1. Andyf

    204PS MPG

    Hi, looking at a 204, Lots of people have had them for sometime now, what realistically are you getting to the gallon Good or bad spill the beans, steady driver or not lol regards
  2. C

    DSG issues - Bi-Turbo. Not selecting gears

    Hi all, I've done a forum Search, but couldn't find what I was looking for. So my DSG on my 2017, 160k miles 204 PS Bi-Turbo is having 'issues'. Symptoms including not selecting gear at all, or 'dumping the clutch' in a *very* nasty way at a random point on the revs. Typically happens either...
  3. Ads_Essex

    Sold 2017 T6 Campervan - Three Bridges 'Infinity'

    For sale is my brother-in-law's campervan. He's waiting on a full spec sheet from the converter, but here's an advert in the meantime. He's looking for £55k. Number-plate not included. For more info please drop me a PM and I'll pass you his number. 2017 VW T6 DSG T32 204PS 3275 miles...
  4. T

    17plate 204 oil consumption

    I’ve had a 204 dsg around 6-7 months and I’m constantly topping it up with oil, there’s no visible leaks. Is this a common problem, will it get worse?
  5. T

    204 remap (likely Revo) - feedback from those who have had it done

    Hi, Got a 2016 T6 204 DSG 4mo Cali Ocean. Pretty keen on getting the Revo stage 1 map done. I really like the look of the extra power and torque across the rev range and it seems and inexpensive way to release potential. Revo seem to do a lot of testing, which is good. Been in touch with my...
  6. P

    Twin turbos = 204 ?

    Hi, sorry stupid question alert, does have an engine with an twin turbo equal 204 bhp, please , thankyou
  7. J

    Has anyone had issues with T32 4motion 204bhp?

    Has anyone had issues with T32 4motion 204bhp, bought one just out of warranty in the summer and all though it has full service history with vw and has had fly wheel ERG changed has been towed into Vw as has broke down making a terrible rattling sound , I have now been told that it will...
  8. G

    Wanted T6 SWB Highline 150 or 204

    Thought I'd take a chance on here. Been looking for a few months and missed out on a few vans here and there. Seems its slowed right down but suppose that's maybe down to covid delays on new vans and Christmas round the corner. Got a budget of around 30k maybe more or less depending on the...
  9. Tsixty

    Which oil? 2019 204PS BiTDI?

    As per title, like to keep a 1lt bottle for top ups. What do people recommend? Thanks in advance.
  10. F

    Sportline towing

    Hi there everyone, I am new to the site and was looking for some information if possible. I am looking at buying a 2018 sportline van 204 Dsg, and it will be used to carry gardening equipment, but also I tow some commercial mowers with a twin wheel for Williams plant trailer and a John Deere...
  11. G

    Found 180/204 Highline Kombi

    Hi, Having had to sell my previous van in April i am now starting the hunt for another.... Looking for an early T6 180/204 Highline - ideally LWB and DSG with twin sliders. Tailgate ideally. Would consider a SWB though. Would consider a LWB 5.1 Sportline panel van - i have access to some rear...
  12. W

    New Cali purchase: 150PS vs 204PS for Australia

    Looking for your collective advice... I'm about to pull the trigger on a purchase of the new T6.1 California Beach here in Australia. Costs aside... do you have any recommendations or insights around the reliability of the TDI450 (199hp) vs the TDI340 (150hp) engines? Both options with 4Motion...
  13. V

    199 vs 204

    Hi, looking to buy a caravelle, a local dealer recommends the 199 as it’s a better, newer generation engine and allegedly the 204 can suffer with reliability issues... any of it true? He’s got both a 199 and a 204 DSG vans for sale , roughly same spec and same money. thank you
  14. V

    2019 T6 Edition 204PS DSG (review)

    Hi All, As there's not much reviews on here so thought ill share my thoughts good and bad things for new/old members and new buyers etc. i think i have only seen Tourshine review on here. i will be updating this regularly for updates. I have only brought it yesterday and the spec 19 plate...
  15. B

    Issues With Engine 2.0 Bitdi 204hp

    Has anyone else had an oil warning light come on? Just had the oil warning light come on and done a check. The oil is right at the bottom of the stick. Anyone else used much? It's a 204ps with 6,000 miles.
  16. R

    Camper Engine - Size Matters?

    I'm currently looking at a T6 camper conversion, the conversion work is good, everything I'd want but.... it's 84 bhp. My last van was 102 bhp and I had no difficulties with it but wondering what other's experiences of the 84 are. Day to day use, several miles in town back and forward to work...
  17. Rapt0rUK

    T6 Lwb T32 150ps Or 204ps?

    Hi folks, Newbie here but we're finally getting close to pulling the trigger on our base van for a camper conversion. We've got our eyes on a couple of options and planning to get out to see them this weekend. One question, I was after some thoughts on...150 vs 204... There seems to be...
  18. catfood12

    Tensioner Replacement On 2018 204pv

    My van had started sounding like the alternator bearings were on they way out - sounded like a pile of spanners in a tumble dryer after 12K miles. It was in for this to be looked at, new tensioner and belt, now back to sounding like a proper diesel. Faultless service from Breeze Commercial in...
  19. Bumble

    Which Engine Should I Go For?

    Hi All, Newbie question. I looking at getting my first VW transporter to convert. Which engine should I go for 102ps or the 150? Can anyone point me in the right direction for which van to go for? I' thinking of nearly new with mileage under 10k Can you recommend any dealers? Thanks, Martin.
  20. T

    Kombi 204ps gets the thumbs up from me

    My van went in today for side window leak and they gave me a van to go home in. It was a 150ps Kombi van Trendline T30 6 speed manual Now I'm far from a speed demon but couldn't believe how flat this engine felt, I initially thought is was the 102ps it felt that bad. So glad I hung out for my...