 in the attached pictures. I...
  5. W

    Kitchen unit for Cali bed on rails

    Hello, My first post on the forum. So thanks in advance if anyone can help me. I am at the stage in my conversion to pick a kitchen. I have a California bed with rails and the one I have at the top of my list is the EVO designs 5.4 pro lwb. My question is; has anyone used this kitchen/bed...
  6. 18T6

    Cali bed protector / cover

    Hey, anyone know of a heavy duty waterproof cover for the California bed seat? Cant buy from Inka as they do fronts separately (bought when we only had cab seats) but they won’t sell the rear separately - they suggested I buy the whole kit and sell the fronts
  7. D

    Suppliers for Cali bed

    Hi all My next big job on the conversion is to source and have installed a two person seat bed rail system in the back. Ideally, I would like to use the OEM California two seater bed but I am struggling to find more than one place that does them and ideally I’d like estimates from 2-3 suppliers...
  8. A

    Genuine California bed

    Does anyone know or have one for sale?
  9. Garny999

    Fitting Single Sliding Rails and Cali Bed.

    I have scoured the forum and found excellent advice regarding rail fitment but before I start the dreaded drilling, does anyone happen to know the ideal location / measurement for the single rails for a 3/4 California bed on a SWB panel van. I understand that the Cali bed would need modifying if...
  10. j4ckal

    Seat On Rails - Cargo Net/mini Bulkhead To Hold All The Stuff In The Back When Seat Moved Forward?

    So a quick question for those that have a seat on rails ie. California etc and carry a lot of stuff for camping..... Once you have packed the van and move the seat into the travelling position (ie. up to the front seats) have you anything in place to stop all the stuff sliding forwards into the...
  11. Martin Gibson

    Caravelle Bed And Captains Front Seats

    Hello,we are thinking of fitting Caravelle rails and 3 seater bench/bed into our Kombi. We have a large dog cage at the back when we go anywhere as we always take our two bulldogs with us. What we would like to know is if we slide the bed forward and flatten it and then swivel the two captains...
  12. Cali rock and roll 2-seater

    Cali rock and roll 2-seater

    Faux leather Cali bed with multiflex, reupholstered by Carl Trim of Southend.
  13. D

    Adjustable Drawer Dividers For Cali Rear Seat Drawer

    Has anybody found an adjustable drawer divider that fits a California rear double bench drawer? Any other solutions welcome. I’m looking for the easy route other than cardboard boxes to stop gear rattling about. Otherwise I’ll get making something. Thanks.
  14. B

    Smartbed On Rails V Cali Bed With Bikes?

    Hi there I'm trying to decide between getting a cali bed with rails and a smartbed r on lwb rails my van is a swb. I have seen photos of bikes behind a cali bed (with front wheel removed) but has anyone been able to fit a bike behind a smartbed? Cheers alot, Barry.
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    Seat down for bed
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    Intrior rear view
  18. Shaun Witts

    California Seat/bed - Range Of Movement Rearwards

    For those of you with the California rear bench, how far back does it slide? I just had mine installed yesterday and have discovered that it will not slide fully back as it fouls the wheel arch. I was not expecting this and am rather disappointed as I wanted the option to slide it fully...
  19. Ads_Essex

    Sold Multiflex Board

    California Beach Multiflex Board I no longer need the base-plate for the bed extension / rear shelf that suits a California Beach twin seat. I bought the shelf for the legs. The shelf is used but in good condition, with no defects. Light swirls and scratches consistent with fair use are...
  20. Eyres'ee

    Celtic Motorhomes

    I cannot say enough good things about Celtic Motorhomes in South Wales. Ed and his team converted my Kombi into a fantastic looking motohome. The workmanship is excellent along with the attention to detail. Ed was always happy to take a call or respond to an email and nothing was too much...