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  1. J

    Reimo Variotech 3000 vs California bed system

    Hi, i am looking at converting my T6 and install a slideable bed, either the Reimo 3000 or California bed system. I need to know which is the best quality and what the restrictions are of each bed type. The differences i know so far are: 1. California 2 seats, Reimo 3, both have isofix. 2...
  2. W

    For Sale OEM California Comfort Mattress

    Genuine OEM VW California Comfort mattress part number 7E7.067.135.D LQU Excellent condition barely used mattress which comes with a Comfortzleisure cover to keep it in good condition £350 Collection from SO40 or buyer can arrange courier. A weighs about 12kg payment up front. Feel free to...
  3. L

    EXPIRED: California Beach/Caravelle triple bench/bed on rails

    Hi - I have a Vw California 3 seat bench for sale - sliding rail system in Vw fabric as shown in close up pic - (other pics taken from internet as ours in storage ) this has just been removed as we have converted our beach and is in immaculate condition - buyer collects as it’s very heavy £2000 ono
  4. N

    Sold California 2 seat bench/bed setup with accompanying interior

    For sale is basically my whole interior from my LWB shuttle, I have had a change of need for the interior so all of the below is forsale. VW California 2 seat bench/ bed set up - retrimmed in blue tartan to a very high standard using automotive grade materials. Comes with all the usual things...
  5. G

    3rd row sliding seats with Cali bench

    Hi all, I've had a look through the threads but couldn't find an answer so I'm hoping you can help. I have a 2020 LWB van which has been converted into a camper with a cali sliding rear rock and roll bed. I would like to be able to install another row of seats to the existing sliding rails. It...

    Show us your sliding-rail rock and roll beds!

    Hello, so i wanted the Reimo vario 3000 but Im not willing to pay in excess 7-8k for it with flooring and storage. instead I have looked at the smart bed evo 2 rail system, anyone got pics of this or similar alternatives in a SWB and any pictures of the bed being forward on a SWB to show how...
  7. Skyliner33

    Sold Brand New California/Caravelle SWB outer rain plus trim pieces.

    I have for sale a set of brand new rails, aluminium covers, tie down points and the bits. Inculded will be: 7E5 883 183 B The main channel. x2 7E5 883 387 C8 Q8 cover strip x4 7E5 883 387 D8 Q8 cover strip x4 7H5 883 161 F8 2V Stop x 2 7H5 802 994 AU H8 Tie-down x4 The above parts were...
  8. Skyliner33

    Sold Cali twin bench seat/bed + SWB rails.

    I am having a change of heart as to the direction I want to go with this van. So I am testing the water with these. Bought a while ago, I was supposed to be having the rails fitted last week, but that had to be cancelled due to covid (not me). The seat was brand new when I bought it (although...
  9. C

    California Sliding Bed - Where to buy & install

    Hi guys, looking to get a sliding bed installed in our upcoming T6 conversion - we've narrowed it down to either the Reimo Variotech or the VW Cali sliding bed. Does anyone have experience of both? I've managed to find and sit on an example of the Reimo which we liked and have also found an...
  10. Skyliner33

    California twin bench seat base removal help?

    I am trying to find out how to remove the part of the seat that you sit on to modify it to clear the wheel arch. I have seen on here people have done this. However I cant find out how to do it. I know there are a coupe of bolts to remove, but I cant find them, or how to get to them. I've...
  11. Skyliner33

    Cali conversion, SWB rails in a LWB van - can you still get the bed far enough back to make the bed?

    I have finally found a converter to do the rails, but they want to do them in the normal position, is at the front. However my concern is then that I would have enough rail to get the seat far enough back to make a bed. Can it be done and still have enough room for a multiflex board in the...
  12. Skyliner33

    Installed Caravelle/California rails? Source of ply floor.

    Im getting some Cali rails installed, but am looking for a ply floor to fit. Because the ply floor sites higher to match the rails then it needs to be a little bigger in certain parts. So, I am asking if anyone has seen a ply floor for sale that is specifically for this height and will fit...
  13. Skyliner33

    Cali conversions - what did you use for a 'multiflex board' to make the seat into a bed? And toppers

    I am looking for a multiflex board. I have seen the OEM and several aftermarket. If you have already gone through this choice, did you get the OEM of aftermarket? Are you happy with choice or would you do different next time? Any pics would also be appreciated. TIA
  14. Skyliner33

    Mounting VW OEM rails into a LWB van.

    I have read the threads on the forum but they have not really answered some questions I have. I have a LWB van that I want to add rails in the California positions. There are several options I have. 1. Putting OEM California rails (SWB) in the normal front forward position. In this position...
  15. Andysmee

    For Sale California Ocean rear headrest covers / skins in Moonrock

    Covers off my California Ocean rear 2-seater bed headrests as I'm replacing them with black Caravelle ones. They are in Moonrock light grey to match Valley or other light grey fabric. Also available soon, the actual 2-seater covers, but you might have to wait a while... £20 each including postage
  16. RemfanUK

    sliding seat cost?

    wondering what the cost is for a sliding rear bench seat conversion in a t6 so it has sliding seats, i think like the california? thanks.
  17. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove a T6 California double rear bench/bed covers and retrim

    Ever wish you never started something? Well, this is a candidate for it. I didn't take as many pictures as I used to, as I'm familiar with tearing down seats now, but this had some new challenges. Removing the covers should be easy but they are simply not made to be removed, compared to all...
  18. Eyres'ee

    Cali rear seatbelt eaten

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help. My ever so helpful dog has more or less chewed through one of the seatbelts of my rear seat. The seat is a californa seat that was fitted when my van was converted. A couple of questions. 1. Does anyone know the best place to get a replacement? 2. Are they...
  19. K

    Beach 3 seat bench removal

    Hi, Im collecting my California Beach next week and want to remove the 3 seat bench as I won't be using it. Is this difficult to do and should the seat be brought as far forwards to the front and then bring it out from the side doors, or, as far back and then bring it out from the tailgate...
  20. P

    Rear bench seat folding mechanism pics

    I have the older style california bench seat with the handle to convert it into the bed position located on the back of the seat between the headrests. If possible I'd like to convert it to the newer style with the ribbon loop located at the seat belt buckle. Has anyone done this conversion...