1. simon

    For Sale 18" AC Syclone Alloy Wheels

    I have a set of 18" AC Syclones with tyres 255 45 18 103Y Good condition £500ono They are ready to put straight onto the van Collection only, may be able to meet (weekends only)
  2. C

    For Sale 255 45 18 Winters

    Pair of 255 45 18 Minerva Winter tyres. 103 load rated. Very little use so around 6-7mm left. Have another pair of Falkens winters as well but they have inner tyre wear and one has screw in it. £110 for the Minerva. I'll throw other 2 in for £20 if you want.
  3. M

    Amarok steels. Which tyres?

    Hi all! Anyone got any pics with the recommended tyre of 255/45/18 on the Stiches & Steel wheel with standard suspension? If so I’d there any rubbing on full lock or over bumpy roads?....cheers!
  4. fezza68

    Sold Winter tyres.

    4 x kumho winter tyres,255/45/18 103v so rated for t32. All 6mm tread depth. £100ono. Manchester area,prefer pick up or meet somewhere. Need em gone.
  5. Captain Mainwaring

    18” Tyre recommendations (T32)

    Sorry if this has been done but I trawled through the forums and not found anything I am running a T32 on 255 45 18 103. Up till now I have kept Nokian winter tyres all year round because I have been doing low mileage and live in Highland Scotland where it is regularly wet and the winters are...
  6. Dellmassive

    T6.1 Sportline incoming . . . ? (T-Sport20)

    T6.1 Sportline incoming . . . ? had this ping up today - T-Sport20 ...
  7. C

    Banded Amaroks may px

    Looking to sell or swap my banded Amaroks. 8.5 and 9in widths. Duchy banded. They are a bronze powdercoat that sparkles in the sun. Overall in good condition other than a few bits on the outer rim that have been touched up. Tyres are all winter 255/45/18 in 103 rating so all good for T32. 2...
  8. Waynet

    255/55/18 falken wild peaks

    Sincere apologies if this has already been covered but I have searched unsuccessfully( honestly) Just had a set of falken wildpeaks fitted to Black Rhino Overlands. Garage recommended 40 psi all round- can anyone confirm As I don’t carry any load at the moment and thought this may be a bit much...
  9. teamfly

    Sold 255 45 18 winters

    Set of four Minerva frostrack 255 45 18 winter tyres with 5mm+ tread . 103 load rated. Collection only (Inverness) although I'm travelling to Glasgow tomorrow . £130
  10. Stevio

    Black/polished Sportline Alloys T32 and New Tyres £800

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just bought a 2016 T6 Sportline 180 BiTDI which is waiting at home for me (Currently abroad for work) I would be looking to sell the wheels which are on it as I want some 20" alloys to replace them with. I have been assured all alloys are in great condition...
  11. phil_n

    FREE 255 45 18 Autogrip Tyre

    255/45/18 103 tyre about 2.5-3mm on it Collection from Bury, Manchester
  12. DaveyB

    For Sale GT Radial 255/45/18 tyres 103

    Time to clear out garage. I have 2x GT Radial tyres 255/45/18, 103W XL. Both have 6mm tread depth across the whole tyre. Weight rated for a T32. £90 collection.
  13. JordanGT

    Sold 18 inch alloys with winter tyres

    Made by JBW in Southam, complete with 255/ 45 Falken winter tyres, still loads of tread left. £400 collection in Market Harborough
  14. A

    Sold T6 sportline alloy wheels and tyres

    Genuine gloss black sportline alloy wheels and tyres Just over 2 years old. Two wheels have a small scratch on shown in the pictures No kerb damage, never been refurbished Tyre size 255/45 18 103Y all round Two tyres brand new accelera 7mm tread Two tyres nexen nfera su1 5/6/5 and 5/6/5...
  15. Peclaran

    For Sale Used Tyres 255/45/18

    I have a pair of used tyres with some life left in them. Asking £30 for the lot. preferred to be collected or meet near Southampton. Reasonable excuse to go for a drive.
  16. T

    correct offset

    So having decided on a set of 18" wheels (probably 8J) my understanding is that the correct tyre size would be 255/45 R18 and standard offset would be 50. I am wanting to bring the wheels out slightly so that they just sit inside the wheel arches. I understand an offset of 35 is possibly to...
  17. alter

    Help with tyre width

    Good evening to all, I would like to know your opinion .. I currently have three sets of tires available..Nokian Wheatherproof, Bf K02 and Continental 200, all in sizes 215 / 65r16..on California documents are also possible 255 / 45r18 tires. .. what tangible improvement would I get in the...
  18. Dellmassive

    18” Tyre recommendations

    Had a screw in the shoulder of the NSF tyre (vanco conti`s) which i repaired myself with the tyre knots couple of months ago. it started leaking the other day and tyre shop wouldn't repair it. . . . . (no repairs on shoulder/side wall) =[ so new tyre needed . . . vanco conti £179 !! mid range...
  19. T6 dork

    Accelera 255-45-18 103y Xl Back In Stock £46 Each

    ok, if you want any they are pick up only or send a courier please these are trade prices inc vat short supply so hurry to secure a set i need a deposit as they sell fast and take weeks to come again pm me with a mobile my location is 2 mins from J30 M1 cheers SORRY PRICE INCREASE £48 EACH
  20. Dave F

    Amarok 18” 7.5J Steelie - Tyre Sizes

    quick question. Will Amarok 18s with 255/60 18 V XL fit my lowered T6 or will I need to Change the tyres in them. Thanks