ambient lighting

  1. dennismo

    Internal LED Touch Lights - Warm White

    Looking to source 8 x LED Touch lights in warm white. However, I'm struggling to find some that default to ON. I.e. I want to be able to wire them so that they come on when doors open / can be turned on with a switch, but then can be touched individually to turn off. I'm pretty confident they...
  2. Andysmee

    Ambient lighting - adding to door cards and lower dash

    Again, not a fully fledged [GUIDE] as there are lots of ways to personalise this, but here's the steps. In the doors you can tap off the window switch backlighting (above) and in the lower dash you can tap off the dashboard backlight dimming switch or the headlight switch (below) and any...
  3. Theo1979!

    Mirror ambient light

    Yesterday a installed ambient light in the mirrors
  4. Andysmee

    Team Ambient (put that light out, I'm driving)

    As winter's hitting and the nights are drawing in, it's a good time to get sorting the ambient lighting in the van. There's loads of threads on how, so no need for more guides, but how about showing us what you got? Trying to capture the effect is difficult too. HINT: if it's visible in...
  5. Shaggy1969

    Ambient lighting LEDs too bright

    I’ve fitted white LEDs to both the door lock handle and pull handles but they are a bit too bright. Any ideas how to dim them down a bit? Perhaps an additional resistor or something?
  6. Skyliner33

    Adding ambient/courtesy lights.

    I am planning on adding some ambient and courtesy lights. This is what I want to add at the moment. 2 courtesy step lights for the front doors. 2 courtesy lights in the front front footwells. 2 ambient lights in the front footwells. 2 ambient lights on the rear of the front 2 seat bases. I am...
  7. J

    Ambient lighting feed from headlight switch, grey/blue wire?

    Without a wiring diagram to hand, which grey/blue wire do I connect to for ambient light feed. The slightly larger grey/light blue (left of plug) or the thinner grey/dark blue (middle of plug)?
  8. Sabre

    door card LED

    Just been looking throught the other threads on this as I have put my own 'downlighter LEDs' into the door pockets, (only one small faux-pas with passenger side being too close to the back wall, but thats manageable) but, also drilled the back of the door handle in the centre to fit a LED in...
  9. Big.mac

    Courtesy light circuit

    Can anyone tell me if the Courtesy circuit appears inside the front doors please. It will save me taking the door cards off and hunting through all the cables.
  10. T6180

    Sold Passat W8 Ambient Centre Light

    As title, in grey/beige....whatever the standard colour is. Works perfectly fine all you will need is the connector and loom of fleebay, roughly £15 I'll post a picture tomorrow Looking for £35 plus postage
  11. Shaggy1969

    Check Leds Before Installation

    Purchased some individual LEDs of eBay and want to check (1) they work and (2) how bright they are. Is there an easy way to hook them up somewhere an check? Cheers.
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  14. Big.mac

    Ambient Door Lighting

    Anyone used these before? I’m tempted but thought it was worth checking if they’re any good first VW T6 Transporter Door Card LED Pocket Lights Interior Ambient Light Kit | eBay
  15. Littleblackflash

    Ambient Lighting Options

    Whist down my local scrappy I brought a load of LED footwell/puddle lights from a Golf R. I'm now going to wire them into my van but what options do I have? The van must come with different lighting circuits, does anyone one know what they all are and what triggers them to come on? For example...
  16. Phil Harris

    Anyone Used Advanced In-car For Ambient Lighting?

    They’re advertising at £135 for the kit and similar cost to fit. VW T6 Ambient & Mood Lighting Upgrade
  17. M

    Lumière Des Pieds

    Bonjour, j'ai un T6 et je remarque que les lumières au niveau des pieds ne fonctionne pas à l'ouverture des portes. il y a des ampoules (led) d'origine et elle sont branchées. une idée ? Hello, I have a T6 and I notice that the lights at the level of the feet do not work when the doors open...
  18. Dellmassive

    Diagrams, Schematics & Wires -- How I Done It --

    Diagrams, Schematics & Wires -- How I Done It -- ************************************************** Dellmassive`s -- "how I Done It" -- Thread ************************************************** Kit List And Stuff -- How I Done It & What I Use --...
  19. Dellmassive

    Cab Ambient "mood Lighting" Under-dash - How I Done It -

    Cab Ambient "Mood Lighting" Under-Dash - How I Done It - This Thread continues where this one left off . . . . . Cab Ambient Lighting (factory Mod) - How I Done It - ..... On the previous thread we looked fitting the OEM roof light fitting, to replace it with an OEM unit with added RED...
  20. R

    Sliding-Door Step Light Connection [Merge]

    My sliding door step light is not wired up :-(. Any thoughts where I can best take an appropriate feed from that is switched by the sliding door? To be a little clearer - I believe that I need to pick up the permeant 12v - red/black ?? and the Convenience Module Ground - brown/black?? Any...