40mm springs

  1. S

    40MM What 18" or 17" AT wheel & Tyre combo would Fit?

    Have a T6.1 2020 T32 Kombi when purchased was lowered 40mm, has 20s with 40 profile roads tyres at moment. Go on a lot of Wet Grass and Mud, really want to switch to an All Terrain tyre and wheels package like a General Grabber AT3 (5x120 18"j et45 235/55/18 profile), or go to 17 if can't fit...
  2. W

    £500 budget… t6 needs lowering. Thoughts…

    Hi Guys, picked up my 2016 SWB kombi on sat. Love it but it needs to be lower to make it more of a ‘car feel’ and obviously the aesthetics too. I’ve got £500 to spend. I know b14s etc are ideal but it’s just not happening from a budget point of view. What would you do? I want to go about...
  3. J

    The perfect 20” tyre size

    Hi guys, I have 40/275 tyres on 20” rims. Would it be possible to put 45/275 tyres on, or would they rub when putting on a full steering lock?
  4. GingerPig

    Sold H&R lowering springs (-40mm) Kit 3: 29270-3 Brand New

    Brand new set of H&R lowering springs (-40mm) Kit 3: 29270-3 (Front < 1500kg, Rear > 1561kg) Perfect setup for a full camper layout. Heavy rear springs allows for the added weight. See link below for more info: H&R Lowering Springs for Transporter T5 / T5.1 / T6 - 1.9 / 2.0 / 2.5 TDI (~40mm)...
  5. TW2904

    Sold Koni Shocks with H&R Lowering Springs

    T32 Koni Active Shocks with H&R 40mm lowering springs. Supplied and subsequently removed by Steve at CRS Performance. Covered less than 8k miles. These are a great upgrade and in full working order. They were reluctantly removed after 12 months as I wanted to go lower. Looking for £550...
  6. GingerPig

    Sold H&R Lowering Springs for Transporter T6 - (~40mm) kit 3 (F<1500kg, R>1561kg) Brand New

    Brand new set of H&R lowering springs (-40mm) Kit 3: 29270-3 (Front < 1500kg, Rear > 1561kg) Perfect setup for a full camper layout. Heavy rear springs allows for the added weight. See link below for more info...
  7. Saffa365

    Sold H&R 40mm springs

    For sale H&R 40mm lowering springs . Springs were removed yesterday by @CRS Performance from my T28 They were installed last October i believe by the previous owner £100? Collection preferred from NW London Could get a postage quote if required
  8. L

    Kombi 40mm lowered with 20” wheels

    Hi All. Getting my t32 kombi lowered. been offered 20” wheels and 40m lowered at leighton vans dont Carry much weight in the rear. any of you guys recommend this or advise against ?
  9. T

    Tyre wear on 18inch lowered van

    Hi, I have a t28 t6.1 highline 150dsg and I've just checked tyres at 9300 miles and all 4 are worn to the point that they all need replacing. One (rear off) is at legal limit so need to change ASAP. I'm currently running the bridgestone weather control a005 245/45/18 100y Any ideas as to what...
  10. red-gloved-rider

    T32 with heavy loads: can I lower 40mm?

    Hey all, looking to get a stitches & steel look to my LWB T32, including adding some 19mm pepper pot wheels. Would simply adding some 40mm springs to the oem shocks do the trick? This van will primarily be used for work shifting heavy items in flight cases, so conscious that I don't want to...
  11. P

    newbie question - do these springs look normal?

    Hi, I have a 2016 T28 T6 with 40mm lowered suspension. The ride in the rear is really uncomfortable and every bump sends a shudder through the van. I've taken a look at the springs to see if i can identify them and notice the coils are really compressed. Would this normally be expected?
  12. J

    What shocks do I need for a -40mm drop?

    I have lowered my T6 on H&R 40mm springs and original dampers, now and again I get a twang with the spring moving, ideally I would like to put new shorter shocks on, what is everyone using I want them to be affordable and decent?
  13. A

    Sold Sold pending payment - H&R -40mm springs

    Hello, I have for sale some H&R -40mm springs code 29270-2, £100 seems to be the going rate on here. Would prefer collection (RH16) due to weight but could post if buy covers the cost. Advertised elsewhere. Cheers
  14. Andrew

    Spring backplate rubbing

    Hello all, It seems I keep ruining my van. I had some new H & R Springs fitted with a 40mm drop. These were done by a local garage, who have seen my van for the last time. Has anyone experienced this noise before. Thanks
  15. M

    For Sale clearcut part 1: H and R lowering springs (-40mm) with or without shocks

    Hi all Having a bit of a clearcut of the garage and have a few things for sale. I have a set of H and R 40mm lowering springs. Took them off my T6 t30 in October 2019- my T6 is a 2018. I don't know if they were just fitted before I bought the van in August 2018 but the springs are like new...
  16. S

    Rear Springs Question

    Hi all, I’ve been worried about my saggy arse for a while (I’m at that age!!) so after reading on here I decided the solution was to put some T32 springs on there thinking the original springs must still be in place. Anyway I decided to look under the van to check and the springs are actually...
  17. russvphoto

    For Sale Lower -40mm T32 spring set

    I’ve a set of T32 Cobra 40mm sports lowering springs for sale, they’ve only done 8000 miles. Fitted by Leighton vans in late 2018. £178 when new. Make me an offer. I’m just north of Dundee, they weigh 20kg so post would be roughly £35.
  18. Taff1275

    For Sale H&R 40mm Lowering Springs T6 T32 With or Without Shocks.

    Gone the coilover route so I no longer need the shocks/springs. Springs are H&R 40mm lowering and covered about 9k miles. Shocks are standard VW T32 which have covered 20k, perfect working order no leaks, knocking etc. Shocks & springs £150 or springs only £100.
  19. T

    Sportline’s with AT3?

    Anyone fitted 18” inch sportline alloys with 235 55 R18 general grabber AT3’s Will they work if it’s lowered 40mm
  20. S

    40mm lowered

    Hi all, Had 40mm H&R springs fitted and went for 19” wheels. Driven for a few hundred mile to settle but still think it’s sitting too high (especially at the rear), any advice or pics of yours with similar set up please..