android auto

  1. Tsixty

    Best DPF Monitoring App?

    I have Carista (because it does all that I need and is inexpensive). I notice that there are several specific apps for monitoring the status of the DPF and regens etc. What (Android) apps are people using specifically to monitor the DPF?
  2. B

    Using Bluetooth headset for calls while Android Auto is connected for Maps.

    Hi all, I use android auto for maps on my 71plate T6.1. Basic entertainment unit. I use a Bluetooth bone conducting Shox headset for calls, I want to use this while driving for calls, with audio through the van speakers as normal. The hadsfree via the van is terrible and nobody can hear me...
  3. K

    Will maps on Android Auto work without phone signal?

    I am having to replace my standard satnav/audio for a new unit, A Pioneer unit with android auto. It has just occured to me I often go places with no phone coverage, will this mean my android auto satnav will not work?
  4. The Flying Scotsman

    Are these Chinese Android H/U any good?

    Seen these and they look ok. I’m wondering if anyone has one and if they are easy to fit and any good. I’m looking to upgrade but don’t want to spend £1k + on an alpine or Kenwood. I would get the dab and reversing camera add ons...
  5. roadtripper

    Android 13 and T6.1 Android Auto over USB

    Google seem to be having a nightmare with the Android Auto support in Android 13 with certain brands, in my case Sony Xperias. My main phone only connects over USB 1 time in 20... For those that like a quick answer here's what worked for me, I'll explain a bit more below. This is an Amazon...
  6. D

    Wireless Android Auto Multivan June 2021

    Hello friends, good morning. I am writing to you because I have a friend with a T6 Multivan from June 2021, and we are a bit frustrated because we cannot get wireless Android Auto. I think the Infotainment system is a Discovery Media, and data are: It doesn't have Wifi, and wired Android...
  7. CJW

    Carista CarPlay / Android Auto App?

    I had a thought yesterday whilst using Carista - if it had a CarPlay / Android Auto companion app, it could feasibly allow you to make a custom selection of readings / gauges to display on your head unit whilst driving. I emailed their customer service to suggest it. I was thinking that I’d...
  8. A

    Android woes

    On my last T6 paid for factory sat nav/head unit and found the satnav to be pretty crap. So this time decided to just go with standard head unit and use my phone connected via android auto for calls and satnav. its driving me nuts, sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t Can be...
  9. A

    Bluetooth connection woes!

    Hey all, I have a 2021 T6.1 with the attached head unit. I think I'm doing something wrong or have missed a setting as even VW wouldn't design something this bad! If I have a phone (Android) plugged in with a cable and switch the engine off and then turn the engine back on without...
  10. B

    T6.1 Android Auto PIN

    Hi friends every time I plug my android into the system I get these messages which I can't get rid off...if anyone knows how to sort that will be a big help..its rather distracting ! I stop the vehicle to look and the message dissapears ! Cheers
  11. D

    Composition colour infotainment system - add android auto?

    Hi - I have a 2019 T6 with factory fitted composition colour infotainment system. I'm assuming it's never had any update (not sure where to obtain any updates). Just wondering if there is any way of getting this system to work with Android Auto or Apple Car play? Thanks V much.
  12. S

    Motorola MA1 and Android Auto

    Has anyone used a Motorola MA1 to connect to Andriod Auto? I want to make my connection to the media unit wireless. Just got NR Coding to "fix" the software issue not allowing me to use my phone. VW said it could not be done on my 2016 T6 :sneaky:
  13. Mwcard

    For Sale Double din android head unit - not VW

    Hi all, I've got an android double din headunit that I purchased about 5 years ago to fit to a BMW 1 series but we got rid of the car and it was never fitted. New out the box. I think it's a generic headunit in that it will fit any single din chassis but has a double din face. The screen...
  14. R

    Sold Discovery Media Apple car play unlocked. £680

    Genuine Vw Discovery media Apple car play and Android auto unlocked Component protection removed Plug and play £680 Collection from Bournemouth
  15. N

    T6 or T6.1 connection to Android - sanity check

    Hi there experts Can i sanity check something as i look to get a new / used Van In a T6 you can only connect (to use Google maps / Spotify app etc) to an Android device via a wired USB connection? eg via a USB port in the Dash / comfort dash, if you have AppConnect pre-installed. There is...
  16. T

    Sold AA wireless unit

    AA wireless unit, brand new in box. These are a way to run wireless andriod on a wired only headunit. Good bits of kit but take about 4 months to arrive, so long in my case that it was no longer required. £85 posted to anywhere in the uk. Thanks
  17. bethamari

    Wireles CarPlay & Android Auto

    Hi all, We are having a T6.1 converted currently, having the USB-C ports moved to the glovebox as we know we want to connect and hideaway a kit to make the CarPlay wireless. I’ve seen a few kits but they seem to do either iPhone or Android, and we would want to be connecting both. The...
  18. Hoarder

    CarLinKit AI Box

    I have just bought one of these (T-Box) Full Android AI Box - Convert Your Car Screen to Android Tablet for my 2018 T6, fitted with the Discovery Media System. Basically, when the AI box is plugged in to the vans usb, it connects via the Apple Car Play of the vehicle's infotainment system...
  19. S

    T6.1 Comp media - language selection YouTube

    So... I got YouTube working on my basic colour composition head unit in my my T6.1 shuttle, but need to change the language to English
  20. Deaks

    Android Based Headunit - Any Good??

    I plan on installing a 360 camera system on our LWB T6. The standard headunit will not accept a camera (oem or 3rd party), so I have to change it. As much as I would like to replace it with something like an Alpine or Kenwood unit, the funds available for this whole project do not stretch that...