1. @TheRealSamPrentice

    New wheel day :)

    Will be heading down to Bognor motors soon for coilovers :)
  2. Dannyb6467

    Sold General Grabber AT3s 255/55/18 only 200 miles use

    As new, too big for my van that's lowered 50mm. Slight rubbing when on right full lock and because I monouver in tight spaces on site it would be a pain. Looking for £100 each More photos if needed once the tyres are removed later today.
  3. Thatratman

    Will 255/55/18 fit on a lowered van?

    Does any have or know if a 255 55 18 will fit on a t6? I feel the 255 45 just doesn't quite fill the arches. Set up is 9j all round and ET35 lowered 40-50mm. Looking at buying the pilot sport 4 SUV. Theres various threads about 255/55 18 but they're all regarding AT tyres and mostly standard...
  4. JTT6

    For Sale Nearly New General Grabber AT3 255/55/18

    Thinking about changing my tyres for something more road-biased as I have a lot of high mile work trips coming up. They came fitted on a set of Stitches & Steels steelies in Dec and have done about 1500 miles so basically as new. Any interest before they go on eBay? I can send detailed pics /...
  5. Bigredonion

    255 55 18 - about to order but this forum has got me worried!!

    Can someone check my math/ lend me their experience I was about to order 255/55/18 tyres for my new wheels, then read people not happy with them on here... assume et plays a huge part and people only struggle with the inner clearance? Will they fit seems to think all will be fine, assuming the...
  6. R

    For Sale 255/55/18 conti contact

    Hi there I,m going to be putting 255/55/18 continental contacts up for sale if any of you guys are interested. There rated for t32 aswell. Pics to follow
  7. M

    Advice On Spacers And Lowering with 21” 9.5J wheels

    I've a set of 21" Range Rover Sport wheels which I'm looking to fit on my 2018 Caravelle LWB, they are 9.5" with a 49mm offset. When compared to the existing fitment they show as being 25.8mm closer to the strut and they'll protrude 37.8mm further out. The suspension ride height is still...