brake fluid

  1. PullersSWK

    Braided Lines

    Hi Everyone ☺️ Braided Lines, are they worth it? If so how easy are they to fit? Just want some more initial bite and positive feel? Many Thanks
  2. I don't

    Intermittent brake pedal travel

    Occasionally, when I gently depress the brake pedal I get nothing! Normal braking is ok but I've got no idea anymore where the bite point is. Had the garage renew and bleed the brake fluid, pads have plenty of meat etc. I'm thinking it's electrical only because of its random failure but I don't...
  3. S

    T6.1 Brake Bleeding Problem

    Hi all, I hope someone can help! I have had my callipers off to paint. I have bled the brakes using a pressure bleeder at 2 bar pressure and started with front right, front left, rear right then rear left. When the engine is off I have a solid pedal but when started the pedal goes soft and...
  4. K

    Brake pedal noise?

    Good morning. This is possibly a daft question. I've just noticed that when I press the brake pedal I can hear a sound like a bike pump blowing a tyre up. And it continues until the pedal is solid, but the pedal slowly depresses if I keep pressure on. Is this normal? TIA.
  5. Texxaco

    One man brake bleeding kit recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a one man brake bleeding kit and if there is a sequence to bleeding brakes on a T6 T32? Looking to remove my brake calipers one by one to coat them hence the questions. Cheers all.
  6. B

    Brake fluid empty

    The MFD briefly flashed up a message to say brake fluid was low but disappeared again very quickly. I checked the brake fluid reservoir and it is completely empty. Van is driving fine, the clutch has juddered on reverse for the two years we have owned it. No noticeable difference to the brakes...
  7. P

    Brake fluid spec?

    Can anyone tell me if you have to change fluid from dot4 to dot 5.1 with big brake kits even for normal road use
  8. A

    T5.1 Brake fluid reservoir refill issue

    Hi all, The brake fluid in my van is about a quarter of an inch below minimum. Went to top it up with more fluid but the fluid won't flow in. It's as if the reservoir funnel at the cap is blocked. Has anyone experienced this issue before? Thanks
  9. Bardot

    Oily substance below engine? [Hydraulic fluid]

    Spotted pool of oil under engine this morning. Looked up and saw this. Anybody with and knowledge as to what problem I have now? Van is 2016 T6 T32 140 (170 remap).
  10. H

    fixed price service plan: brake fluid?

    Morning, a bit of advice please. I have a T6 Kombi Transporter. Just booked in for first MOT and service for which I took out a fixed price service plan, informed it will be major service. Is it usual to need brake fluid change as an extra?
  11. Ricardo T

    Clutch fluid reservoir - location?

    As per the title....I guess gone are the days when they used to be next to each other under the bonnet! Or maybe there isn't one?
  12. Murdoch

    Brake fluid changes

    My T6 has done 26k miles in 3 years. VW are emailing me saying it needs a brake fluid change is this correct and how much are they likely to charge? thanks
  13. Urbanfox

    Brake Bleeding - sequence?

    In the not too distant future, I intend to replace my rear disks and pads,Brembo. While I'm at it I will also replace the brake fluid. Is the sequence for bleeding, rear offside, rear nearside, front offside and front nearside? I'm just going off the position of the abs not the cylinder. Thanks...
  14. OllieGBR

    Removing callipers and brake bleeding

    Morning all I have some outlandish black paint for my callipers which I plan to apply whilst I have the shocks out. To make my life easier I’d like to remove the callipers, (I have a brake pipe clamp to reduce air ingress). How easy is it to bleed the T6? Should I worry about air into the ABS -...
  15. McCarney

    Brake Fluid Leak

    Hi all, I appear to have a slight leak from my brake fluid reservoir. The fluid appears to be leaking from around the cap so it’s looking like I’m going to need a new one. Any ideas where I can pick one up from? Cheers O
  16. Jongall

    “Brake Fluid” warning message

    driving the 66miles each way to Bristol today and on the way back, a red warning for brake fluid ‘check owners manual’ came on and went off about 11 times. Any ideas?
  17. mopardave

    Air Con Service

    I've been encouraged to have an air con service carried out when I get my brake fluid changed. My van is just over 3 years old with 24000 miles on the clock. The brake fluid change.....I get that....given the cost of ABS pumps etc, I'd consider it essential and very reasonable at £69. The aircon...
  18. MrTesco

    Brake Fluid Change And Type

    Having a friend change my front disc and pads next week and also brake fluid change as it is recommended by VW. Anyway is the standard Dot 4 correct as it shows it meets certain standards but does not show the VW standard shown on there own brake fluid? I have a look online and these both come...
  19. MrTesco

    Brake Change Prices

    Van is going to need the brakes doing in the near future. I've just had a look on the VW website and it shows me prices for vans over 3 years but not under. Front disc and pads : £365+vat Rear disc and pads : £335+vat So my question is has anyone had brakes replace before being 3 years old...