1. Constalation

    T6 T32 204 front brake hoses

    All, Hope someone can help. I want to change the flexible hoses on my front calipers but there seems to be two variation 550mm and 600mm. Which one is needed or can someone post a part number. I want to change them as the brakes are binding on one side and after stripping and lubricating the...
  2. swd80

    204ps suddenly lagging

    We have a 2017 204 ps DSG LWB Caravelle which we've had since May. The engine was running fine until today when it has been seriously lagging. I notice that when cruising, the kickdown needs a big push on the accelerator and it's similar when setting off from a standstill. This has literally...
  3. LeeroyRoberts

    T32 4motion 204 DSG fan kicks in early.

    Hi, Recently purchased the vehicle and have noticed the fan kicks in even after a really short journey literally 5 minutes into town. is this normal?? Thanks Lee
  4. G

    Sold 2018 T32 LWB 204PS DSG Kombi twin-slider. £27k.

    Selling a mint t6 t32 204bhp lwb dsg kombi 1 owner from new, has loads of extras including twin sliding doors (soft close) heated front seats, comfort dash, carpeted cab area, twin captains seats in front and 2+1 in the rear, led front and back lights, cruise control, sat nav discovery media...
  5. L

    Kombi t32. 150bhp v 204 4wd

    Hi all. Is the 204 4wd kombi loads better than the. 150 ? I’ve had a 150 t32 kombi. But fancy the 4wd 204bhp. 52000 pounds though
  6. C

    Trying to decide which is a reliable van, the 150 or 204?

    Hi, new member here I have read post from September 19 about egr cooler failure on the 204 bitdi, but nothing has been raised since. I’m looking at purchasing a 204 but a mechanic friend has suggested to stay clear of this type due to this issue. Is it so common or is it just bad luck? or...
  7. Jon

    Sold MY18 T32 DSG 204ps BiTDI SWB Highline Kombi. £30k

    Due to a sudden change in circumstances we have a very reluctant sale of my kombi van. I bought this van from new and I am the only registered keeper in July 2017, It came through as 2018 model year with the front assist sensor in the bumper. Factory options included, Indium Grey Metallic...
  8. Notsobigsi

    Devonports only being fitted to 204PS T32’s now?

    Hi all still awaiting like alot of us my new van which is a t32 150 dsg and was reading issue 4 of the latest brochure and it reads like it's only the t32 204 spec vans that are coming through with the 17" Devonports now this could be a typo but just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this
  9. G

    Turbo difference 150PS/204PS.

    Hi all just wandering I have a T6 shuttle 2016 150bhp can I put a 204 bhp turbo straight on thanks
  10. C

    Power issue, 205bhp bi turbo

    Right guys, badly stuck, mechanics head is boggled. Van had recently got a head gasket replacement, and reconditioned injectors, bad diesel i think.. but now, van went great for few days after work, then apparently lost all power, black smoke, hasnt went right since. Hes checked turbo, egr, all...
  11. J

    For Sale 2017 T30 SWB 201bhp DSG. 42,000 miles. £36,000

    2017 T30 SWB 201bhp DSG. 42,000 miles with full service history Fully converted day van with very comfortable full width bed with side storage/shelf system and large storage space underneath Stunning pearlescent white paintwork. Matching front and rear Carbon Works spoilers. Twin sliding...
  12. S

    204PS 4motion DSG - vibration at low revs

    Hi all, newbie to the forum but have been lurking for a while and seems a very helpful place. Just bought a 2017 kombi and am a first time T6 owner so nothing to benchmark against. It vibrates and resonates quite a bit at low revs when pulling away and also seems to do the same at certain...
  13. adam1702

    2017 204 oil consumption issues [Resolved]

    Hi, found a couple of post already regarding high usage on the 204 and some even leading to engine failure, has anyone got any experience with this I could ask for help? I've only had my T6 204 T32 a few months and covered about 2000 miles but in that time its drank 5-6 litres of oil which I top...
  14. T

    Sudden Engine whining [Resolved]

    Hi guys New to the forum so first and foremost hello. Hoping some one could shed some light. Got 19 plate caravelle 204 DSG. Had for about 4 months. I Was driving yesterday and notice the engine sounded different and noticeably when going down hill and engine braking it was really...
  15. R

    Sold 2017 vw caravelle exec dsg. £33k

    For sale my 2017 vw caravelle 2.0 Tdi 204 bhp bi turbo DSG, executive,7 seats. 61,000 miles. Koni/h&n coil-overs fitted by CRS performance. Revo engine remap to 240bhp. Front splitter, cam belt and major service carried out last month costing £1000. Brand new, never used westfalia detachable...
  16. M

    Sold 2017 T32 204PS DSG Campervan. £36k

    Here is our metallic grey van for sale, fantastic base spec van, including twin electric sliders, and adaptive cruise, professionally converted in 2020. the vat has already been paid on this. £36k. Base spec. 2017 T32 204 PS. 51k on the clock. Adaptive Cruise. DSG. Comfort Dash. Factory Sat...
  17. M

    For Sale 2017 T32 Campervan. £38k

    Here is our part converted metallic grey van for sale, fantastic base spec van, professionally converted in 2020. 38k, the vat has already been paid on this. Base spec. 2017 T32 204 PS. 51k on the clock. Adaptive Cruise. DSG. Comfort Dash. Factory Sat Nav. Front & Rear Parking Sensors...
  18. J

    Hybrid 204ps anyone ??

    Hi all So my small turbo has given up and snapped the shaft on my t6 204 sportline So question is do I hybrid them? Tdi turbos have said they can do them and will send a courier tomorrow Good for 300bhp I believe Anyone done this? Also does anyone know the maximum flow rate = bhp the...
  19. B

    For Sale 2019 T32 204PS DSG BiTDI Kombi. £36k

    £35,995.00 + VAT TRANSPORTER T32 SWB DIESEL 2.0 BiTDI BMT 204 Highline Kombi Van DSG Full VW Service History Starlight Blue 67 Plate (Feb 2018) 45,500 miles Comfort Dash pack ABT Front Splitter & Grille Full Leather R-Line Seats Twin Captains Front Seats - Heated 3 / 2 Split Rear Seats...
  20. Keaney

    T6 204ps white smoke and battery? [Resolved]

    Ok weird one… van has been sat on the drive and not getting much use but this morning did a good 20 mile no problem. Gets back to the vehicle at the local supermarket and it doesn’t want to turn over. Every time I try the clock resets to 00:00. Then got a coolant low warning… checked the tank...