1. G

    T6.1 Bluetooth codec

    Another question - who knows, what Bluetooth codec the VW has?
  2. G

    Ringtone too loud

    How can I lower the ringer volume? Regards
  3. T

    Which replacement head unit, less than £500

    Hello, just purchased a T6 and unfortunately the head unit has no BT from factory... Im looking to replace it with an aftermarket one and would be nice to keep just the sensors on the screen and to have apple car play. Any recommendations which one to fit for less than £500. Thanks
  4. V

    Composition Headunit - No Bluetooth

    Hi I have a small problem with my T6 Transporter panel van basic radio it has no blue tooth. I bought the van last June but have never got the BT to connect with my phone. Every time I try it says no BT device. I have attached a few photo's but wondered if the radio has the BT module in the head...
  5. Radar1968

    OEM Head Unit & Carpuride W901 Pro - BT Issues

    Greetings All, I'm after a bit of help with a standard VW head unit in my T6 and its connection to a bluetooth device. I have purchased the unit below which is a simple 9 inch screen that allows CarPlay etc. Appreciate its cheap (I didn't pay the Amazon price) and cheerful but I simply can't...
  6. C

    New phone pairing

    Hi all, I’ve got a ghosting head unit that struggles in some areas of the screen with touch screen workability so have been using my phone via car play for maps etc. I need to remove the head unit and send it for repairs but haven’t got round to it yet and since picking up my new phone today...
  7. CJW

    Bluetooth amplifier for rear speakers running from leisure battery

    Hi. Quite chuffed with this and wanted to share. I installed some rear speakers (Focal RCX-100 4” Coaxial) with a view to adding them to my head unit. After monitoring my starter battery, and seeing it sit at about 12.3-12.4V, I then wished I could run sound off the leisure battery to avoid...
  8. D

    Bluetooth issues with Comp Media

    Hi all. Can anyone shed light on why I am suddenly getting a message asking me to switch the ignition on in order to connect the bluetooth even though the engine is running? Initially the DAB radio wouldn't work either but that seems to have righted itself, not sure what I did there?!
  9. slocumjoseph

    BT-2 bluetooth communication

    Has anyone had a problem pairing a Renogy BT-2 bluetooth device to an Android phone. I’ve just installed and connected their 50a DC-DC charger and MPPT controller. It powers up ok and I’ve downloaded the app but it cuts off and closes down a couple of seconds after opening. The app stays open if...
  10. Stevef37

    Dash USB blanking-cover?

    Hi just purchased a wireless adapter for apple CarPlay, has anyone moved the usb/aux to in glove box or behind dash? is there a blank to cover the original if moved? Lokking fo suggestions was looking at fitting the van x glovebox and putting it in there.
  11. Robert


    ADDITIONAL BLUETOOTH ICON Quick demo video. This is demonstration of just one (of many) amazing functions which come with @Daku's controller connected to Instrument Cluster CAN-BUS. Basically when a mobile phone is connected to the vehicle OEM hands free kit the BLUETOOTH ICON is being...
  12. J

    Bluetooth symbol flashing on dash [resolved]

    I’ve just installed a new head unit in my T5.1 and everything seems to be working, however the Bluetooth symbol keeps flashing on the dash (see video if I’ve managed to successfully embed it!). Has anyone seen this before and have any idea how I can fix it? Thanks.
  13. F

    T6.1 What’s this for? [Resolved]

    I have something rattling about in my passenger side of the dash when I turn corners. At first I thought it was in the air vents but they are clear. I’m now thinking I need to take this out to get into behind the air vents to see if there is something loose. Does anyone know what it is ?
  14. huw169

    Stereo magic!

    I’ve got the basic media system, 5” screen with no app connect. I was sitting in my van today with the key in the ignition, engine off, music on, and phone not plugged in via the usb. I went to record a voice message on WhatsApp, and the moment I pushed the microphone button to record on my...
  15. S

    Composition Media with no Bluetooth - new head unit reqd?

    Hi, I bought my t6 thinking it had Bluetooth, but it says telephone not available when I select the phone button. After a visit to the dealership, they advised that my van had the Bluetooth disconnected as part of the spec. What options do I have? I have the basic vw head unit, but actually...
  16. A

    Bluetooth error with Comp Media H/U

    I have composite media and Bluetooth says connect then says turn on ignition...? Nothing happens and Bluetooth won't turn on...???? Any ideas
  17. Sturge

    Wireless CarPlay addon

    Bought a wireless CarPlay adapter for the van from here. it plugs into the normal usb socket in place of the normal lead. Then it has a pass through usb so you can still use a cable I then found a wireless charging pad which fits neatly in the comfort dash. I use the...
  18. A

    Wireless Charging And Carplay

    After all my escapades in modifying and using the RCD330+, I decided to do what I always end up doing and start a new project with only a week to go til my annual fortnight touring Europe. So I've ordered a Kenwood 8019. (I shied away from the undoubtedly better 9190 due to budget). One of the...
  19. Ambrose

    Bluetooth Controller

    Hi all, We have recently developed a small 4 x relay unit that be controlled over Bluetooth and I was wondering if there's a demand for such a device in this community? It works with an App (Free) on your phone and allows you to control up to 4 devices remotely. The unit is powered by 5v and...
  20. O

    Kenwood Dnx9180dabs - Bluetooth Not Working

    Hello All, As per the title, I have a Kenwood DNX9180DABS in a VW T6, and I cannot seem to get anything to pair with Bluetooth. Just wondered if anybody has a solution. I have checked the settings and Bluetooth is turned on and set to visible. The phone does work with CarPlay. It’s an iPhone...