1. D

    Bluetooth 'switch ignition on' error message

    Hi all. Can anyone shed light on why I am suddenly getting a message asking me to switch the ignition on in order to connect the bluetooth even though the engine is running? Initially the DAB radio wouldn't work either but that seems to have righted itself, not sure what I did there?!
  2. F

    T6.1 What’s this for? [Resolved]

    I have something rattling about in my passenger side of the dash when I turn corners. At first I thought it was in the air vents but they are clear. I’m now thinking I need to take this out to get into behind the air vents to see if there is something loose. Does anyone know what it is ?
  3. huw169

    Stereo magic!

    I’ve got the basic media system, 5” screen with no app connect. I was sitting in my van today with the key in the ignition, engine off, music on, and phone not plugged in via the usb. I went to record a voice message on WhatsApp, and the moment I pushed the microphone button to record on my...
  4. A

    Bluetooth error

    I have composite media and Bluetooth says connect then says turn on ignition...? Nothing happens and Bluetooth won't turn on...???? Any ideas
  5. Ambrose

    Bluetooth Controller

    Hi all, We have recently developed a small 4 x relay unit that be controlled over Bluetooth and I was wondering if there's a demand for such a device in this community? It works with an App (Free) on your phone and allows you to control up to 4 devices remotely. The unit is powered by 5v and...
  6. O

    Kenwood Dnx9180dabs - Bluetooth Not Working

    Hello All, As per the title, I have a Kenwood DNX9180DABS in a VW T6, and I cannot seem to get anything to pair with Bluetooth. Just wondered if anybody has a solution. I have checked the settings and Bluetooth is turned on and set to visible. The phone does work with CarPlay. It’s an iPhone...
  7. dubdub

    Sat Nav Tooooo Quiet!?

    Hi all, When i use my phone as a sat nav even though i have the head unit turned up fully and my phone, the volume is still so low its almost impossible to hear the i doing something wrong?
  8. T

    Sync My Samsung J3 To The Infotainment Unit In The Van

    Hi can anyone help? I have a 17 plate t6 with the infotainment system with mobile phone interface. I am trying to pair my Samsung j3 phone to the system but so far they don't seem to be compatable. Has anyone had this experience?