1. S

    Focal speakers being fitted this weekend - amp or sub next?

    I'm getting some Focal speakers fitted by a local ICE specialist this weekend on my 17 plate Kombi. I'm happy with the head unit for now but am looking to do a few more upgrades as funds allow and was planning on having an amp fitted as the next stage. The company fitting the speakers are...
  2. Skyliner33

    12V switched out from head unit?

    I need a 12v supply to switch an amplifier on when the head unit is powered up? ie a switched live that comes on when the head unit is on. Is there one from out of the Discover Media head unit? Any help appreciated, thanks.
  3. T6180

    Sold Hertz Dpower 4 Amplifier

    Hertz Dpower 4 Amplifier Used but in very good condition, only selling as I've replaced it. It comes with the box, instructions and a few connections if you don't want to run RCA cables. I used this to power my under seat sub and rear speakers These are retailing at £169.99 but I'm looking...
  4. Skyliner33

    Head Unit Wont Go Back In

    I can remember seeing posts about fitting head units but for the life if me I cant find again. I've fitted one of these to the back of the head unit: Now I cant get it back into place : Any tips or tricks Im missing? Thanks.
  5. Dellmassive

    Audio Upgrade Stage-2 - Vibe Micro Amplifier Plug & Play - How I Done It -

    Audio Upgrade Stage-2 - Vibe Micro Amplifier Plug & Play - How I Done It - ************** . Audio Upgrade Stage-1 . . . . Blam Relax 200rs Speakers From Skipton. . Audio Upgrade Stage-2 - Vibe Micro Amplifier Plug & Play - How I Done It - . Audio Upgrade Stage-3 - Vibe Micro Sub Amp + Jbl Sub -...
  6. Elliott

    Standard Head Unit Help!!

    I think it’s a discovery media head unit, sat nav etc Apple car play. The previous owner has fitted rear speakers and sub under seat. But when the car turns of at traffic lights I.e start stop function the stereo goes quiet at the front but I can hear it from the rear speakers but quiet, if I’m...
  7. kn0bby

    Eton T6 Speakers, Anyone Running With An Amp?

    Just thinking while I’m doing the install is it worth installing an amp at the same time? no sub at the moment, no room.
  8. R

    Start Stop Alter Min Battery Voltage Level

    Hi Does anyone know if it is possible to alter the min voltage level in the battery that causes the engine to restart when that point is reached? I havent worked out what that is currently set at mind :rolleyes:, but I would like to increase it by a volt or 2. Reason, when the voltage on the...
  9. 20190429_153949


    installation behind glove box
  10. Jimmi

    Rear Speakers And In Line Amp

    Sorry if all this has been asked before but I’ve had a search about and I’m still a bit confused. I want to add rear speakers in my Kombi and an in-line amp to drive them, I’m not sure which is the best way to route the speakers, also I have a leisure battery under the passenger seat so I’m...
  11. Jon

    Annoying Turning Off Pop From Amplifier

    I have recently installed one of Absolute5's superb signature audio upgrade kits myself to my T6. All is well (apart from my ear drums) and an audible pop from the amp when it powers down. This is frustating as you only need to unlock the van and or open a door etc for it to remotely power up...
  12. A Brown

    Ice Install, Wiring Routes And Oe Connections

    Hi all, I'm about to install a half decent ICE set up but after a lot of searches I can't find some information that may help speed things up, so if anyone can help me out that would be very much appreciated, I'll list the questions I have below! I've spent quite a while gathering some good...
  13. AlexPL

    Amplifier Placement Help

    Looking for a space to put the amplifier. Want the seats free as I already have plans for that space. Somewhere in the dash? Got a genesis profile two Dimensions H x W x D [mm] – 38 x 300 x 217 Thanks for the help!
  14. L

    Amp + Sub Install Standard Head Unit

    I got a amp and sub + all the wires I need to connect RCA+blue wire into head unit but can't see where any of this would fit??? iv got a little thing with some wires on in where the rca wires would go but that had wires that come out of it and would no where to put that either?? can anyone help...
  15. C

    Fader VCDS

    I've been trying to get the fader working on my Kombi and this is what I have found : The instructions that I have read on here didn't work. I have the latest VCDS etc. Pauly wrote : 'To change stereo enter - Controller 5F-Information Electr Click coding then when box appears click on long...
  16. Chrisfraser05

    I need some help from you guys, a measurement!

    Hey guys, don't like to ask but its better than asking the wife lol I am stuck on an oil rig and planning my ICE. I don't want to give the game away by asked her at home but I am wondering if I can fit a Sub box under the 2+1 seat. The larger space in the middle is used when we are camping...
  17. Seán Kerr

    Audio Auto Electrician- Central Scotland

    Hi My first post to the forum, but I’ve been reading and it looks very helpful. I’m looking for any recommendations for an audio auto electrician to install an upgrade audio package from @Absolut5. I live in Dunblane so am looking for someone in the central belt. Help much appreciated! Seán
  18. J

    Alpine speaker upgrade and sub

    Hi I am new to the forum and just getting my wheels and stuff fitted before I post picks up. I am just looking at the sound system side and I have come across this: Volkswagen T6 ALPINE Under Seat Active Subwoofer & 560W Door Upgrade Speaker Kit | eBay Just wondering if anyone has used it...
  19. Pipe&Slippers


    I have been driving VW Transporters over many years, and in that time, have covered many enjoyable miles. Back in September ’16, I picked up a new T6 SWB 150PS T32 Euro 6 Kombi in Indium Grey. It had been quite a wait for the new Kombi, as there were factory build delays on vehicles fitted...
  20. Marbzy

    Installing Underseat Subwoofer

    Hi all, Newbie to the forum, so apologies in advance if something like this has already been posted, I did attempt to find a similar thread but to no avail! Anyways, I'm going to be installing an underseat amp/sub in my T6 in the next few weeks and Im looking for help with the quad lock...