auxiliary batteries

  1. Rids

    VW 2nd battery removal?

    So I've finally got started on my electrics install... the 200Ah lithium has gone in under the drivers seat...only just! I've now removed the drinkers side seat to find quite a lot of stuff... So my question is how much of this can disappear with the original VW 2nd battery? I've downloaded...
  2. JimDiesel

    Which way to go with solar and batteries….

    Hi all, I’ve had a scan and nothing really hits the spot in the previous threads that I can see but apologies if it exists… We got out van (2019 kombi Swb) at Xmas, it has OEM rear seat and fold out kombi nation bed behind. It also has 230v hook up, 100 Ah leisure battery under the passenger...
  3. J

    2nd lesiure battery

    Hi guys i want to fit a 2nd lesiure battery to a t6 , has anybody done this? Tips please.
  4. M

    Help with solar needed

    Hello All. I've tried looking for stuff on this, but seem to be going round in circles. I have the current twin leisure battery setup in my van, which was in when i bought it. I want to add 2 x 100W panels via a Victron 75/15 MPPT, as below. My question is, what is the correct way to do this...
  5. Dellmassive

    Sold Transporter OEM AUX Battery tray for under bench seat

    Transporter OEM AUX Battery tray for under bench seat £25 ** ** i also have a second one for the other side of the double bench (for a twin battery setup under the double bench collection Ilford Essex.
  6. kn0bby

    CTEK D250SA - Two leisure batteries?

    Anyone know if you can run two leisure batteries off a CTEK D250SA? Thanks
  7. J

    Campervan Lithium power bank HUGE explosion, please be vigilant!

    Hi guys, I’m new here, I have a motorhome but not a T6 but bear with me as this could be life saving for you! Yesterday I took my ALLPOWERS 288wh solar generator I bought in April last year and has worked perfectly out of the camper van to use in the garden with the kids to charge an iPad, (I...
  8. bigcarpylew

    12v Battery Bank

    Hi New to the forum, hoping for a little bit of help with a 12v battery bank i'm planning on building. My primary reason for buying a VW T6 was to go fishing in it, so i'm building some weird and wonderful bits to suit those needs, the latest bit of the build is to make a quick and easy 12v...
  9. Scylla

    Solar System 2-Battery System - trickle engine battery?

    I have a mppt pro which will charge a leisure battery and the engine battery.. does anyone know if I can connect the engine battery to the second battery connections on my 16 plate T6 highline
  10. L

    Is My Leisure Battery Dead?

    As per title, I think my leisure battery may be dead. I've attached a battery monitor for the last few days and it looks like the battery charges from the solar panel during the day but then drops down to 12.3v overnight. Nothing is running from the LB apart from the battery monitor...
  11. Dellmassive

    [Guide] DC-DC Charger (for leisure battery) -- How I Done It --

    DC-DC Charger (for Leisure battery) -- How I Done It -- ************************************************** Dellmassive`s -- "how I Done It" -- Thread ************************************************** Kit List And Stuff -- How I Done It & What I Use --...
  12. Daviesmd

    Want To Add A Second Leisure Battery

    Hi I have a ctek250sa and it currently charges from alternator and solar panel - I am looking to add a second battery to my system and was wondering is it as simple as connecting the leisure batteries in parallel?
  13. D

    2nd Leisure Battery

    Looking to connect an extra so I have longer time before I have to get battery charged while wild camping. See attached pics this is the one in the van at the moment but dont recognise the brand....any ideas? I the 85 AH version. Is it correct I have to have the same brand and...
  14. Skyliner33

    Help With Low Charging Voltage

    After reading posts by @Dellmassive I decided to get a Quicklynks bluetooth battery monitor 2. SO having installed it on the leisure battery I decided to have a look at what the App does. A couple of tings have surprised me. 1. I did a charge test, and I'm now worried I might have a problem...
  15. S

    Duo Batteries For Bilbo's?

    Hi. This may have been covered before, but we have just got a 2nd hand Bilbo's, the dealer had fitted an 80Ah leisure battery which only gave 1.5 days running (not the 3+ days as advertised)-so a visit to Battery Megastore Tewkesbury was in order to collect the Bilbo's spec Hankook 130Ah. As...
  16. M

    Solar Panel

    Anyone recommend a decent flexible solar panel? Thinking I need a 150w to keep fridge going with a 130amph battery. Its going on a skyline roof so if anyone has images of fitting and cable entry to the van that would be good. Cheers
  17. P

    connecting leisure battery - IS1 interface?

    Hi, I have a new T6 transporter van that I am fitting out as a camper. In terms of adding a second battery for fridge ect, I know that I need to connect via a modern dc-dc charger like a Redarc. My question is what is the best way to connect to the main starter battery for charging the second...
  18. Skyliner33

    Leisure Battery Location?

    I am in the process of planning my leisure battery, putting it under a seat with the dc-dc charger and a consumer unit. Location being the main conundrum. My thoughts are: 1. Under the passenger seat leaving the option of putting a heater under the drivers seat. 2. Under the drivers seat, in...
  19. Josh Corps

    x2 leisure battery - alternator upgrade too?

    So, I'm about to embark on the long overdue electrical installation of my van. im sure im going to have many questions along the way but one for now is. I'm planning a more 'off the grid installation'. would I have to uprate my alternator if i were to fit 2 leisure batteries coming close to 300ah?
  20. amb217

    Aux Battery Location - Multivan

    Hi all, I am awaiting a 2018 Multivan SWB for the growing family. Unfortunately the dealer didnt tell me about the OEM VW factory fitted second battery option. Now I have been doing some research and come across this forum. They are offering to put one behind the rear wheel arch in the boot...