aftermarket windows

  1. D

    Sliding windows: flush fit or "normal".

    Hi I was just wondering if someone can tell me the pros and cons of sliding windows being flush or not. Is it just aesthetics or does one type leak less than another. We aren't bothered about being in stealth mode :) ? TIA Claire
  2. M

    Recommendations - Side window installers - Loughborough/Eastmids

    Hi All. Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for all the great content, its help solve many an issue and modification. I hope a couple of you will be able to help. I have a T6 2016 Kombi LWB with what seems to be the standard leaking side windows. I've tried all the resolutions...
  3. Skyliner33

    THQ letterbox windows coming soon!

    Oh, new style opening windows. Bet they wont leak. Not much use when moving though.
  4. timthetinyhorse

    For Sale Kiravans Drivers Side Window Glass & Fitting Kit

    Bought with passenger side but adding internal surfboard racks to van so never fitted. Comes with everything needed as per pic. Looking for £20 Located north east England. Any questions let me know.
  5. timthetinyhorse

    For Sale Kiravans driver side front window

    Bought with passenger side but adding internal surfboard racks to van so never fitted. Comes with everything needed as per pic. Looking for £70. Located north east England. Any questions let me know. Thanks
  6. Bav

    THQ flush-fit sliding windows

    Transporter HQ are imminently due to release their own version of the flush, sliding windows that [allegedly] don't leak. See here:
  7. ElliotT6.1

    Pop-out side Windows..

    Does anyone know if either of these windows would fit in a t6.1 front drivers and passengers side instead of the usual sliding windows...
  8. T

    Aftermarket kombi window chipped

    Hi , looking for advice…. Yesterday I had n/s,o/s and rear windows fitted in my 6.1 van , after the install I found the corner of the n/s top the glass is chipped, really disappointed the installer didn’t see this before it was fitted (so he said) he has offered to supply a strip to cover this...
  9. ybeandy

    Vee-Dub Transporters aftermarket windows

    Good afternoon all. Having some sliding window put in my T6 in January, I note that most are the T5 version with the sliding part inserted as here... Although I now see you can get seamless windows...
  10. F

    Aftermarket Sliding Windows without Plastic Cover

    Where can I get my hands on the aftermarket, rear sliding, side windows that don't have the plastic cover on the outside of the siding window? Looking for the window on the black van without the cross on it. Much appreciated. TIA
  11. Gogi

    Leisure Vehicle Windows

    Hi All Hope your all good! Has anybody used this company for windows, I'm specifically looking at the vent windows Universal Vent Windows Bonded Vent Glass Or if anyone has knows of another glass company doing vent windows I'd b interested to know? Added a few pics of templates I made of...
  12. G

    CamperGlass sliding-windows

    I’ve just bought our first camper, a brand new T6.1 conversion done by Revolution Campers and sold to me through a local caravan/motorhome dealership. Just noticed rain water has leaked in from the side sliding windows. As it’s new it can’t be dirt etc. Any views as to warranty cover...
  13. N

    Messed up window install T5

    Hi guys, Totally new to this. I’m hoping someone can help me with the bit of a hash up I’ve made of installing the windows on my T5. I’ll go through the basics of what I’ve done and the problem I’ve had. First time of doing this (no chance of a rehearsal!). Started with the left back barn door...
  14. JasonW

    Non-OEM window insect panels

    So my camper conversion has the side windows which aren't Kombi / VW OEM windows The opener is 39.5cm x 39.5cm when closed. 39.5cm high by 32.5cm when open fully.... I was looking for an insect panel / ventilation grill for the window.... I've tried the CSI Parts grill but these only fit the...
  15. B

    Aftermarket sliding windows: Front or Rear Slider?

    Hi, I took delivery of my windows last week but didn't realise the make I went for were only rear slider on the side window. I contacted the company and they agreed I could return them....... but now I'm wondering whats the benefits of a rear slider? I really like the shallow recess of the...
  16. Garny999

    Aftermarket Flush-Fit Sliding Window recommendations

    Hello all. I am after ordering 2 sliding windows prior to the arrival of my 6.1 in March. I see that VGC have them to pre order from March but I cant really justify paying £850 for 2 windows. I appreciate they are probably very good but has anyone found a cheaper alternative, otherwise I may...
  17. superflyguy

    What to fit OEM or aftermarket sliding windows.

    For those of you like me who've gone down the panel van route, what sliding window choice did you go for ? . I've heard horror stories about original vw ones regarding leaking, but a few people I know that own kombis have had no issues. I'd prefer to go original but open to suggestions on...
  18. U

    (Aftermarket) window leak!

    Gents Just installed the plywood floor in my campervan conversion and hopefully dry fitting the RIB seat this weekend for Christmas transportation and i noticed this staining around the one wheelarch edge of the ply, its only on the drivers side and on touch does not feel wet? Is it just...
  19. C

    Are All Aftermarket Windows The Same

    Other than original VW windows are windows from Kiravans, Transporter Hq all the same aftermarket product or do they differ in quality, materials and specifications.
  20. L

    Window Fitter Recommendations

    Hi, I've got my first T6 and ready to start converting it. It's a panel van, so I thought I should get the windows fitted before I do any insulation / lining. Not confident enough (or insured enough) to start cutting the windows out myself.... Can anyone recommend either a good fitter in the St...