android auto

  1. D

    Has anyone figured out how to use Android Auto AND listen to audio from their phone?

    I've got a T6.1 with the standard touchscreen infotainment system. When I plug in my phone to use Android Auto (AA), the van won't then allow me to listen to music from my phone. I can select "Radio" and listen to the radio, but if I select "BT Audio" the unit tells me my phone is already...
  2. D

    T6.1 Android Auto - no audio [Resolved]

    So I'm loving having Google Maps on the main screen in the van, but has anyone else had the following issue: One the van is connected to the phone, I'm then unable to play any audio from the phone - Google Music, Spotify etc., say they're playing, but there's no actual audio. I can still play...
  3. SAF1981

    Android Compatible Media Units For T6

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket Android media unit to replace the VW T6 unit? If so which one have you installed or recommend? I'm looking for one that has DAB, Bluetooth, Mirror phone, GPS, reverse camera..... Thanks
  4. D

    T6.1 "unable To Connect" To Android Auto

    I've got an up-to-date Google Pixel 3a, it has Android Auto installed, I'm using the original USB cable... but it won't connect. I've tried restarting everything and a different cable. I'm following the instructions on-screen as well as in the manual, and it's just repeating the same message...
  5. RedUn

    Wireless Android Auto - Now Working

    Evening all, After some time on Google drinking tea I've got this to work now on a non Google (pixel) phone. You need an android 9 phone and a headunit with WiFi and android auto. The setup I'm using is a Kenwood DMX8019DABS and a Samsung s10+ In my case I did nothing to the headunit and...
  6. Diesel9a1

    Discover Media Navigation system - Alternatives?

    1. Is there a better alternative to the VW Discover Media Navigation system? 2. What are the negatives to the Discover Media Navigation system? 3. I'm looking for a Dual USB, CD, DVD, MP3, Reversing Camera, Bluetooth phone connection, full VW MFSW support, Reversing & Front sensor display...