1. S

    Supermetal Cell 255/55/18 or 235/55/18

    Good afternoon guys I've read through loads of threads and still can't find the definitive answer. At the moment I'm ru nine 20inch black alloys that came with the van, they are wrapped in 275/40/20 now personally I'm wanting the swamper look but also the added comfort. The roads near me are...
  2. dinks66

    Maximum spare wheel size for T6.1 carrier

    I am looking to put some 255/55/18 BFG AT KO2's on my T6.1 4 Motion when it arrives and was wondering if this size of tyre will fit in the under slung spare wheel well/bracket without modification or spending a lot on a suitable replacement bracket. I need to carry the exact same rolling radius...
  3. R

    Going mad over rim size for t32

    I’ve been reading the forum for the last couple days but can’t find definite info. 2020 transporter t32 The Stock 205/65/16 are terrible, so I’ve found a 19” amarok set but believe the 255/55/19 on them are too big and will scrub? Short of those rims, what is everyone running for a mix of...
  4. C

    18” Tyre recommendations for 8J wheels

    There are plenty of options according to the online tyre calcs but I'm curious what people are actually running? My preference would be to go a smidge oversized both in terms of radius but also width (to get some rim protection but also because I don't like the 'stretched' tyre look). Probably...
  5. Dannyb6467

    Sold General Grabber AT3s 255/55/18 only 200 miles use

    As new, too big for my van that's lowered 50mm. Slight rubbing when on right full lock and because I monouver in tight spaces on site it would be a pain. Looking for £100 each More photos if needed once the tyres are removed later today.
  6. Thatratman

    Will 255/55/18 fit on a lowered van?

    Does any have or know if a 255 55 18 will fit on a t6? I feel the 255 45 just doesn't quite fill the arches. Set up is 9j all round and ET35 lowered 40-50mm. Looking at buying the pilot sport 4 SUV. Theres various threads about 255/55 18 but they're all regarding AT tyres and mostly standard...
  7. JTT6

    For Sale Nearly New General Grabber AT3 255/55/18

    Thinking about changing my tyres for something more road-biased as I have a lot of high mile work trips coming up. They came fitted on a set of Stitches & Steels steelies in Dec and have done about 1500 miles so basically as new. Any interest before they go on eBay? I can send detailed pics /...
  8. Bigredonion

    255 55 18 - about to order but this forum has got me worried!!

    Can someone check my math/ lend me their experience I was about to order 255/55/18 tyres for my new wheels, then read people not happy with them on here... assume et plays a huge part and people only struggle with the inner clearance? Will they fit seems to think all will be fine, assuming the...
  9. R

    For Sale 255/55/18 conti contact

    Hi there I,m going to be putting 255/55/18 continental contacts up for sale if any of you guys are interested. There rated for t32 aswell. Pics to follow
  10. M

    Advice On Spacers And Lowering with 21” 9.5J wheels

    I've a set of 21" Range Rover Sport wheels which I'm looking to fit on my 2018 Caravelle LWB, they are 9.5" with a 49mm offset. When compared to the existing fitment they show as being 25.8mm closer to the strut and they'll protrude 37.8mm further out. The suspension ride height is still...