3d printing

  1. Steve1978

    My iPad infotainment Headunit

    Hi, So I have for a very long time been thinking about replacing my Pioneer FB88DAB (which is an outstanding unit by the way) with an iPad Mini. My reasons for wanting to do this are: 1) love google maps and Waze 2) Screen is brighter, I actually cant see the screen at all in the summer. 3)...
  2. B

    3D printed solution for a roof fan

    We bought our van for moving about the mutts as they don't fit in the VW caddy we have due to dog number 3 We like to have a fan to keep the dogs cool and to remove "emissions" The roof of the caddy is a wee bit crinkly which makes fitting a fan awkward So i have come up with a solution...
  3. vwski

    3D Scanning - might be interesting to someone…

    Hey everyone, I’ve seen some posts on here talking about 3D printing but nothing related directly to 3D scanning - please correct me if I’m wrong. Scanning (along with 3D printing of course) is something I’ve been incorporating into my day job for a few years now but thought I’d start a thread...
  4. CJW

    For Sale Custom Grille Badges

    Well, sort of 'for sale'. I'm building slowly up to be able to make custom grille badges for the T6 and T6.1 as a hobby. The idea is that you can tell me what you want your grille badge to say, or what design you want on it, I can send you a computer visualisation to approve, then I can make it...
  5. CJW

    3D printed grille badge idea

    Low-res trial print for shape and size. Tricky geometry on that grille but very much getting there. Custom grille badge here we come.
  6. Qnapper

    3D printed parts/accessories - STL files wanted

    At 65yrs old, I thought a new hobby needed, so bought a 3D printer. Arrives next week, and after I get the "hang" of it would like some T6 parts or accessories. I know if I surf the www I can no doubt find them, but wondered if any members had any they would share or point me towards them. I...
  7. Bryn23

    I Fitted a Induction Cooktop into the Camper

    Well, this has been on my list for a while, i was sick of having to get the old induction cooktop out and set it on the bench up to make a cuppa. I was limited by space and depth, but i came across a suitable cooktop that could be recessed on Aliexpress. I ended up just getting the 800 Watt...
  8. T6Jay

    For Sale 3D Printed Webasto Controller Knob

    3D Printed Webasto Contoller Knob with central pushbutton. Like this one; See this thread; Found - 3D printed Webasto controller knob This is NOT my design, you can print your own if you wish, the STL files are here; https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3993364 It's licenced as 'Creative...
  9. LambethBoy

    Wanted 3D printing for OEM windows

    3D printing for OEM windows needed. These parts seem to be completely unavailable as a separate part. These are the drain channels for the sliding windows that usually gets broken when a kombi window is taken out. Thanks guys.
  10. revdecal

    Found 3D printed Webasto controller knob

    I have an STL file for a Webasto controller knob that I need printing if anyone on here offers that service? I would rather give cash to someone on the forum if I can.
  11. T6Jay

    For Sale 3D Printed Double Cupholder (T6.1)

    If your bottles or cups don't fit in the T6.1 factory cupholders, here is the solution; Hooks over the existing cup holder, and a small support piece slides in behind to keep it more stable. Plenty of clearance for the glovebox. A little care is needed if you have a swivel passenger seat...
  12. T6Jay

    T6.1 3D-Printed Cup-Holders

    The factory cup holders weren't really working for us, so I printed this;
  13. CarpyT6

    For Sale 3D printed gear knob

    Selling my custom made 3D printed gear knob. Made my RSP Engineering, never fitted. Comes with adaptors and 3D printed key ring. £40 posted
  14. D

    Apple CarPlay USB move from left to right

    A couple of members have reached to ask how I moved the USB for CarPlay from the left of the vehicle to a more convenient place on the right so I thought I would share this post. Feel free to edit, move or delete if this has been covered before. I found the name of “VW 3D Printing” from this...
  15. CAB

    Wanted 3D printed box wanted

    Evening all, I am looking for a custom 3d printed box / tray. Nothing fancy, just the exact dimensions to fit in a cupboard, and store a kettle and toaster. Doesn't have to look great, just the right shape! Can anyone recommend a business? Obviously don't want to spend a fortune, but equally...
  16. Jono

    3D printing for amateurs on a large scale

    Afternoon. The main thread is locked, so no more trays for anyone. But, for the record, I've made barely any profit and it will be a relief not to have to watch a machine for 11 hours a day while it prints one, in case the nozzle blocks or the prints unsticks from the bed etc. I was doing it...
  17. burendan

    3D Printed Gear Hooks

    I have created a 3D model for a hook to hang gear from the many holes across the rear pillar and tailgate. I have been using a few bungy cords to stretch between holes to hang towels and wetsuits, but I wanted some normal hooks for hanging up smaller items. The 3D model is available here -...
  18. Roberts

    For Sale 3D Printed Coaster Sets

    I hope this OK with admins. I've started a small hobby hoping to turn turn into a business and I'm starting out small with coaster currently with the idea of growing into all sorts of products and designs. All my own design I must say. (If no one has come up with a T6 Forum coaster set I'll...
  19. burendan

    3D Printed Windscreen Solar Blanket Attachment Clips

    If anyone is interested, I have created a 3D model for some small attachments that slide over the top corners of my windscreen so that I can tie down a solar blanket across the windscreen. These fit my T6, I assume the windscreen thickness and spacing is the same on T5/T6.1. Windscreen Clips...
  20. Niknak

    3D printing or laser cut acrylic

    Hi all I wonder if anyone can help me I managed to break my switch panel tonight no drama I can with a bit of whittling at work make a new one as I wanted to add some switches but I’d prefer a crisper look and save lots of swearing, if anyone could help print one or laser cut some acrylic I can...