1. C

    2018 t32 highline with 201hp

    I am having issues sourcing outer cv joints both times I've been supplied with incorrect parts. Can anyone enlighten me spline diameter is just over 32mm and internal splines are 31
  2. Blasam

    Whining noise

    Good afternoon all, I hope you’re all well. Just a quick post to see if any of you have come across a problem I’m having. I’ve used the search function but to no avail. I have an early 2017 T6 T32 204 DSG 94k that’s developed a noise between 1500 & 2000rpm. The noise is best described as...
  3. C

    204ps Oil Consumption and EGR Delete - An attempt at a summary

    A lot has been written on this and I've read it all. I thought it might be useful to try to summarise in one spot. I'll break this down into single statements and questions so it's easier to agree/disagree/answer. Please take a read and comment if you think any of this is incorrect. 1. The...
  4. C

    Oil Use. What's 'normal'?

    I have a 67 plate 204ps T6 with ~60k on the clock. I've had it a couple of years and noticed early on that it uses a bit of oil. I've not kept tab of top ups but I'd say I'm probably adding half a litre every 4000 miles or so. Just happened to flag a low oil warning this weekend which suggests it...
  5. ben3042

    204 DSG intermittent momentary power loss

    Hi all, Desperately looking for some assistance! I have a 2018 204 DSG high line. Had it from 8k miles, now has 82k on the clock. I’ve done all of the servicing and maintenance on it as I’m very mechanically minded and my business is automotive electrical design. However, I have a fault that I...
  6. Westy78

    Turbo/super charger underboost fault codes - 204 DSG

    Hi all, some advice please. Last Friday van started lacking power, flashing coil and engine management light on. Carista codes were 15560 EGR sensor A circuit, 23957 & 25958 turbo/super charger underboost. I've changed the EGR valve which has cleared that fault but van still lacking power and...
  7. A

    Im new hello... Engine advise 204 2litre?

    Hi guys. I have wanted a t6 for years now and finally in a place to buy the 'right' one. Question I have is I'm a bit of a plonker when it comes to the engines in t6s. I'm looking at a 2litre 204bhp bi turbo. Questions I have I have read about the EGR issues. Is this just on the 1.8 models...
  8. Ashok2429

    2018 204ps Turbo gone @96K -To be expected, early or just unlucky?

    Hi all, So on the way down to Cornwall last week, got as far as Exeter, van went in limp home mode with an all mighty screech coming from under the bonnet. Managed to get her off quickly at the next service station and rang the RAC. This isn't thread about how poor they were (they left the Mrs...
  9. Jono21571

    Engine stalling

    Hi I have an issue with the engine stalling intermittently on idyll and when you drop it into drive or reverse the van is a 2017 t6 t32 4motion dsg 204. It has hand a remap on the engine and gearbox done by Martin at Pendle performance on there rolling road.the remap was carried out not long...
  10. catfood12

    Oil Analysis shows high levels of Iron

    Mates I regularly get engine oil analysed, and never really have an issue. Report has just come back form the T6. 2017, 204 (CXEB), 45K miles. Oil is 12 months, 7k miles old, TPS Quantum 5W40, high levels of iron; For comparison, my 140K mile old Cayenne 4.2 V8D came back at 29PPM iron. A...
  11. joe_j_barnes

    For Sale 2017 T30 204PS SWB DSG Highline Camper. £50k

    Hi All, I’ve played and toyed with the decision to sell my van and after battling with my inner conscience I’ve decided I want to get a bigger for the family. Am the second owner since new and the van was bought by me from VW Liverpool at 12,000 miles. It’s now covered 35,000 miles with a...
  12. RunDSG

    2017 204ps Bi-Turbo issues - Seized turbo!

    I guess it's my turn? Driving up to Caravan and Camping Show, coil light starts flashing, ad blue suddenly low (topped up fully one week prior), no power. Engine temp fine, oil fine, engine sounds fine. Turned around and went home. Brought to a VAG specialist garage, they say: - split vacuum...
  13. D

    2017 204 4Motion DSG - White smoke from exhaust on start up and clears up after short run - Advice Please

    Hi all, New member as of yesterday so a quick hello and thanks in advance for any advice.... I am picking up a van this week and took a bit of a risk on it. The overall condition of the van is very good. The van has been stored for a while around 10 months while the owner was out of the...
  14. S

    Sportsline Turbo problem

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem with my Sports line T6 on a 68 plate. While travelling on the motorway the van went into limp mode (40-50mph) once I got home and restarted it wouldn’t go any faster That walking pace. I took it to a garage I normally use, they told me it was the Dpf filter and...
  15. Constalation

    T6 T32 204 front brake hoses

    All, Hope someone can help. I want to change the flexible hoses on my front calipers but there seems to be two variation 550mm and 600mm. Which one is needed or can someone post a part number. I want to change them as the brakes are binding on one side and after stripping and lubricating the...
  16. swd80

    204ps suddenly lagging

    We have a 2017 204 ps DSG LWB Caravelle which we've had since May. The engine was running fine until today when it has been seriously lagging. I notice that when cruising, the kickdown needs a big push on the accelerator and it's similar when setting off from a standstill. This has literally...
  17. LeeroyRoberts

    T32 4motion 204 DSG fan kicks in early.

    Hi, Recently purchased the vehicle and have noticed the fan kicks in even after a really short journey literally 5 minutes into town. is this normal?? Thanks Lee
  18. G

    Sold 2018 T32 LWB 204PS DSG Kombi twin-slider. £27k.

    Selling a mint t6 t32 204bhp lwb dsg kombi 1 owner from new, has loads of extras including twin sliding doors (soft close) heated front seats, comfort dash, carpeted cab area, twin captains seats in front and 2+1 in the rear, led front and back lights, cruise control, sat nav discovery media...
  19. L

    Kombi t32. 150bhp v 204 4wd

    Hi all. Is the 204 4wd kombi loads better than the. 150 ? I’ve had a 150 t32 kombi. But fancy the 4wd 204bhp. 52000 pounds though
  20. C

    Trying to decide which is a reliable van, the 150 or 204?

    Hi, new member here I have read post from September 19 about egr cooler failure on the 204 bitdi, but nothing has been raised since. I’m looking at purchasing a 204 but a mechanic friend has suggested to stay clear of this type due to this issue. Is it so common or is it just bad luck? or...