1. TeamD

    T32 DSG 4Mo Staggered 20” Tyre Pressures??

    Hello, newbie here and first post. Two weeks ago I got my first T6 - 2019 T32 DSG 4Mo and I have just had some new tyres fitted to the front 245/45/20 and the pressure has been set to 57PSI. The rears are staggered at 275/40/20 and are at 48PSI. The ride is a bit crashy so wondered what the...
  2. Steview

    For Sale Pair New Pirelli P-Zero 275/40R20 tyres £300

    Selling a pair of new unused Pirelli P-Zero tyres. Size 275/40 R20 106Y Collection from Bedlington Northumberland
  3. lukeadams

    Downsize 20” for comfort

    Hi. I’m after some recommendations for my T32 I’m currently riding with 20” (275/40ZR20) on H&R 40mm springs and love the look, however, hate the ride with the current state of the roads. I’m looking for recommendations to drop down to 18” but try and keep the look and style of the bigger...
  4. P

    Larger Tyre options with ACC

    Hi. Time to replace the boots. Has anyone fitted 275/40/20 tyres to T6.1 with ACC ? Whats the largest size tyre you can go without it throwing up a fault on the dash? Thanks in advance
  5. D

    20” Supermetal Cell ideal tyre size

    Sorry if this has been asked before. currently running 275/35/20 front, 275/40/20 rears. van is lowered around 60mm. I don’t have any issues with rubbing on full lock but the roads where I live are getting shocking and I have had occasional rubbing when the suspension bottoms out. im looking...
  6. Mkgolfnutters

    For Sale Pair 275/40/20 Uniroyal Rainsport 5 tyres £200

    Less than 100 miles travelled on them would prefer collection due to size and weight but can ship for an extra £40 Based Newport Pagnell - can meet at J14 Services Price new £153 each plus fitting Reason for sale - our van is too low to accommodate them. £200
  7. B

    Smaller tyres for 20” wheels

    Hello, It has been asked many times but can’t find a response to my specific dilemma. If I swap 275 x 40 for 255 x 50 or 55’s will the ride be better and are there any other advantages? I’m looking to get a better ride as the priority. Thanks T30 owner
  8. Mkgolfnutters

    For Sale Uniroyal RainSport 5 275/40 R20 Y (106)

    I have for sale 2 Uniroyal RainSport 5 275/40 R20 Y (106) done less than 150miles taken off the van can take to Busfest this weekend £240 £240 the pair.
  9. G

    For Sale 20” alloy wheels and tyres for sale

    Great condition with 2 tyres being 500miles old (£220 each) and the other 2 having loads of tread left. 275/40/20 One scuff on the lip of one alloy Currently fitted to my T6 transporter Ready for sale next weekend (19/8/23) Collection only from Swindon £640
  10. Belly

    Winter tyre /wheel query

    Looking early for some winter wheels and tyres. I want them to fill the arches like my 20" 40 profile wheels do now but obviously want more meat on the tyres, is there a calculation to work out the rolling circumference with different size alloys and tyres..tia.. Current set up..
  11. C

    275/40/20 vs 275/35/20

    I know its been discussed before but so much conflicting info.... About to order some 20" LV3 for my T32 kombi, and they can come with tyres 275/40/20. Front wheels are 8.5J with ET45. Van is going on to Bilstein B14 suspension so will be lowered 40-50mm. Leighton Vans say the tyres will rub...
  12. G

    Any photos of -50mm or -45mm drops on 20’s?

    I'm looking to lower my t6.1, looking at the eibach Racine 50mm or eibach so low 45mm. I've got new wheels to put on with 275/40/20 tyres, anyone got photos of either springs fitted and should I expect rubbing??
  13. DavidS

    Maximum offset - 20" 9J Wheel , 275/40/20 tyres , lowered 50mm

    Hi All - Toying with changing wheels. Currently have 20" 9J Wheels , 275/40/20 tyres , van lowered 50mm (it's a camper). Quite like the look of Supermetal Cells but not sure if the ET45 will rub, anyone have similar or advise what max offset I could look at?
  14. Lucan

    Go from 20’s to 19’s on a lowered van

    Hi all, Appreciate this can be a bit of a minefield but maybe my questions are simple. Question / scenario 1…. My van is lowered on coil overs and runs on 265 / 40 / 20. I don’t want my van to go lower but I want to drop my alloy size to 19 inch for improved comfort. Can I help to offset the...
  15. J

    275/40 19 9.5j ET30 on a caravelle, does door card rub?

    About to bite the bullet on some 19" 9.5J wheels and the offset is machined at point of purchase. I'm thing ET40 up front and ET30 at the rear as they usually look best with a little difference F/R. I've looked through pages of threads and can see some saying they run this spec OK and at least...
  16. Andpopse

    275/40/20 on front wheels

    My T6.1 Camper came with front wheels 8.5 x 20 wheels shod with 275/40/20 tyres and original suspension. It never looked quite right to me, too wide and the amount of spray thrown up the sides of the (Black) Van looked horrible. I’ve changed them to 245/45/20 and it looks better / steers better...
  17. Jc85

    Sold General Grabber AT3 275/40/20 106

    Taken off my T6, only covered approximately 1000 miles. Around 9mm on each tyre. Manufactured this year (12th week 2022) Would look great on a swamper! Retail at £200+ a corner. Open to sensible offers. Would prefer collection but could meet around the South Yorkshire area.
  18. S

    20” Tyre / Alloy advice

    Hi, I shall continue my noob questions, I've never bought tyres for a van so its my first time..... Im about to take the plunge on these: Alloys Calibre CC-I Tyres Toyo Proxes T1 Sport SUV 275/40/20 106 (XL): max 1900 kg per axle Are these ok?
  19. T

    70mm on 20’s

    Greetings, In the never ending pool of threads on suspension, I am looking specifically for people with b14’s running on their lowest with 275 40 20’s. I have -50mm springs, definitly not a boaty as stock and rides ok, but can be a bit bouncy and crashy. How are the b14’s on their lowest...
  20. OllieGBR

    275/40/20 to 265/40/20

    Due to a blow-out on the M25 and having to be recovered, I used the opportunity to move from 275/40/20 to 265/40/20 tyres on the front. An expensive move, but always thought the 275’s were too big of a tyre for the steering pump to be moving. I also fitted ‘decent’ tyres, Goodyear Eagle F1s...