1. Pewt

    DSP Amp recommendation

    Looking for an amp to run my audio system......will need 8 channel with DSP to run the lot if possible. Audison Voce Tweeter, Audison Voce 3" and Audison AP8 up front with Audison 2 way rear. Sub wise i've got a Hertz Mille Pro MPS 250 @2 ohm run with a Hertz HPC1D .....i will be adding a second...
  2. D

    T6.1 Caravelle Headunit - add amp and sub

    Can anyone help . I have a caravelke with the flat screen head unit .does it have a sub output. Is it possible to attach an amp for just a sub. . Regards Andy
  3. AeonMach

    For Sale VARIOUS: Bulkhead, Hertz amp & subwoofer (and probably 20" alloy wheels & tyres!)

    I will post individual threads for these but wanted to get an initial post up - partially so people can give me thoughts on prices... BULKHEAD - KOMBI T6 Kombi twin slider bulkhead with window. Made by 'Motexion' I think - but sold by VW I believe as an option... All carpeted on crew...
  4. G

    Amp connection to headunit

    Got a 'plug and play' speaker and amp kit for my 2018 Highline TSI. There's a lot of the 'plug' bits LOL! I have fitted the door speakers and tweeters and have the head unit out, but there's a lot left to connect. It's a factory NAV unit, can anyone help me figure out which plugs go where...
  5. t6blo

    BASS in your face - subwoofers & amps

    Currently have a Composition Media running Apple CarPlay through the Alpine SPC-106T6 front components and some Alpine 6x9s in the rear. I want some more bass…. Do I still need RCA line level outputs from the head unit to feed into an amp or amps? Does the sub need a specific low frequency...
  6. D

    T6.1 Caravelle head unit questions

    Hi Im New to the forum . I've just recently bought a 71 plate 2021 caravelle and I'm a little confused regarding the head unit . It's a flush type just a screen with no knobs at either side. When using the menu dab/fm is an option but I can't see any dab channels . I have no warning to...
  7. #53

    T6.1 Rear speaker connection point

    Hi, Can't find the answer to this so hopefully it hasn't been asked. I have a T6.1 with the comfort dash and upgraded ICE unit, I can't see where you would connect the rear speakers. The unit has one 12 ping plug on the back with only 5 wires and a larger round cable. I'm assuming there's...
  8. P

    Everything Alpine - Help from someone cleverer than me

    Hi all. Purchased the Alpine ILX -905DT6 and ready to install. I want to upgrade the speakers too and have decided on Alpine SPC10_T6’s. Now then, my question, do I go for the 106’s or the 108’s? I‘ve done some research at my knowledge level and have read that the 106’s would sound great with...
  9. MikeT6

    For Sale Chrome Cup Surrounds / Standard Side Repeaters and Sportline Cab Light with LED

    Few items for sale to make some room….. Sportline Eibach Springs from my T32 T6, approx 18k on them and great condition Now Sold. Custom Underseat Sub Box with Pyle 800w Subwoofer and Vibe 400.1 Microamp Now Sold. Chrome Cup Holder Surrounds £12 posted Standard T6 Cabin light with LED main...
  10. gazz58

    B2B live feed for amp

    Hi there. I hope you don’t mind me asking. I have just bought a t6 that has had a subwoofer fitted under drivers seat and a amp fitted under the single passenger seat. The amp has a 16mm red cable going into it from the battery. It is fused. It looks well fitted and the sound is great. I was...
  11. B

    DAB issues after amp and RVC

    Hi Has anyone else had issues with DAB after fitting an amp or OEM reversing camera? I had signature audio package from absolut5 fitted and a reversing camera plugged in (OEM). No other changes. Priory to this DAB was fairly reliable. Afterwards it’s terrible. Have since been back and they have...
  12. D

    For Sale Audison AP5.9 bit amplifier

    5 channel Audison digital amplifier for sale. Vgc. please PM me for pictures if interested. £350. collection from Stansted airport area preferred , but postage or a meet up may be possible
  13. dejansuc

    Composition Colour Stereo + Amp

    Does anyone know how to connect HERTZ HCP4 amplifier to the classic Composition Colour Stereo in T6.1? Do I need to access HI level IN/OUT and PRE OUT on the back of the head unit or behind the glovebox?
  14. Brindle

    Amplifier cutting out with start stop.

    Hi, really annoying intermittent problem, my amplifier (Alpine RA-90) intermittently cuts out for a second when the stop start re-starts the engine, probably happens about once every 4/5 times. It’s got a direct 4AWG feed from the battery and earthed properly and the switch wired comes from...
  15. Brindle

    For Sale Audison SR 5.600 amp and knob

    I bought this as I thought my amp had a fault with it, turned out it wasn’t the amp but the high / low convertor module and I realised this before I got round to swapping them out. I was planning to keep this for another project in the wife’s car, but I’m not allowed to now . It’s all in the...
  16. Brindle

    Best input for amplifier? Converted low level or speaker?

    To feed a 5 channel amp, what’s the best input assuming the amp can take both? High level direct from front speaker tap-off, or use a speaker to converter box to convert the high level to a low level signal into the amp?
  17. Iant666

    Sold Kenwood Amp KAC-M1814

    Picked this up from Absolute 5 earlier this year, was in the van less than a month before i upgraded to a sub and larger amp. Includes the harness to connect to the back of the VW head unit, mine has the version with the sat nav on and was really easy to connect up. Cost me £151 happy to take...
  18. Pauly

    T6 Radio Navigation System With Amplifier Wiring Diagram 2018

    Radio System Navigation System Circuit Diagram Covers discover media infotainment units fitted with factory amplifier and includes speakers, reverse camera, microphone and optional interface for mobile telephone and optional emergency call module You can find the standard discover media...
  19. F

    What amps are you running?

    Just interested if added with the standard Discovery media unit
  20. J

    Splicing into existing speakers for amp

    I am fitting an active sub to my factory head unit. I have been told to run speaker wire from the high level on the amp, and splice / connect to the existing speaker cables. is it best to do this at the back of the head unit, or should I pick up the speaker cables somewhere else? I’m guessing...